Madtale: Idle RPG

Our list of comprehensive guides, strategies, tips and walkthroughs for Madtale: Idle RPG to help your progress faster trough this marvelous game


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Madtale Tips and Tricks to Level Up Fast

These Madtale tips and tricks will help you level up faster so you can beat stronger opponents without breaking a sweat!

Game Tips

Madtale: Idle RPG Beginner’s Guide

This Madtale guide covers the basics of the game and a few strategies to help you start the game on the right foot.

Tier Lists

Madtale Tier List Ranking Top Characters

Searching for the strongest characters in Madtale? Our tier list ranks the top partners based on their abilities, stats, and overall power.


Madtale Mercury Character Overview

Mercury, also known as Treasure River God, is the most powerful character in Madtale and the best nuker. He has the highest ATK stat...


Madtale Puss in Boots: Recommended Partners and Secrets

Puss in Boots is one of the best characters in Madtale. He has one of the highest base attack stats among all partners, and...


Madtale Ali Baba Character Overview and Team Pairing

Ali Baba can steal ATK power from enemies and reduce their Energy. Although he is not one of the strongest Medtale characters, he does...


Thumbelina Madtale Partner Wiki Guide

Thumbelina is one of the most essential Madtale characters, especially for weaker teams. The more partners you lose in combat, the more damage Thumbelina...


Madtale Star Witch Hero Wiki Guide

Star Witch has the ability to Polymorph her enemy targets to disable all their skills and swap HP with them. This makes her a...


Madtale Sea Witch: Team Build and Skills

Sea Witch has the power to silence her enemies and let them Bleed while owning a strong resistance to Control effects. On top of...


Madtale Prince Glass: Team Build Wiki Guide

Prince Glass has the ability to restore Energy to his teammates and has a strong Control ability as well. both rows, front, and back...


Madtale Scissor Girl Character Overview

Scissor Girl is a strong Madtale character that can deal huge damage to Bleeding enemies and Stun them as well. For maximum efficiency, she...


Madtale Merlin: Team Build and Skills

Merlin is a great Madtale support character who can absorb the incoming damage taken by the most powerful teammate through his unique Prophecy Mark....


Madtale Harsh Lady: Skills and Recommended Pairing

Harsh Lady is a great Madtale partner when paired with the right characters. She is able to deal more damage to Controlled targets and...


Madtale Red Hood Character: Is She Strong?

Red Hood is an excellent novice partner with a good balance between offense and defense. She should be placed in the front row. Madtale...


Madtale Cinderella: Is She a Powerful Partner?

Cinderella is an excellent Madtale partner who can deal significant damage in combat with her Bleed and Counterattack abilities. She performs well in either...


Madtale Mirror Queen Partner Overview, Team and Skills

Mirror Queen has the power to increase the damage output of her team through the unique Vulnerability skill. She performs well in both, the...


Madtale Sleeping Beauty – Team Lineup and Overview

Sleeping Beauty is an excellent DPS character who can sleep for a round and deal massive damage to all enemies afterward. She should be...


Madtale Snow White Wiki Guide and Team Build

Snow White is a versatile Partner who can effectively enhance your battlefield advantage, suitable for any lineup. Both front row and back row work...