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Mercury, also known as Treasure River God, is the most powerful character in Madtale and the best nuker. He has the highest ATK stat among all Madtale partners, and his Ultimate skill, as well as the other three skills, help him to deal massive damage to his enemy targets. He should be placed in the back row.

Madtale Mercury Profile

  • Nickname: Treasure River God
  • Camp: Deity
  • Profession: Assassin
  • Type: AGI Partner
  • Role: Nuke, Burst DPS
  • Recommended Attributes: ATK, CRT

How to get Mercury in Madtale?

You can get Mercury via the Clock Tower, either by consuming your Miraculous Match items in the Advanced Recruit, Fated Match items in the Camp Recruit, or by spending your Friendship Points in the Friendship Recruit.

Unfortunately, he is not included in the Glimmer Blessing, which means that he cannot be obtained with Blessing Points.

Attribute Bonuses (Max. Level)


Recommended Partners

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Water Spirit

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Frog prince

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1. Gold or Silver (Ultimate)

Mercury’s Ultimate skill prioritizes the target affected by Judgment Mark (otherwise attacks the enemy who dealt the most damage), dealing 300% DMG and triggering the effect of the Mark. After upgrading this skill to level 2, the Skill DMG is increased to 385%.

At level 3, the Skill DMG is boosted to a stunning 540% ATK. If the target is afflicted with both Marks, the skill steals 50 Energy from the target.

2. Who’s Lying (Passive)

At the start of a round, afflicts the enemy who dealt the most DMG with a random Judgment Mark for 2 rounds. If there are 2 or more enemies dealing the same DMG, Mercury attacks the one with the highest Power. After upgrading this skill to the second level, the Judgment Mark effect is extended to 3 rounds.

At level 3, there are 2 effects included. The first one is the Golden Axe Mark and this causes Mercury’s Ultimate skill to Scorch his target, dealing 160% ATK DMG, and reducing the target’s DEF by 30% for 2 rounds.

The second effect, the Silver Mark, makes Mercury’s Ultimate skill to deal an extra target’s 20% Max HP DMG to his target (up to Mercury’s 1000% ATK), with a 100% chance to deal CDMG to the target below 50% HP.

3. Integrity (Passive)

This skill increases Mercury’s ATK by 10% and HP by 5%. At level 2, these bonuses are increased to 20% and 10%. At level 3, ATK is boosted to 30% and HP to 20%.

4. Penalty for Lie (Passive)

Basic attacks prioritize the Marked target (otherwise the skill attacks the enemy who dealt the most damage), with a 50% chance to apply a new Mark to the target, lasting for 2 rounds. At level 2 the chance is increased to 100%. At level 3, basic attacks on the target afflicted with both Marks grant Mercury 40% TOU for 2 rounds.

Exclusive Weapon: Judgment Axes

Judgment Axes Mercury's exclusive weapon

The higher the Partner level, quality, and Paragenetic Weapon level, the more attribute bonuses this weapon provides. Here are the stats:

  • ATK Bonus: 28.7% (+112K)
  • DEF Bonus: 20.5% (+11.7K)
  • HP Bonus: 24.6% (+736k)
  • Total Power: 1225K

Paragenetic Weapons Skill Bonuses (Choice of Honesty):

  • Unlocked: If the target is afflicted with both Marks and Ultimate skill, it also Fears for 2 rounds.
  • +10 Unlocked: Increases ATK by 15%.
  • +20 Unlocked: Ultimate Skill has a 100%nchance to afflict the target with one more Judgment Mark for 2 rounds.
  • +30 Unlocked: Reduces DMG taken by 20%.
  • +40 Unlocked: Restores 20% Max HP when defeating a target.

Recommended Secrets for Mercury

  • Mirror’s Prophesy
    2-Piece Set: ATK Bonus +10%
    4-Piece Set: Increases DMG by 40% if the target’s HP is above 70%
  • Mermaid’s Tears
    2-Piece Set: DEF Bonus +10%
    4-Piece Set: Initial Energy +50
  • Snowman’s Love
    2-Piece Set: ATK Bonus +10%
    4-Piece Set: Increased DMG dealt to Controlled enemies by 50%
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