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Madtale Star Witch Wiki Guide
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Star Witch has the ability to Polymorph her enemy targets to disable all their skills and swap HP with them. This makes her a fantastic crowd-control partner in Madtale.

It is recommended to place her in either the front or back row. Star Witch is no doubt one of the best Madtale characters, especially when paired with Sea Witch.

Star Witch Summary

  • Real Name: Cynthia
  • Camp: Witch
  • Profession: Sorcerer
  • Type: STR Partner
  • Role: DPS, Control
  • Recommended Attributes: ATK, INS

How to get Star Witch in Madtale?

You can get Star Witch via the Clock Tower in the Advanced Recruit with Miraculous Match items, Camp Recruit with Fated Match items, or the Friendship Recruit, which requires Friendship Points.

Unfortunately, she cannot be obtained with Blessing Points and the drop rate is also significantly lower compared to other Madtale partners. So if you get her, consider yourself one of the luckiest.

Attribute Bonuses (Max. Level)


Recommended Partners


1. Meteor Fall (Ultimate)

Star Witch’s Ultimate skill deals 220% ATK DMG to 2 random enemies with a 40% chance to Polymorph them for 2 rounds. While under this spell, the enemy targets cannot act or trigger passive skills. Taking 3 Ultimate skills or basic attacks breaks the Polymorph effect. This effect cannot be stacked up.

Once you upgrade this skill to level 2, the Skill DMG is increased to 280%, and the Polymorph effect is extended to 3 rounds. At level 3, the Skill DMG is increased to 395%, and the Polymorph chance to 70%.

2. Light of Blessing (Passive)

This skill increases Star Witch’s HP by 10% and TOU by 5%. At level 2, these bonuses are increased to 20% and 10%. At level 3, the HP gets increased to 30% and TOU to 20%.

3. Polluted Incarnation (Passive)

With this skill unlocked, Star Witch’s basic attacks deal DMG to a random enemy with a 30% chance to Polymorph the target for 2 rounds. This effect’s chance is increased to 50% at level 3. The second level extends the basic attacks’ Polumorph effect duration to 3 rounds.

4. Replacement (Passive)

When Star Witch’s HP falls below 30%, there is a 50% chance to Swap HP with the enemy with the highest HP at that moment. The chance of this effect is increased to 70% at level 2 and 100% at level 3.

The swapped HP cannot exceed Star Witch’s 3000% ATK. Only the enemy with higher HP than Star Witch will be targeted. The Swap HP effect can only be triggered once per battle.

Exclusive Weapon: Dancing Star

Dancing Star, Star Witch's exclusive weapon

The higher the Partner level, quality, and Paragenetic Weapon level, the more attribute bonuses this weapon provides. Here are the stats:

  • ATK Bonus: 24.6% (+81.2K)
  • DEF Bonus: 24.6% (+14.3K)
  • HP Bonus: 24.6% (+844k)
  • Total Power: 1187K

Paragenetic Weapons Skill Bonuses (Fallen Stars):

  • Unlocked: The incarnated target receives 50% less HP restoration
  • +10 Unlocked: Increases ATK by 15%
  • +20 Unlocked: The incarnated target receives 100% less HP restoration
  • +30 Unlocked: Reduces DMG taken by 20%
  • +40 Unlocked: Replacement can be triggered one more time once it is triggered successfully

Recommended Secrets

  • Snowman’s Love
    2-Piece Set: ATK Bonus +10%
    4-Piece Set: Increased DMG dealt to Controlled enemies by 50%
  • Frog’s Crown
    2-Piece Set: HP Bonus +10%
    4-Piece Set: When taking fatal DMG, becomes immune to it and restores 30% Max HP. Can only be triggered once per battle.
  • Ugly Duckling’s Longing
    2-Piece Set: DEF Bonus +10%
    4-Piece Set: Releasing an Ultimate Skill has a 30% chance to restore 100 Energy
Madtale Star Witch Wiki Guide
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