10 Must-Have Beginner Tips for Nobody’s Adventure Chop Chop

Master the world of Nobody’s Adventure Chop Chop with these beginner tips and tricks to boost power and gain more resources

Nobody's Adventure Chop Chop tips and tricks
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Nobody’s Adventure Chop Chop was recently released and stands out among idle RPG mobile games for its unique and captivating world filled with whimsical characters, thrilling battles, and endless customization options. From leveling up by simply chopping at the Divine Tree to competing in PVP battles and enhancing equipment, there’s never a dull moment in this game.

But with all the features and content to explore, it can be overwhelming for beginners. That’s why we put together this list of helpful tips and tricks to navigate the game, gain power, and gather resources most efficiently.

10. Follow the main quest line

If you want to increase your CP (combat power) as fast as possible, make sure to follow the main quest line. This will not only provide you with valuable rewards but also unlock new features and areas for you to explore.

This will also increase your player level and normally, around level 35 you will have the Guild and Beasts features unlocked (as seen in our Nobody’s Adventure Chop Chop walkthrough videos parts 4 and 5).

The main quests are located in the lower-left corner of the main screen, and all you have to do is tap that notification once the quest is ready, and it will move on to the next one.

9. Unlock and use the auto mode strategically

One of the unique features of Nobody’s Adventure Chop Chop is the auto-chopping function. It allows players to gain EXP by simply chopping at the Divine Tree without having to actively play.

Setting up the Auto mode properly in Nobody's Adventure Chop Chop
Purple items and beyond on auto-mode

Before you activate it, you should tweak some settings so that can run flawlessly for longer periods. Otherwise, it will stop and prompt you with the gear choice for all equipment rarities, even the gray ones, which are pure trash.

Instead, you should only enable a notification for blue gear and beyond (as seen in the above image) so that the auto mode doesn’t interrupt your gameplay too often. Similarly, we recommend checking the little box above the “Replace button” so that you can auto-salvage/consume the weaker equipment.

8. Prioritize CP and Rarity over stats

The CP and the salvage checkbox location in Nobody's Adventure Chop Chop

When it comes to equipment, don’t just focus on high stats. Instead, prioritize CP (combat power) and rarity. Higher rarity gear will have additional stats such as Stun, Lifesteal, Dodge, etc. There are multiple rarities of equipment but in the early game (up to level 40), you should equip as many purple, yellow, and red ones as possible.

As for the CP, this is displayed on the second item at the bottom, right next to its name. If it’s lower than your currently equipped item, it will be displayed in red color, and if it’s higher, in green.

7. Use Beasts and Mounts to increase power

Upgrading and summoning beasts in the Nobody's Adventure Chop Chop game
Summoning beasts

Be sure to collect and equip the best beasts and Mounts as they can significantly increase your CP. Both will accompany you during battles, providing bonuses and stat boosts. Additionally, you should constantly upgrade them to further boost their power.

Same as your hero equipment, prioritize rarity over individual stats when upgrading them because those resources are so difficult to get, especially Beast Fruits. Similarly, using one of the best genies in Nobody’s Adventure Chop Chop can also offer a great advantage.

6. Make sure you never run out of stamina

As I mentioned earlier, using the Auto-mode can significantly increase your EXP gain speed, which in turn increases your player level. Higher levels mean better rewards and access to new features.

However, ensure you never run out of stamina because each chop will consume 1 point. For example, while having the auto-mode turned on, you could do some exploration or adventure battles or collect some rewards until your stamina is high again. This way, you can maximize the use of this function and level up faster.

5. Visit the Illusion Pavilion to customize your character

The Illusion Pavilion
Skins in Illusion Pavilion

In addition to equipment and mounts, you can also customize your character’s appearance at the Illusion Pavilion. This includes avatars, new skins for your hero, titles, and combat effects.

Unlocking them is not an easy task as they require unique items earned by completing a series of quests or events, but is worth it. This page can be found under the Home menu, visible in the bottom-left corner.

4. Explore the Blessed Land

Another great way to earn valuable rewards and resources is by exploring the Blessed Land. It’s a special area where you can send your workers in the form of rats to gather rare resources for you. They could gather stamina potions, Vitreous Orbs, or Spiritsones.

The good thing about it is that you can hire multiple rats and set them on auto-mode also. The bad thing, however, is that they need to rest after a few gathering sessions.

3. Join a Guild or create one

Just like in any idle RPG title, joining a guild or creating your own can provide you with many benefits. In Nobody’s Adventure Chop Chop, you’ll have access to exclusive functions such as the Guild Shop where you can exchange your Personal Contribution points for various in-game currencies or resources.

You will also have the Demon Hunt event and Guild Quests, which can also offer you additional amazing items. However, to access the Guild feature, you need to be at least level 35, so make sure to follow the main quest line as mentioned earlier.

2. Break the Tribulation level cap

Tribulation level cap tasks
Tribulation level cap tasks

At some point, you will encounter a Tribulation level cap that limits your power and progress. To break this cap, you need to complete 3 specific tasks or achieve certain milestones.

Make sure to check your current Tribulation level by tapping the little button with the same name on the right side of your current level bar. Once you meet all the requirements, your hero will gain a massive increase in CP, so pay attention to these tasks and complete them as soon as possible.

1. Take advantage of freebies

Our last tip for Nobody’s Adventure Chop Chop new players is to always take advantage of freebies. The game offers a lot of events and rewards for players, and most of these are hidden inside the premium offers displayed at the top of your screen – normally, if there is a small red dot on that icon, it means there is something free or new for you to claim.

Additionally, make sure to log in every day and participate in limited-time events as they often offer great rewards and resources that will help you progress faster. And lastly, don’t forget to check your mailbox regularly as the game sometimes sends gifts there too!

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