Nobody’s Adventure Chop-Chop Best Genies to Use

This tier list will help you pick the best genies in Nobody’s Adventure Chop-Chop. We ranked them all from best to worst by their unique bonuses

Nobody's Adventure Chop-Chop Best Genies tier list
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Nobody’s Adventure Chop-Chop is a game that requires constant growth to beat challenging bosses and unlock more advanced features. With auto-chopping and effortless leveling, you can quickly progress through the first few chapters. However, as the game progresses, you’ll need more than just basic gear and the best beast to succeed in PVP battles and confront formidable bosses.

One key element to gaining power in this game is collecting and utilizing the best genies. That is why we have created this tier list of the top genies to use in Nobody’s Adventure Chop-Chop.

What are Nobody’s Adventure Chop-Chop Genies?

Genies are special companions that will join your character in battle, quite similar to mounts and beasts. However, genies have unique abilities and additional buffs that can greatly enhance your power and help you defeat challenging monsters and high-level bosses. Watch this video if you want to learn how to unlock them and see how they can help you in battle.

So far, there are 46 genies in this game, from 4 rarities: UR (Red), SSR (Yellow), SR (Purple), R (Blue), and N (Green). The most powerful ones and the ones that have the highest stats and bonuses are the UR and SSR genies. Based on this, we included those in our S and A tiers, with the top genies being placed in the S tier.

S-Tier (Best Genies)

These are the strongest genies in the Nobody’s Adventure Chop-Chop game. If you want to learn a bit more about the top-ranking genies, scroll down to the bottom of this guide.

S-Tier, the best genies in the game that provide significant stat boosts and have powerful abilities to aid you in battles.
S-Tier, the best Genies in Nobody’s Adventure to help you in battles.
  • Taowu
  • Skeleton Witch
  • Thunder Lord
  • Fire Manticore
  • Ghost General
  • Shadow Serpent
  • Longevity Sage
  • Emperor
  • Xingtian

A-Tier Genies

These genies also offer useful bonuses and can be a great addition to your character’s team, but in general, their buffs are better for support.

A-Tier Genies in Nobody's Adventure Chop-Chop
A-Tier Genies in Nobody’s Adventure Chop-Chop
  • Erlang Shen
  • Dragon Princess
  • Midnight Kylin
  • Tide Emperor
  • Peacock King
  • Lawbringer
  • Fusang
  • Treant
  • Stone Colossus
  • Chaos Wolf

B-Tier Genies

Genies in this tier have decent stats and abilities, but are significantly weaker compared to those in the S and A tiers.

B-Tier Genies in Nobody's Adventure Chop-Chop
B-Tier Genies in Nobody’s Adventure Chop-Chop
  • Treasure Keeper
  • Hebo
  • Xiang Yu
  • Queen
  • Daoist Mage
  • Garuda
  • Ox Head
  • Inkweaver
  • Horse-Face

C-Tier Genies

Although the genies in this tier are easier to get, they are not as strong as the ones in higher tiers and do not offer significant bonuses.

C-Tier Genies in Nobody's Adventure Chop-Chop
C-Tier Genies in Nobody’s Adventure Chop-Chop
  • You Tao
  • Shan Xiao
  • Healing Sage
  • Keeper of Plenty
  • Handmaid
  • Goldfish King
  • Linebreaker
  • Lady Fragrance
  • Consort Yu

D-Tier Genies (Worst)

This is the lowest tier, which consists of low-stat genies with little impact on gameplay. They can still be useful for new players though.

D-Tier Genies in Nobody's Adventure Chop-Chop
D-Tier Genies in Nobody’s Adventure Chop-Chop
  • Poet
  • Whisker Warden
  • Shadow Shroom
  • Danai
  • Siren
  • Luna Rabbit
  • Jiangshi
  • Ficurinia

Nobody’s Adventure Chop Chop Best Genies Overview

Below is a brief description of the top 3 genies in Nobody’s Adventure Chop Chop, all of which are included in the S Tier:


Taowu, the best genie in Nobody's Adventure Chop-Chop
Vermilion Bird, the best beast in Nobody’s Adventure Chop-Chop
  • Rank: S
  • Highlights: Good for massive ATK power
  • Unlock Bonus: ATK +2.5%

Taowu is the best genie in Nobody’s Adventure Chop-Chop because of the powerful buffs it provides to your character. The 20% CATK and Combo stats increase significantly boost your character’s damage output, while also providing a bonus ATK stat. This makes Taowu an essential genie for both PVP and PVE battles.

Skeleton Witch

Skeleton Witch genie
  • Rank: S
  • Highlights: Deals great damage to weakened enemies
  • Unlock Bonus: AGL +2.5%

Skeleton Witch is another excellent genie for PVP and PVE battles. Its ability to deal a minimum of 45% more damage to low HP enemies is a game-changer, allowing you to finish off opponents quickly. The bonus AGL stat also helps increase your character’s agility, making it harder for enemies to hit you.

Thunder Lord

Thunder Lord genie
  • Rank: S
  • Highlights: Increases your beast’s ATK power
  • Unlock Bonus: Lifesteal +2.2%

Thunder Lord is our third top genie pick because of its unique ability to deal extra damage and gain stun when using your beast’s skill. This can be especially useful in any type of battle, where stunning opponents can give you a significant advantage. Additionally, the bonus Lifesteal stat helps keep your character’s HP high during battles.


This concludes our list of the best genies to use in Nobody’s Adventure Chop-Chop. Remember, collecting and utilizing powerful genies is essential for success in this game. For the best genie options use the S-Tier or A-Tier as those offer the highest bonuses and buffs.

With their unique abilities and stat bonuses, the genies can greatly enhance your character’s strength and help you defeat challenging enemies. So make sure to level up your favorite ones to dominate the battlefield.

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