Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas Tier List to Pick Best Champions

The ultimate tier list for Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas is here! Find out the best champions to pick and dominate the battlefield.

Bloodline Heroes of Lithas tier list
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Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas is an epic fantasy game that will take you on a journey through the diverse world of Lithas. As the High Guardian, you must unite and lead the various races and clans of heroes in battle against chaos and darkness.

But with over 100 different characters to discover and upgrade, it can be overwhelming to know which champions to choose for your team in Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas. That’s why we’ve ranked all the characters in the game.

At the top of this list, you will find the ones that have an outstanding performance in most PvE modes such as Expedition or Guild Boss battles, but also against other players.

To make things easier for you, we have sorted all the characters in Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas into six tiers, based on their roles, rarities, stats, and utility in various game modes prioritizing the PvP and 5v5 PvE battles. Here is what each tier represents:

S-Tier Champions

The elite champions, with top-tier stats and abilities, perfect for any team composition.

S-Tier, the best characters in Bloodline Heroes of Lithas tier list
S-Tier, the best characters in Bloodline Heroes of Lithas tier list
  • Fenix (Vestani) – Execute, DPS
  • Xyston (Asterion) – Tank
  • Water And Sun (M) – Damage, Heal, CC
  • Silken Crown (M) – Damage, CC
  • Lionstone (F) – Tank, Buff
  • Lupercal (Romulus) – DPS
  • Aiko (Aiko) – DPS
  • Ho (F) – Buff, Healer
  • Acuna (M) – Damage – AoE
  • Ho (M) – Damage – AoE
  • Corbit (M) – DPS, Buff
  • Almat (F) – CC, DPS
  • Soul Keeper (M) – Execute, Anti-Heal
  • Seun (M) – DPS
  • Dawn Breakers (M) – Debuff, Buff
  • Seun (F) – Debuff, DPS
  • Askavarg (M) – Engage

A-Tier Heroes

Strong contenders with good stats and useful abilities that can greatly contribute to a successful team.

A-Tier characters for Bloodline Heroes of Lithas
A-Tier, strong characters for Bloodline Heroes of Lithas
  • Silken Crown (F) – Damage, CC
  • Almat (M) – Buff, DPS
  • Bjornkriger (F) – Tank, Sustain
  • Estorir Spawn (F) – DPS
  • Bjornkriger (M) – CC, Support
  • Choir (F) – Tank-sustain
  • Estorir Spawn (M) – Tank, Damage Mitigation
  • Galibar (F) – Tank, CC, Sustain
  • Tide Raiser (F) – Tank, CC
  • Celphos (F) – Damage, Buff
  • Gultung (F) – Energy negate
  • Woodscourge (Arimor) – DPS
  • Sunbolt (Iset) – DPS
  • Acuna (F) – Sustain
  • Corbit (F) – DPS
  • Fulgur (M) – Damage – AoE
  • Water And Sun (F) – Protect, Heal
  • Crooked Fin (M) – Damage – Single

B-Tier Characters

Solid champions with decent stats and helpful skills, but may need support from higher tiers to reach their full potential.

B-Tier characters for Bloodline Heroes of Lithas
B-Tier, good characters with decent stats and helpful skills
  • Bloom Uncounted (M) – Debuff, DPS
  • White Eye (M) – Buff, Debuff
  • Daevala (F) – Damage – AoE
  • Segarak (F) – Damage – Single
  • Dvravapala (M) – Off-Tank, CC
  • Segarak (M) – Damage, Single
  • Crooked Fin (F) – Damage, Single
  • Soul Keeper (F) – Tank, Energy Control
  • Dvravapala (F) – Tank, CC
  • Simir (M) – Tank, DPS
  • War Bringers (F) – Damage, CC
  • War Bringers (M) – Damage, Single
  • Askavarg (F) – Damage Mitigation
  • Choir (M) – Revive
  • Galibar (M) – Tank, CC, Sustain
  • Stonethrower (F) – DPS, Debuff
  • Tide Raiser (M) – Tank, Debuff
  • Celphos (M) – Damage, Debuff
  • Stonethrower (M) – DPS, Single


Average champions, with okay stats and abilities that can still be useful for the mid-game content.

C-Tier characters for Bloodline Heroes of Lithas
C-Tier, average champions with okay stats and abilities
  • Thunder Lord (M) – CC, Buff
  • Bloodstorm (Scarlet) – Debuff, DPS
  • Ashmayne (Sahir) – DPS, CC
  • Aeson (M) – Buff, Damage
  • Dawn Breakers (F) – Cleanse, Protection
  • Fulgur (F) – Damage, AoE
  • Ignis (F) – Damage, AoE
  • Ignis (M) – Damage, AoE
  • Lume (F) – Energy
  • Lume (M) – Healer, Cleanse
  • Luxuriant (F) – CC, DPS
  • Bloom Uncounted (F) – Debuff, DPS
  • Scorching (M) – Damage, AoE
  • Daevala (M) – Damage, AoE
  • Harul (F) – AoE, Sustain
  • Harul (M) – Disrupt
  • Lycanis (M) – Debuff, DPS
  • Yivnian (M) – Energy negate
  • Doombringer (F) – Tank, Sustain


Below-average characters, recommended for beginners, and only useful in early-game content.

D-Tier characters for Bloodline Heroes of Lithas
D-tier, below-average heroes, recommended for new players of Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas
  • Doombringer (M) – DPS
  • Ugrull (F) – DPS, Sustain
  • Simir (F) – Tank, DPS
  • Karguk (M) – Tank, Sustain
  • Lionstone (M) – Tank, Buff
  • Orost (F) – Tank, CC
  • Orost (M) – Tank
  • SallyHorn (M) – Tank
  • Elzedith (F) – Debuff, AoE
  • Gultung (M) – Debuff, DPS
  • Kivak (F) – Damage, Single
  • Thunder Lord (F) – Damage, Single
  • Kivak (M) – Damage – Single
  • Tidestorm (F) – Damage, Single
  • Tidestorm (M) – Damage, Single
  • Travain (F) – Damage, Single
  • Aeson (F) – Buff, Healer
  • Luxuriant (M) – CC, DPS
  • Scorching (F) – Damage, AoE
  • White Eye (F) – Buff, Healer
  • Zaess (F) – Damage, AoE


The lowest tier, with weak stats and abilities that are not recommended for use in any game mode. So don’t waste your resources on them!

E-Tier, the weakest characters in Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas
E-Tier, the weakest characters in Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas
  • Lycanis (F) – Debuff, DPS
  • Strixbane (F) – Damage, Single
  • Zaess (M) – Damage, AoE
  • Strixbane (M) – Damage, Single
  • Yivnian (F) – Damage, Single
  • Nasse (F) – Tank, DPS
  • Nasse (M) – Tank, DPS
  • Sallyhorn (F) – Tank
  • Elzedith (M) – Damage, Single
  • Ugrull (M) – DPS
  • The Parade (F) – Damage, Single
  • The Parade (M) – Damage, Single
  • Gryphon (M) – Tank
  • Gryphon (F) – Tank
  • Karg (F) – DPS
  • Huntsdorf (F) – Damage, Single
  • Huntsdorf (M) – Damage, Single
  • Karg (M) – DPS
  • Karguk (F) – Tank, Sustain
  • Travain (M) – Damage, Single

This concludes our Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas tier list. I hope this guide helped you build the strongest team possible and conquer the challenges that await you in the world of Lithas. Remember, your choices matter and every character has a role to play in this epic adventure.

If you are one of the luckiest to have some of the top-tier champions (the ones mentioned in our S and A tiers), make sure to upgrade them to their full potential. And while you are here, you may wanna check out our tier list for Omniheroes, a similar team-battler RPG mobile game.

Bloodline Heroes of Lithas tier list
  • Release Date: Sep 20, 2022
  • Platform(s): Android, iOS
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  • Publisher(s): GOAT Games
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