Hello everyone, my name is Cosmin, the founder of Medieval Fun, a website dedicated to mobile gaming, mostly covering genres such as RPGs, strategy, roguelike, and adventure. I’ve always been passionate about mobile gaming and spent countless hours playing and exploring different games.

How it all started

Me and a few friends often found ourselves struggling to find reliable information or in-depth guides for certain games, which hindered our progress and enjoyment. That’s when the idea for Roeplayer, our previous website, was born in 2019. At that time, our favorite mobile game was Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire, known now as Rise of Castles.

Our previous gaming project: roeplayer, a website dedicated to Rise of Empires Ice and Fire game guides and tips since 2019
Our previous gaming project: roeplayer back in 2019

Working as a web designer and developer, I decided to combine my skills with my love for mobile gaming and create a platform that would provide valuable information and strategies for players. That’s how Roeplayer came to be. This project was quite fun and we put a lot of effort into it with detailed guides for every hero, buildings, and events in the game.

The transition to Medieval Fun

After running Roeplayer for almost 3 years, and as we explored more games, our passion grew and we saw the potential for expanding our reach. Thus, in 2022, Medieval Fun was born and emerged from Roeplayer. We transferred all articles and guides to this new website and continued to cover more similar games and collaborate with like-minded individuals who share our love for mobile gaming.

Our process and goal

playing Whiteout Survival on a Xiaomi Pad 6 (left side) and Last War Survival Game on a Motorola Edge 40 smartphone (right side)
Working on new guides: playing mobile games on a tablet and smartphone

At Medieval Fun, we strive to provide informative and comprehensive content that will help players improve their gameplay experience.

We play and research each game thoroughly, on both, tablets and mobile phones, depending on how resource-intensive they are. For our tier lists we use spreadsheets to rank characters according to their power, stats, skills, and other factors we think matter in a particular game.

Spreadsheet example for one of our tier lists where we rank all heroes based on multiple factors
Spreadsheet example for one of our tier lists where we rank all heroes based on multiple factors

Join us on our journey!

We are grateful for all the love and support we have received so far and we are excited to continue growing and expanding our platform. Thank you for being a part of our journey, and we are always open to suggestions, feedback, and discussions within the community. Feel free to get in touch with us or leave a comment on our YouTube channel using the links below:

Please DO NOT contact us for backlinks. Thank you!

Ownership Information

Medieval Fun is owned by Webcraft Media S.R.L, registered in Romania with a company identification number (CUI): 48975727.

Our registered office and mail address

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