Madtale: Idle RPG Beginner’s Guide

This Madtale guide covers the basics of the game and a few strategies to help you start the game on the right foot.

Madtale Guide for Beginners
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Madtale is a new take on the classic idle RPG. This game features a thrilling campaign filled with marvelous characters and unexpected twists on traditional fairytales. You can recruit powerful heroes, also known as Partners, upgrade their special Paragenetic Weapons, and level them up in the Link Workshop, so you can increase your winning chances in battles.

But there are several other mechanics in this game that you will need to master if you want to reach the highest levels of success. In this Madtale: Idle RPG guide, we cover the basics of the game and share a few strategies to help you on your journey.

Gameplay Overview

Madtale features a fascinating mix of classic RPG mechanics and innovative idle game features. The game takes you through an epic story of adventure and discovery as you battle monsters and bosses to progress through the campaign mode. Every chapter contains captivating dialogues that enhance the story and help you understand the characters better.

In the first chapter, you will follow Laura (Forest Wold Girl) and Mary (Red Hood) in searching for Mary’s missing grandma and battling pollution-infected enemies. They find a book that holds the key to stopping pollution and follow clues from a storybook left by The Speaker.

Laura then purifies the dream to gain power and expands her team by reopening Thorn City. Soon after that, Amy joins the quest, and they continue the adventure to find the speaker and dwarves.

The story unfolds with many more challenges and discoveries as you progress on your quest, and you will be able to recruit more interesting characters for your team.

Linking and customizing your account

After finishing the mini-tutorial, you can start customizing your account and linking it from the main menu. Linking your account to Google or other methods will allow you to save your progress and transfer it between devices in case you switch phones or tablets.

To do that, tap your avatar in the top-left corner and hit “Settings” at the bottom of the pop-up window. Next, tap “Bind”, and use the method that you like (we prefer Google).

After that, you can customize your avatar, and change your nickname. Both of these options are found under the “Profile” page after tapping your default avatar. To change your nickname, press the feather icon and enter your name. The first chance is free but any additional chance will cost 400 Diamonds.

On the other hand, you can change your avatar as many times as you like for free. The only downside is that you are limited to the default avatars. But you can unlock more by promoting your partners to Epic+, a feature that unfortunately is not available in the early game.

Explanation of resources and in-game currency

Primary resources and currencies in Madtale: Idle RPG

Madtale features a variety of resources and currencies that you can collect and use to level up your team. The main resources in the game are coins, diamonds, and Memory Essence, but there are many more that you can collect. Here are the resources and what they are used for:

  • Diamonds – The most valuable currency in Madtale that has multiple uses.
  • Coins – The second most valuable currency in the game, required for upgrading partners, enhancing gear, etc.
  • Memory Essence – Essential item that can be used to level up your partners. Can be obtained by playing the Adventure mode (campaign), and Giant’s Garden.
  • Hero’s Proof – An advanced item that you can use to upgrade your heroes above certain level thresholds (the first one is at level 25). You can get these from Giant’s Garden and Undergrounds Ruins.
  • Miraculous Match – Valuable item used to recruit partners in the Clock Tower, the Advanced Recruit section.
  • Fated Match – Can also be used to recruit partners but only from specific Camps on the Camp Recruit page.
  • Polluted Invitation – An invitation to Polluted Prison. Used to explore the Secret of Sky, and can be obtained in the Daily Quest.
  • Epic and Legendary Pages – Mysterious book pages used to grand 500 EXP, and 5,000 EXP accordingly
  • Mana Crystals – Crystals full of mana used to engrave magic lines on Gear, making it more powerful. It gives 10 EXP to enhance Gear.
  • Arena Ticket – A challenge proof required for entering the Arena (PvP combat). Can be obtained from Daily Quest rewards.
  • Golden Apple – Can be used in the Giant’s Garden to bring defeated Partners back into battle. You can get them by completing Weekly Quests.

Introduction to the Madtale characters

At the heart of the game is building your ultimate team of Partners. At the moment there are over 50 different characters in Madtale, and each partner is a member of one of the six camps (factions): Holy Light Order, Council of Thorns, Life Federation, Tough Skeleton, Witch, and Deity.

Your heroes or partners have unique roles and professions too, which also have a major impact in battle. They also have abilities and weapons that you can use to your advantage in battle, but the most crucial factor to winning a battle is their damage output.

Therefore, it is important to identify the strongest ones and use your resources to maximize their potential. Feel free to use our Madtale: Idle RPG tier list to pick the best heroes in the game. You can recruit new partners in the Clock Tower.

Basic battle strategies

Good partner positioning and Camp bonus

To increase your chances of winning battles, you need to place your partners strategically at the beginning of each battle, based on their professions, power, and skills. In general, damage dealers like those with the Warrior or Assassin professions, should be placed in the front row.

But there are some cases where heroes like Mercury for example, even though is the best damage dealer in the game, should be placed in the back row, as well as all other Sorcerers in the game.

You might as well be used to having healers in the back row from other similar games. Well, here is not the case because some characters such as Prince Charming, even though is a healer, he requires the front row. So make sure to check each character’s role before placing them on the battlefield.

Another key element to having a strong team of characters in Madtale is having at least 3 partners from the same Camp. This will unlock additional bonuses such as increased ATK or HP. You can check this by tapping the circled button in the bottom-left corner as seen in the above image.

Progression and Leveling

The best way to maximize your progression in Madtale is by completing stages in the Adventure mode. This is basically the game’s campaign and as you progress through the story, you can collect plenty of rewards, unlock new features, and even recruit new heroes.

But there are a few other ways to speed up your progress, and these include doing the daily quests, claiming event rewards, and taking part in the various moded included in the Wilderness tab such as the Giant’s Garden, Polluted Prison, or Thorn Arena.

Once you collect a decent amount of resources, you will need to level up your team of partners so you can tackle more difficult stages.

Understanding the In-Game Shop

Although the game has several premium pack offers on multiple locations, there is a regular shop that offers valuable items for you to buy only with in-game currencies. This shop is located in the bottom-left corner of the Main City window and is divided into 3 different tabs: Shop, Forget Shop, and Garden Shop.

The Shop tab is the place to go to spend your Diamonds and Coins and here you can often see items generously discounted, up to 90%. The items here include Hero’s Proof, Memory Essence, gear, and even partner cards that you can use to get a random partner.

Meanwhile, in the Forget Shop, you can purchase partner shards with the only accepted currency, Memory Shard. You can get Memory Shard from consuming/forgetting Rare partners in the Forget Fountain, which can be seen in the middle of the Main City area.

Keep in mind that forgotten partners will be removed completely. But since they are the weakest heroes in the game, that’s their best use anyways.

Finally, the Garden Shop is exclusive to those who have the Flower of Generosity currency, obtained by playing the Giants Garden mode. Here you can buy Partners directly, partner shards, or other consumables like Hero’s Proof.

Social Features

Like most mobile games, Madtale also offers a few social features that you can use to communicate or play together with other players. Once you clear the 10th stage in the second chapter of the Adventure mode, you will unlock the Guild feature. This feature allows you to create or join a guild, and take part in various activities with other players.

Meanwhile, if you want to communicate with other players, the game has an in-game chat where you can talk about strategies, ask them questions, or even share useful Madtale tips and tricks with other players. To access the chat, simply tap the message icons on the middle-right side of your screen.

Final Words

Madtale: Idle RPG is a great game both for beginners and experienced players who want to explore a fantasy world filled with evil forces and a rich storyline. Learning how to play this game requires some time, patience, and a good strategy, but with the help of this Madtale guide you now know the basics of the game.

Madtale Guide for Beginners
  • Release Date: Jul 12, 2023
  • Platform(s): Android, iOS
  • Genre(s): Adventure, Idle RPG,
  • Publisher(s): Archosaur Games
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