Madtale Sleeping Beauty – Team Lineup and Overview

Madtale Sleeping Beauty character info
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Sleeping Beauty is an excellent DPS character who can sleep for a round and deal massive damage to all enemies afterward. She should be placed in the back row.

Sleeping Beauty Summary

  • Real Name: Lucrezia
  • Camp: Holy Light Order
  • Profession: Sorcerer
  • Type: INT Partner
  • Role: Burst DPS
  • Recommended Attributes: CRT, HP

Is Sleeping Beauty Good?

Yes, Sleeping Beauty is one of the best Madtale partners and one of the latest heroes introduced in the game as of July 2023. She has an incredibly high base attack and a powerful ultimate with a huge multiplier.

However, her skill, Sleepy Curse, puts her to sleep for one turn, making her damage potential less reliable. Nevertheless, she can be a great ally when paired with strong partners.

How to get Sleeping Beauty in Madtale?

You can get Sleeping Beauty via the Clock Tower in the Advanced Recruit with Miraculous Match items, Camp Recruit with Fated Match items, or the Friendship Recruit, which requires Friendship Points.

The drop is not guaranteed but as the team announced in the game, during the event that takes place between July 27, 2023, and August 3, 2023, the chances to get Sleeping Beauty are highly increased.

Attribute Bonuses (Max. Level)


Recommended Partners

Madtale Frog Prince

Frog Prince

Madtale Wild Swan Princess

Wild Swan Princess


1. Sleepy Course (Ultimate)

Upon releasing the skill, Sleeping Beauty enters Dream Keeper for 1 round, a buff effect that allows her to resist 1 control effect, but she cannot gain or lose Energy. This effect is suspended when she’s affected by a Control effect such as stun, root, entangle, silence, fear, or polymorph. Once the Dream Keeper effect ends she deals a massive 275% ATK DMG to all enemies.

At level 2, the ATK DMG increases to 355% and allows Dream Keeper to help Sleeping Beauty to resist 2 Control effects. After upgrading this skill to level 3, Sleeping Beauty gains a massive 480% skill DMG.

2. Dream Come True (Passive)

With this skill unlocked, Sleeping Beauty gains 10% ATK and 5% CRT. At level 2, these stats are doubled, while at level 3, ATK is increased to 30%, and CRT to 20%.,

3. Devout Prayer (Passive)

When Sleeping Beauty’s HP falls below 50% for the first time in battle, this skill restores 20% Max HP each round for 2 rounds. Upgraded to level 2, this skill now also offers her a 20% ATK boost for 2 rounds for 3 rounds. At level 3, the HP restoration from level 2 is extended to 3 rounds.

4. Tears of Pain (Passive)

This skill increases Skill DMG by 20% after wakening for every 20% lost HP while sleeping. At level 2, this skill also heals Sleeping Beauty after wakening for HP equal to 30% DMG taken while sleeping, followed by an increase to 50% at level 3.

Exclusive Weapon: Sleeping Spindle

The higher the Partner level, quality, and Paragenetic Weapon level, the more attribute bonuses this weapon provides. Here are the stats:

  • ATK Bonus: 28.7% (+100K)
  • DEF Bonus: 24.6% (+13K)
  • HP Bonus: 20.5% (+533k)

Paragenetic Weapons Skill Bonuses (Dreamweaver):

  • Unlocked: When being Controlled while sleeping, restores 100 Energy to Sleeping Beauty.
  • +10 Unlocked: Increases ATK by 15%
  • +20 Unlocked: When being Controlled while sleeping, restores 40% Max HP to Sleeping Beauty.
  • +30 Unlocked: Reduces DMG taken by 15%
  • +40 Unlocked: Basic attacks restore 30 Energy

Recommended Secrets

  • Mermaid’s Tears
    2-Piece Set: DEF Bonus +10%
    4-Piece Set: Initial Energy +50
  • Mirror’s Prophesy
    2-Piece Set: ATK Bonus +10%
    4-Piece Set: Increases DMG by 40% if the target’s HP is above 70%
  • Frog’s Crown
    2-Piece Set: HP Bonus +10%
    4-Piece Set: When taking fatal DMG, becomes immune to it and restores 30% Max HP. Can only be triggered once per battle.
Madtale Sleeping Beauty character info
  • Release Date: Jul 12, 2023
  • Platform(s): Android, iOS
  • Genre(s): Adventure, Idle RPG,
  • Publisher(s): Archosaur Games
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