Madtale Tips and Tricks to Level Up Fast

These Madtale tips and tricks will help you level up faster so you can beat stronger opponents without breaking a sweat!

Madtale Tips and Tricks
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Madtale: Idle RPG offers a thrilling experience for gamers. Just by playing the campaign, you can get a decent amount of rewards that will help you gain power. But as a beginner, this is not enough if you want to become stronger as fast as possible and clear tougher enemies. Here are a few Madtale tips and tricks to help you level up fast in the game.

Madtale Tips and Tricks

Prioritize the Adventure mode

Playing Adventure stages in Madtale: Idle RPG

As we mentioned in our Madtale guide for beginners, the Adventure gameplay mode, which is the game’s campaign, offers amazing rewards. You should make it a priority as quickly as possible.

Not only will this help you level up faster by offering you valuable rewards such as coins, Account EXP, and Memory Essence, but it will also unlock more gameplay modes and new features like the possibility to join a guild or challenge other players in PvP battles.

Each chapter in Adventure mode has several stages that need to be completed before progressing to the next one.

In the last stage of each chapter, you will encounter a boss that will require more skill and strategy to defeat. Make sure you are well-prepared before challenging them!

Create a strong team of partners

Having strong Madtale partners on your squad is essential for progressing through the game quickly.

You should focus on recruiting heroes from specific Camps, with skills that will complement each other’s abilities and help you complete levels efficiently.

You see, each Madtale partner belongs to one of the six Camps. Having at least 3 characters of the same Camp will unlock powerful Camp Bonuses. This can be seen by tapping the button in the bottom-left corner before starting a battle.

To recruit partners from specific Camps, you can use the Camp Recruit method in the Clock Tower.

Here you will be able to recruit heroes from one of the 4 camps: Holy Light Order, Council of Thorns, Life Federation, and Tough Skeleton (Witch and Deity are not included). The Camp is automatically changed every 12 hours so make sure you check this regularly.

Claim your Wagon Benefits twice a day

The Wagon and the Time Hourglass

Wagon Benefits offer the highest amount of Account EXP among all other rewards you might get in the game. These are idle rewards and are accumulated over a 12-hour duration.

The amount and type of rewards will depend on your progress in the Adventure mode. It is quite normal to see a quick 3 or even 4 account levels jump after claiming this reward, so make sure to check it twice a day.

Similarly, you should as well use the Time Hourglass located in the lower-right corner after visiting the Wagon Benefits. This feature will offer you an instant 120 minutes worth of Wagon Benefits. You have 3 chances a day – the first one is free and the other 2 cost 20, and 50 Diamonds respectively.

Complete all the Ouverture Dawn quests

Ouverture Dawn is a special mode that consists of several challenges spread over 7 days. Each task you complete will offer you amazing rewards that will help you level up fast and gain power.

This includes Partner Shards, Hero’s Proof, Memory Essence, Flower of Generosity, Coins, and Diamonds among many other essential items. But the biggest reward, however, is the Epic partner offered after completing all the quests listed in the 7-day tabs.

At the moment, Snow White is the Epic-grade partner that can be obtained this way, so make sure to complete all the Ouverture Dawn challenges if you want to get her.

Redeem the latest gift codes

Madtale Gift codes are a great way to get some free rewards to help you level up faster. These can be found by searching official fan pages but we gathered them all for your convenience.

All you have to do is redeem them and start collecting the rewards. The rewards include resources, diamonds, coins, and sometimes, even gear for your characters. Make sure to check that guide often since new codes are posted regularly!

Explore the benefits of being a guild member

Joining a guild in Madtale: Idle RPG can be extremely beneficial, allowing you to get extra rewards alongside your teammates. The most interesting feature of the guild mode is the Dragon Treasure.

This is a mighty dragon boss that guild members can challenge twice a day individually and earn resources and gear.

Other benefits of being a member guild include the Grey Crypts where you can earn Guild Contributions and EXP, Guild Cultivation, Exiled Trader, and more.

You can as well create your own guild but this will cost you 600 Diamonds. Whichever you choose, make sure to check out the guild mode and get extra rewards for your team.

Recruit new partners wisely

It is not only essential but also important to recruit powerful partners in Madtale: Idle RPG, as they will help you complete levels faster and with fewer losses. The best way to get new partners is by using the 10x draw in the Clock Tower.

This feature will grant you 10 random heroes in exchange for 2,800 diamonds in the Advanced Recruit method. This not only offers better chances at getting Epic partners but also helps you earn Blessing Points faster.

Speaking of which, make sure you select your favorite character in the Glimmer Blessing window. Each hero recruitment offers you 1 Blessing Point and once you accumulate 240 points, you get the chosen character for free! So make sure to select wisely and get your favorite hero with the least amount of effort.

Check your mailbox for potential rewards

Mail rewards demo (collected and uncollected )

The in-game mailbox is located next to the Wagon in the Main City tab. Once you receive a new message, the envelope icon will appear. You should check your mailbox regularly and collect the rewards.

Usually, the rewards include coins and diamonds sent either by the team after a maintenance update, or for a recent activity such as the Arena Daily Reward as seen in the image above. Then you can use these rewards to improve your heroes.

Accumulate Friendship Points

As I mentioned before, having a mighty team of partners is vital to your progress in the game. While the 2 mentioned methods to recruit new characters are great, there is another way to get new partners in Madtale: Idle RPG with less effort.

This is a system called Friendship Recruit, and it allows you to recruit partners with Friendship Points. These points can be earned for free by adding “new friends” to your list.

You can have up to 20 friends on your list, to which you can send or receive 20 points a day. All you have to do is click the “Send & Claim” button a few times a day.

However, make sure you add active players to your list, and remove those that are inactive for a long time. This will help you accumulate Friendship Points faster and get more powerful partners through the Friendship Recruit window.

The downside of this method is that even though it feels easier, it will take a while to gather the points, as 1 Partner draw costs 100 Friendship Points, and 10 draws 1,000.

The access the Friends window, press “Friends” next to the Quests button in the bottom-right corner of the Main City screen.

Challenge other players in the Thorn Arena

Once you clear the fifth stage of the fifth chapter in the Adventure, you can access the Thorn Arena. This is a fantastic way to earn more valuable items for your characters to help you get stronger. This can be found in the Wilderness tab and includes 3 sections: Arena, Glory Arena, and Elite Arena.

The first one is open by default and you have 3 challenges a day. All you have to do is pick a player from the list and start the battle.

But before you do that, make sure your power outclasses the opponent’s so you have a better chance of winning the battle. The rewards include mostly gear and items related to upgrading your heroes.

On the other hand, the other two sections, Glory Arena and Elite Arena, require you to complete Chapter 9, stage 10 first, to get access, and here you will have stronger players but also better rewards. All of these PVP challenges are a great way to gain power in Madtale: Idle RPG.

Complete Quests and Achievements

Completing Quests and Achievements will definitely help you level up faster in Madtale: Idle RPG. The majority of these quests and achievements are usually completed by default just by clearing Adventure stages or performing basic actions like upgrading partners and purchasing items from the shops (not necessarily with real money).

You can see the entire list of tasks by pressing the Quests icon at the bottom of the Main City tab. This page is divided into 3 mini-tabs: Daily, Weekly, and Achievement.

The names are self-explanatory and they all offer rewards such as coins, diamonds, shards, Seals of Valor, various resource chests, Recovery Potions, and much more. Make sure to check this page often since you can get great rewards for completing these tasks.

Clear as many Underground Ruins floors as possible

Our last tip to level up fast in Madtale: Idle RPG is to clear as many Underground Ruins floors as possible. This gameplay mode will be available once you reach Stage 6, Chapter 3 in the Adventure and it’s a great way to earn rare items for your squad of heroes.

There is also a daily reward that includes items based on how many floors you have cleared in the Ruins and can be collected on the next day.

The good thing about this is that by the time you unlock this tower, your squad will be strong enough to clear at least 10 floors without breaking a sweat. That said, make sure to clear these floors every day.

Madtale Tips and Tricks
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