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Puss in Boots is one of the best characters in Madtale. He has one of the highest base attack stats among all partners, and effective follow-up skills giving him extreme single-target damage. He should be placed in the back row of your squad.

Madtale Puss in Boots Summary

  • Real Name: Puss
  • Camp: Tough Skeleton
  • Profession: Assassin
  • Type: AGI Partner
  • Role: Nuke, Burst DPS
  • Recommended Attributes: CRT, ATK

How to get Puss in Boots in Madtale?

You can get Puss in Boots via the Clock Tower, either by consuming your Miraculous Match items in the Advanced Recruit, Fated Match items in the Camp Recruit, or by spending your Friendship Points in the Friendship Recruit.

Also, you can select Puss in Boots in the Glimmer Blessing window, the S+ tab (displayed in the upper-right corner of Advanced or Camp Recruit methods) and get him once you have enough Blessing Points.

Attribute Bonuses (Max. Level)


Recommended Partners

Madtale Joy Devil avatar

Joy Devil

Madtale Frog Prince

Frog prince

Madtale Flower King avatar

King Flower


1. Blink Strike (Ultimate)

Puss’s Ultimate skill deals 290% ATK DMG to a random enemy with an extra target’s 15% Max HP DMG (up to Puss’s 1000% ATK). After upgrading this skill to the second level, the Skill DMG is increased to 370%, and Max HP DMG to 25%. Level 3 increases the Skill DMG to a staggering 520% ATK.

2. Sword’s Will (Passive)

This skill increases Puss’s ATK by 10% and CRT by 5%. At level 2, these bonuses are increased to 20% and 10%. At level 3, the ATK is boosted to 30% and CRT to 20%.

3. Elite Killer (Passive)

Every defeated enemy increases Puss’s CDMG by 15% and ATK by 10% for 2 rounds. This effect is increased to 15% and 10% at level 2. At level 3, the CDMG is increased to 20% and ATK to 15%.

4. Invincible Soul (Passive)

With this skill, Puss performs a follow-up attack dealing 100% DMG whenever he uses his ultimate skill or basic attacks. Level 2 increases the follow-up attack DMG to 120%. At level 3, the bonus is increased to 150%. The follow-up attacks do not trigger any effects.

Exclusive Weapon: Meow Foil

Meow Foil, Puss's exclusive weapon

The higher the Partner level, quality, and Paragenetic Weapon level, the more attribute bonuses this weapon provides. Here are the stats:

  • ATK Bonus: 28.7% (+104K)
  • DEF Bonus: 20.5% (+10K)
  • HP Bonus: 24.6% (+608k)
  • Total Power: 1080K

Paragenetic Weapons Skill Bonuses (Puss’s Lunge):

  • Unlocked: Follow-up attacks deal an extra 10% Max HP DMG to the target.
  • +10 Unlocked: Increases ATK by 15%
  • +20 Unlocked: When Puss deals CDMG, also deals an extra 10% Max HP DMG to the target
  • +30 Unlocked: Reduces DMG taken by 20%
  • +40 Unlocked: When dealing CDMG, restores 5% Max HP to Puss.

Recommended Secrets

  • Mirror’s Prophesy
    2-Piece Set: ATK Bonus +10%
    4-Piece Set: Increases DMG by 40% if the target’s HP is above 70%
  • Rapunzel’s Long Hair
    2-Piece Set: HP Bonus +10%
    4-Piece Set: Basic attacks have a 30% chance to Stun the target for 1 round
  • Frog’s Crown
    2-Piece Set: HP Bonus +10%
    4-Piece Set: When taking fatal DMG, becomes immune to it and restores 30% Max HP. Can only be triggered once per battle.
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