Madtale Tier List Ranking Top Characters

Searching for the strongest characters in Madtale? Our tier list ranks the top partners based on their abilities, stats, and overall power.

Madtale tier list
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Madtale Idle RPGs global release is finally here and the game has taken RPG mobile gaming by storm! Madtale offers a diverse collection of characters, each with its own camp, unique abilities, and playstyles.

Picking the best partners for your squad can mean the difference between success and failure, especially in the later campaign stages of the game as enemies become stronger.

To help you make the right choices, this tier list will rank the best characters in Madtale across 4 different tiers. We did not include Rare characters though, because they are pretty much useless, and you should not waste your resources on them.

S Tier (Best Partners)

  • Treasure River God (Mercury)
  • Puss in Boots (Puss)
  • Sea Witch (Barbarloya)
  • Wild Swan Princess (Vivian Schwan)
  • Prince Charming (Capet Augu)
  • Star Witch (Cynthia)
  • Cinderella (Rilla Reed)
  • Scissor Girl (Veronica)
  • Flower King (Lorin)
  • Flying Trunk Traveler (Janik)

In the S tier we ranked the best characters or partners in Madtale. They have the most powerful abilities and the highest damage output.

Treasure River God (Mercury)

Mercury (Treasure River God), the best Madtale character

Madtale’s Mercury is hands-down the best character in Madtale due to his combination of high attack damage and unique powerful skills.

For instance, his Ultimate Skill, Gold or Silver, can deal massive DMG to the target afflicted with Judgment Mark, or else it targets the enemy who dealt the most damage.

On top of that, he can also reduce the target’s DEF, making his enemies more vulnerable. Not only that, but he also has the highest base ATK among all characters in the game, and his passive skills further increase his ATK and HP. All of these features make him an invaluable addition to any Madtale team.

Puss in Boots (Puss)

Puss in Boots, Madtale character

Puss in Boots is one of the strongest single-target damage dealers in Madtale. His ultimate skill deals an outrageous amount of damage to a single enemy, and the follow-up attack further amplifies his offensive capabilities.

His passive skills also provide boosts to attack and critical strike, while his Invincible Soul passive skill boosts the damage done by his Ultimate skill and basic attacks even further. It’s no wonder he is considered one of the best characters in Madtale.

Sea Witch (Barbarloya)

Sea Witch, Madtale character

Sea Witch is an excellent DPS character in Madtale with the power to silence her enemies and cause them to bleed. Her Ultimate skill, Deep Fear, cleanses all Control effects on herself and restores her HP when her health drops below 50%.

This can be a great advantage for her, especially if you do not have a healer in your squad. And speaking of HP, she has one of the highest HP stats in the game, even higher than Wild Swan Princess, and she’s a Tank hero. Add to that her high ATK and ACC bonuses from her passive skills, and you have an unstoppable force.

Wild Swan Princess (Vivian Schwan)

Wild Swan Princess, Madtale character

If you are looking for a strong Tank hero for your Madtale squad, then the Wild Swan Princess is your best bet.

With her strong high-defense stats and a range of defensive capabilities including damage reduction, healing, and cleansing debuffs, Wild Swan Princess can fight effectively in both PVP and PVE. Her effective skills also make her a great choice for teams without a healer.

Prince Charming (Capet Augu)

Prince Charming, the best healer in Madtale

Prince Charming is by far the best healer in Madtale. His healing skills allow him to effectively restore his teammates’ health and protect them from incoming control skills.

In addition, Prince Charming is a great damage dealer and he performs exceptionally well against teams with crowd-control abilities.

A Tier Characters (Strong)

  • Snow White (Maria Lohr)
  • Sleeping Beauty (Lucrezia)
  • Thumbelina (Vanessa)
  • Great Prophet (Merlin)
  • Prince Glass (Renard Panni)
  • Water Spirit (Abigail)
  • Rapunzel (Rozar Tilpo)
  • Independent Tin Soldier (Ting)
  • Mermaid Princess (Anneta Borun)
  • Princess Ambition (Eno Gaia)
  • Dwarfs (Coad Core Bonar)

This tier includes characters with good abilities but lower damage output than S-tier characters.

Snow White (Maria Lohr)

Snow White, Madtale character

Snow White offers a potent combination of AoE damage, defensive buffs, and debuffs that make her an incredibly useful character in Madtale. She may not be among the strongest damage dealers in Madtale, but her Royal Anecdote ultimate skill can hit all enemies hard, while reducing their accuracy, making her a perfect partner hero for crowd control.

Sleeping Beauty (Lucrezia)

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty, the newest character addition to the Madtale universe, is a robust partner for any team. What makes her stand out is her powerful Ultimate skill which deals massive damage to all enemies.

But unfortunately, the skill puts her into a deep sleep for one turn, which can be risky if you don’t have a solid squad. Nevertheless, her other skills make up for this by restoring HP and boosting ATK and CRT.

Thumbelina (Vanessa)


Thumbelina is a powerful DPS character with various abilities that make her an essential partner in Madtale, particularly for weaker teams. Her Ultimate skill deals strong damage to multiple enemies while reducing their speed, making her great for crowd control and quickly bringing down difficult enemies.

Great Prophet (Merlin)

Merlin, Madtale

Merlin is an essential support character with a wide range of defensive and offensive abilities. His Ultimate skill deals massive AoE damage, while his passive skills grant him enhanced HP and ATK, as well as a protective Prophecy Mark for himself and the partner with the highest ATK.

He may not be a strong damage dealer but he is capable of absorbing direct damage which makes him an invaluable asset in any team setup.

Prince Glass (Renard Panni)

Prince Glass

Prince Glass is another good example of a solid support character in Madtale. His Glittering ability allows him to restore Energy to his teammates and has a strong Control ability as well, making him suitable for both front and back rows.

His Anthem passive skill increases his HP and TOU, while Flash Strike passive skill gives him a chance to stun the target with his basic attacks. This is a major advantage when fighting with stronger enemies.

B Tier Partners (Average)

  • Red Hood (Mary Perlo)
  • Treasure Hunter (Ali Baba)
  • Mirror Queen (Alicia Queen)
  • Harsh Lady (Arnell Reed)
  • Snake Dancer (Morgiana)
  • Frog Prince (Gruel Lyden)
  • Joy Devil (Abdullah)
  • Hook Gun Hunter (Prabhu Phil)
  • Frog Traveler (Archie)
  • Prince Pleasure (Kathy Keller)
  • Mole Gentleman (Tybalt)
  • Miser (Cassim)
  • Venomous Fairy (Mephis)

The characters in this tier are average in terms of damage output but they have some good abilities. They are great to start the game with.

Red Hood (Mary Perlo)

Red Hood, Madtale hero

Red Hood is the most iconic character in Madtale as she is the one we begin our journey with. But don’t be fooled, her skillset makes her one of the most powerful heroes for the early-mid game. She has a good balance of DPS and tanking abilities, making her a great choice for any beginner team.

Treasure Hunter (Ali Baba)

Ali Baba, Madtale character

Ali Baba has a special place in the Madtale universe, as he’s one of the few characters that can both deal significant damage and debuff enemies. This can be a great advantage in the early game.

Thanks to his Ultimate skill he can steal ATK from the enemy while his passive skills provide a nice boost to both his ATK and CRT. Overall, he is a great character to have in your party as he can provide support and damage.

Mirror Queen (Alicia Queen)

Mirror Queen, Madtale hero

Mirror Queen is a DPS character in Madtale, capable of dealing decent damage to her opponents. She can increase the damage output of her team by inflicting enemies with Mirror Mark for several rounds, while also boosting her own attack power.

Unfortunately, her Ultimate Skill only targets two enemies at a time, which limits its effectiveness. Nevertheless, Mirror Queen can still be a powerful character in the early game stages.

Harsh Lady (Arnell Reed)

Harsh Lady, Madtale hero

Harsh Lady looks like an improved version of Mirror Queen: she can deal good amounts of damage with her Ultimate skill but she also has crowd-control abilities.

Her passive skills make her even more effective, as they not only increase her HP but also reduce the ATK of her enemies. Although she is not as effective in the late game, she can still be an ideal partner to start your journey within this game.

C Tier (Weak)

This tier contains the characters in Madtale with low damage output and poor abilities (Rare characters are not included as those are basically useless).

  • Feather Crown Warrior (Cuipa)
  • Puppet Maker (Claire)
  • Cat Girl (Ena)
  • Forest Wolf Girl (Laura Cole)
  • Wine Spirit (Tempranillo)
  • Harp Girl (Anna)
  • Augur (Halvar)
  • Mushroom Girl (Myers)
  • Snow Soldier (Romanov)
  • Rouletter Winner (Gatrell)
  • King of Golden Cage (Golden Charlie)
  • Chip Bishop (Chris)
Madtale tier list
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