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Madtale Snow White character info
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Snow White is a versatile Partner who can effectively enhance your battlefield advantage, suitable for any lineup. Both front row and back row work just fine for her.

Madtale Snow White Profile

  • Real Name: Maria Lohr
  • Camp: Holy Light Order
  • Profession: Sage
  • Type: INT Partner
  • Role: AoE, Buff, Debuffs
  • Recommended Attributes: SPD, HP

Is Snow White Good?

Yes, Snow White is a strong Madtale character who packs a lot of essential abilities into her kit. Her ultimate skill hits all enemies for heavy damage while reducing their accuracy.

She also offers a good ATK buff for her partners when her HP drops below 50%, while also reducing the enemy’s DEF. So yes, Snow White is an effective and versatile character in Madtale, capable of dealing decent damage while also boosting her allies. Make sure you also check our Madtale Idle RPG tier list as we ranked all the characters in the game based on their stats and abilities.

How to get Snow White in Madtale?

You can get Snow White via the Clock Tower in the Advanced Recruit with Miraculous Match items, Camp Recruit with Fated Match items, or the Friendship Recruit, which requires Friendship Points.

You can also get Snow White on the 7th day of the Overture Dawn event by completing all the quests listed under each day’s tab.

Additionally, you can select Snow White in the Glimmer Blessing window (displayed in the upper-right corner of Advanced or Camp Recruit methods) and get her once you collect the required number of Blessing Points.

Attribute Bonuses (Max. Level)


Recommended Partners


1. Royal Anecdote (Ultimate)

Deals 120% ATK DMG to all enemies and reduces their ACC by 30% for 2 rounds. Level 2 increases Skill DMG to 155%, and grants 30 SPD for all your Partners over 3 rounds. Upgraded to level 3, this increases skill DMG to 210% and extends ACC Reduction to 3 rounds.

2. Heart-Piercing Hit (Passive)

With this skill, Snow White’s basic attacks reduce the target’s CRT by 15% for 2 rounds and go up to 20% at level 2. At level 3, the CRT reduction is extended to 3 rounds.

3. Smile Blessing (Passive)

Increases ATK by 10% and ACC by 5%. At level 2, ATK is increased by 20%, and ACC by 10%. Finally, at level 3, you get 30% ATK and 20% ACC.

4. True Feelings (Passive)

When Snow White’s HP falls below 50% for the first time in battle, this skill increases all your partners’ ATK by 20% and reduces all enemies’ DEF by 20% for 2 rounds. At level 2 these bonuses are increased to 30%, and at level 3 the duration is extended to 3 rounds.

Exclusive Weapon: Illusion Reflector

Illusion Reflector Weapon, Madtale game

The higher the Partner level, quality, and Paragenetic Weapon level, the more attribute bonuses this weapon provides. Here are the stats and bonuses of this weapon:

  • ATK Bonus: 28.7% (+85K)
  • DEF Bonus: 24.6% (+11K)
  • HP Bonus: 20.5% (+480k)
  • Total Power: 944K

Paragenetic Weapons Skill Bonuses (Shock and Horror):

  • Unlocked: After being defeated in battle, grants 50 SPD for 2 rounds to all partners
  • +10 Unlocked: Increases ATK by 15%
  • +20 Unlocked: After being defeated in battle, reduces all enemies’ DEF by 20% for 2 rounds.
  • +30 Unlocked: Reduces DMG taken by 20%
  • +40 Unlocked: After being defeated, increases ATK by 20% for 3 rounds to all partners

Recommended Secrets

  • Mermaid’s Tears
    2-Piece Set: DEF Bonus +10%
    4-Piece Set: Initial Energy +50
  • Ugly Ducklying’s Longing
    2-Piece Set: DEF Bonus +10%
    4-Piece Set: Releasing an Ultimate Skill has a 30% chance to restore 100 Energy.
  • Mirror’s Prophesy
    2-Piece Set: ATK Bonus +10%
    4-Piece Set: Increases DMG by 40% if the target’s HP is above 70%
Madtale Snow White character info
  • Release Date: Jul 12, 2023
  • Platform(s): Android, iOS
  • Genre(s): Adventure, Idle RPG,
  • Publisher(s): Archosaur Games
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