Omniheroes Tips and Tricks for Fast Progression

Ready to make quick progress in Omniheroes? Our tips and tricks guide will help you level up fast and conquer challenging battles.

Omniheroes Tips and Tricks for fast progress
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Omniheroes is a casual idle RPG game with strategic elements that will take you to an enchanting medieval fantasy world. You can summon legendary heroes, match multiple synergies and team compositions at will, and challenge yourself in various PvP battles. While the game offers plenty of rewards and opportunities to upgrade, it also requires careful strategic planning.

This guide includes essential tips and tricks for starting players to help them progress quickly and have a successful gaming experience. With this guide, you’ll be able to start your journey as a true Omniguardian in no time!

Learn the basics of Omniheroes

Every new player should first familiarize themselves with the basic features and mechanics of Omniheroes. This includes learning how to summon heroes and upgrade them, learning the various currencies in the game and their uses, and how to unlock the numerous gameplay modes.

This will not only make your gaming experience easier and more enjoyable but also help you progress faster in the game because you will know what to focus on and how to best utilize your resources. Once you feel comfortable with the basics of this game, it’s time to move on to more advanced strategies and tips so that you can become a true champion.

Level up the right heroes to improve their stats

To progress quickly in Omniheroes, you must level up your heroes to make them stronger for battles against opponents. For that, you need Hero EXP, a special resource collected from quests, events, and winning battles.

But before you start randomly leveling up your heroes, it’s important to prioritize the ones that will help you create the best team in Omniheroes, with the highest DPS and most powerful synergies.

The most powerful ones are the ones with the Legendary rarity, but since there are so many it may be difficult to choose which ones to focus on. To help you out, we created our tier list which ranks all the characters in the game, so you can always check it and find the best heroes to level up.

Increase the Favor of activated Valkyries

Valkyrie Manor is another excellent way to increase power in Omniheroes and it will help you progress quicker through the game. This feature becomes available once you clear Mision 1 Stage 7, and once unlocked, you will meet various Valkyries (heroes) who require favors and help with certain tasks.

In return, you will unlock new outfits, stories, and voice lines for them. The most important part of this feature, however, is the stat bonuses you get with each Manor level, which apply to your entire team of heroes.

Each Manor level has a specific number of points, which you need to fill up by increasing the Favor level with each Valkyrie character. However, you will only have one Valkyrie unlocked in the beginning, Eluller, and she requires constant healing with Spring of Vitality, a special item gained from Valkyric Guardianship quests.

To unlock more Valkyries, you will have to clear more Mission stages as follows:

  • Elune – is the second character in the Valkyrie Manor and you can unlock her after clearing Mission 3 stage 15.
  • Dorabella – this Valkirye becomes available after clearing Mission 8 Stage 40.
  • Aiutsha – She can be unlocked by clearing Mission 12 Stage 40,
  • Unknown Valkyrie – This is the 6th Valkyrie in the Valkyrie Manor, but is currently under development.

Collect the offline reward in time

Offline rewards in Omniheroes

Just like the majority of idle RPG mobile games, Omniheroes also rewards you when you log in after a certain amount of time. This reward is generated automatically and is accumulated for a maximum duration of 14 hours.

Make sure you collect it before it reaches that threshold so that you can maximize the benefit of your offline rewards.

This offline reward will give you valuable resources like Player EXP, Gold, Hero EXP, Benediction Stones, and various equipment items that can be used to upgrade your heroes. This reward includes a generous amount of Player EXP that will help you instantly increase your player level by a few levels.

Unlock and equip relics to gain power

Relics are powerful weapons that can give your heroes stat boosts and special abilities in battle. To unlock them, you will need to clear Mission 4 stage 25. These special items have several rarities, the same as equipment items and heroes, the most powerful one being the red color rarity.

For instance, Hand of Tyr, which is the most recommended relic for Glorian Synergy heroes such as Talanis (one of the strongest mages) or Guinn, has tremendous attack power.

It also increases the ATK of the entire ally team, while also offering a strong shield to protect them from taking damage. After unlocking the relics, make sure to equip the heroes that can best benefit from them.

Customize and bind your game account

Customizing and binding your game account is an important step in ensuring a safe and secure gaming experience. It also allows you to transfer your progress across different devices without any hassle.

To do that, tap your profile image in the upper-left corner and press Settings. Next, tap “Bind Account and select any of the 3 options: Email, Google, or Facebook (we recommend Google).

And while on the profile page, feel free to give it a personal touch by changing your player name (if you haven’t already), and choosing a different avatar or an avatar frame.

This will make your profile stand out from the crowd when joining a guild or climbing up the leaderboards inside the Rankings page (and there are plenty of leaderboards there).

Complete Quests for additional rewards

The quests are perfect for those looking to progress quickly in the game. They offer generous rewards for any player looking to level up their heroes quickly and easily. These quests can be found in the bottom-right corner of the City tab in Omniheroes, and are divided into two categories: Daily, and Weekly.

As the names suggest, Daily Quests are tasks that you must complete every day to earn rewards. Make sure to complete them as soon as possible so you don’t miss out on the rewards.

Weekly Quests, however, can be completed at any time during the week with any progress earned counting towards the final reward. Completing any tasks from these two tabs will offer you rewards such as Diamonds, Gold, Summon Tickets, Glory Points, and Guild Contributions, among many others.

In addition, you will also earn activity points, which are automatically added to the progress bar displayed at the top of the Daily and Weekly Quests. This bar includes 5 threshold chests that reward you with extra rewards when filled.

Always prioritize the Valkyrie Synergy

As you noticed, each character in Omniheroes has several synergies; the better the rarity of a hero, the more synergies it has. To maximize the power of your team, you should always prioritize the heroes from the Valyrie synergy corresponding to your most powerful characters.

The Valkyrie synergy is the first one from left to right, displayed on the character’s page. For instance, if you have Macaria, she has 4 synergies: 1 Valkyrie Synergy (Valiantors synergy), 2 faction synergies (Royals and Deviants), and 1 Rune synergy (Monarchs).

If you summoned her, consider yourself one of the luckiest as she is the best damage dealer in the game. That being said, it would be wise to pick at least 2 more heroes of her Valkyrie synergy, the Valiantors, to have that 50% PDMG bonus applied to the entire team. You can, of course, go full 5 heroes on the same synergy, but that’s not always necessary.

Unlock and activate Synergy Archives

Speaking of synergies, did you know that you can activate additional synergy bonuses for your team? These bonuses unlock when you reach certain stars with your heroes or have specific synergies unlocked.

They can help gain power fast in Omniheroes and the good thing about them is that they apply permanently, regardless if certain heroes are discarded or not.

To activate synergy bonuses, access the City tab, and tap Synergy Archive. There you will find one section for each synergy available in the game. If any of them has a bonus ready to be activated, you will see a red dot on it. Tap that synergy section and press Activate as seen in the image above. Once you do that, that specific hero will have its base stats increased.

Collect the game’s freebies and easy rewards

Finally, don’t forget to collect the freebies and easy rewards available in Omniheroes. This includes redeeming Omniheroes codes, checking your in-game mailbox regularly, and claiming the rewards before they expire, the login rewards, and the free items offered in the Common shop.

For instance, the Daily Packs tab of the Common Shop includes a free daily reward of 50 Diamonds and 1 5-Star Hero Shard. Similarly, you have a free reward waiting to be collected in the VIP Pack tab, and another one in the Weekly Packs. Make sure you get them all as they can speed up your progress significantly.

To Wrap Things Up

Omniheroes is a great RPG game that requires a lot of strategy and planning to fully enjoy. Taking into account the Omniheroes tips and tricks discussed in this guide, you should be able to increase your overall power and progress quickly through the game. With enough dedication and practice, you can become one of the top players in the game. Good luck!

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