Best Ways to Get Gold in Game of Empires Warring Realms

Find out the best ways to get and spend gold in Game of Empires to build a powerful empire and lead your faction to victory!

How to get gold in Game of Empires Warring Realms
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Most strategy games have a premium currency that allows players to purchase items and resources or finish certain tasks instantly, without having to grind out hours of gameplay in order to get them.

In this medieval strategy mobile game, that currency is Gold, and in this guide, we’ll share with you the best ways to get Gold in Game of Empires and also some of the most efficient ways to spend it. Unfortunately, the game does not offer many ways of getting this currency for free, but we’ll talk about some that are still worth your time.

1. Complete the Scroll of Culture Lv.1 task

Game of Empires Scroll of Culture Gold Reward from level 1

During the Scroll of Culture Season, which can be accessed by visiting the Academy building, you can receive various rewards by completing a specific series of quests.

These quests require you to achieve specific tasks multiple times, such as donating to Alliance Tech 80 times, defeating Barbarian Camps 25 times, and so on. The more quests you complete, the more Scroll pieces you will collect. This will unlock more rewards for each Scroll of Culter level.

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The good news is that, even though the Scroll of Culture Season has 50 levels, you get 100 gold after unlocking the first level. Additionally, you could also buy a premium pack to unlock the bonus 1000 gold reward for this level and more rewards for all other levels.

2. The 5th Chest from Daily Quests

The 5th chest Gold reward from Daily Quests
The 5th chest Gold reward from Daily Quests

As we already mentioned in our previous Game of Empires guide, Daily Quests play a significant role in your progression. Every day, a new set of tasks becomes available and can be completed for rewards. One of these rewards is the 5th chest, which includes 150 gold, among other essential items.

To obtain this reward you must complete as many quests as possible before the daily reset. Doing so, you will collect AP badges which are required by each of the 5 chests. To unlock the fifth chest, you will need a total of 100 AP badges, which is not difficult, considering that each quest gives you 5 or 10 AP.

3. Alliance Trade

Gold reward preview on Alliance Trading in Game of Empires Warring Realms
Alliance Trading Gold reward preview

As an Alliance member, you can use the Trade feature twice a day to get a good amount of resources and gold, and it will take about 6 hours to complete one session.

The only drawback is that your caravan can be attacked by other players, that’s why is important to coordinate with your fellow members and send the caravan at a time when most of them are online, so they can help you defend it. On the flip side, you can also attack other caravans to get gold from them.

4. History of the Kingdom

Game of Empires History of the Kingdom Gold Rewards

The history of the Kingdom includes various achievements with great Gold rewards. These achievements are a mix of server-wide and personal objectives, so they can be completed solo or with the help of other players.

Completing these challenges can offer you up to 500 gold per achievement and other essential rewards such as Speedups and Golden Hero Chests that can be used to upgrade your best Game of Empires heroes. You can preview your progress for this by tapping the Monument building in your town and selecting the scroll icon.

5. Alliance Gift’s Crystal Treasures

The Gold reward from Green Crystal Treasure Game of Empires
Green Crystal Treasure’s Gold reward

There is the White Crystal Treasure which requires Alliance Gift levels 1-9 to be opened and offers a guaranteed reward of 100 gold. Next is the Green Crystal Treasure which offers 200 gold and requires Alliance Gift levels 10-19. The third one is the Blue Crystal Treasure which requires level 20+ and will reward members with 300 gold.

However, each of these 3 chests requires a specific number of Key Points, which can be collected by claiming Normal and Rare Gifts daily, with Rare gifts offering the highest number of Key Points.

6. Achievements

Achievements can also be another great way to get gold in Game of Empires, as well as many other special rewards and Medallions. These achievements can be completed by participating in various activities in the game, such as completing quests or battles, and they can reward you handsomely.

Game of Empires Achievements with gold rewards
The Valliant Achievements with Gold rewards

There are 4 main achievement categories: The Conqueror, The Valiant, The Magnificent, and The Celebrity. These categories include dozens of achievements. The downside, however, is that the reward drop is not guaranteed, with each achievement having the drop chance displayed next to the reward preview.

The achievements that include gold as a reward are Shrine 1, 2,3, and 4, as well as Enhanced Faith 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 all from The Valliant category. The Celebrity category also has 2 achievements that reward you with gold. These are Thumbs Up! and Help Me Out!, both offering 100 gold each.

The achievements can be accessed either by tapping the small star icon from your profile page, at the bottom of the screen, or by tapping the Monument building and clicking the second icon.

7. Auspicious Blessing event

Auspicious Blessing is an event that lasts 5 days during which players need to complete a series of quests, structured by days. Each day has its own tab and specific quests and includes quests such as completing Intel Quests, logging in daily, collecting resources, defeating Barbarians, and so on.

Auspicious Blessing event gold rewards Game of Empires
Auspicious Blessing – Blooming Trades tab

The fourth day is the only one that offers gold among all 5, and the quests can be found in the Blooming Trades tab (see the screenshot above). The Blooming Trades quests require you to purchase items from the Alliance Shop several times (up to 40), and each challenge will reward you with 50 gold.

8. Premium alternatives

Although the free methods of obtaining gold that we mentioned above are quite efficient, you may want to consider investing in some premium options as well. These premium options include buying gold with real-world money, which is totally optional and you should only do them if you can afford to do so and might want to support the game.

We are not affiliated in any way with the team behind Game of Empires: Warring Realms and the reason we are mentioning these options is purely informative. Here are the best premium packs that include gold, in our opinion:

1. The 30-day Royal Charter

The Royal Charter pack lasts 30 days, during which you will get 4,000 gold instantly, and a total of 15,000 gold by the end of the period.

In addition to that you will also receive a 30-day War Booster which increases the Attack, and Defense of all your units by 5%, a 10% Tech Speed Bonus, a gathering bonus effect, and a custom avatar frame, all lasting 30 days. In my opinion, it offers the best value for money among the other premium options I mention below.

2. Unlocking the Fortune Pass Golden Chest

The golden chest pack during the Fortune Pass event

Unlocking the golden chest will cost around $11 and it will enable you the Lv.1 reward, which is 1000 gold. In addition to this, you will also be getting many great items with each completed level of the Fortune Pass event and another 1000 gold rewards at level 25.

I would recommend this pack only if you also need a decent amount of resources and speed-ups. Otherwise, other premium packs offer better value for money.

3. Gold Shop

The Gold Shop in Game of Empires

The Gold Shop is also another premium way to consider. There are packs for every budget, ranging from $1 to $100, whereas the larger packs offer more gold for your money.

Additionally, each pack also offers twice the amount of gold for the first-time purchase. For example, the cheapest pack offers 150 gold, plus another 150 for the first purchase, making it a total of 300 gold.

What to Spend Gold on in Game of Empires

Since Gold is so precious in Game of Empires and hard to obtain, it’s important to spend it wisely. Here are some of the best ways you can spend it:

Instant Healing

Each time your troops engage in PvP Battles or Barbarian fights, they will suffer casualties and the only way to bring them back into fighting condition is by healing them. To do so with gold, you just need to tap the Hospital building and hit the Instant Heal button.

Using gold to instant healing wounded units Game of Empires

Of course, you can also heal them by spending Wood and Food, but this will also require time if you don’t have any speedups left. That being said, you should use gold to heal your troops only if you’re in a rush or if you don’t have enough resources at the moment.

Instant Research

Researching new technologies, not only improves your overall army strength and building efficiency but also grants you the ability to build new units and progress to more advanced Ages. With gold, you can speed up this process by instantly completing research projects. But, you should spend Gold on this only if you do not have any speedups left and you are in a rush to progress.

Buy items in the VIP Shop

Using gold to buy items in the VIP Shop

The VIP shop can be used to purchase nice items with gold, and if you are lucky, you can find some really great offers there, sometimes up to -85%. The disadvantage of this is that you must increase your VIP level to get better items in the VIP Shop every day.

For example, an Eoic Hero Badge required VIP level 5, but other basic items and speedups can be unlocked from VIP level 2. The VIP Shop can be found in the Shop building.

Alliance Tech Donations

Donating resources to Alliance Tech research is a good way to contribute to your alliance’s overall strength and unlock new features and techs that all members benefit from. As I mentioned previously, you can donate resources up to 20 times, after which you must wait 30 minutes to get another attempt.

In addition to this, you can also donate Gold and for this, there is no limit on the amount or on how many times you can donate in one day. However, the required amount of gold increases with each donation, so it can become a bit costly.

Buy packs during the Hero Scroll event

Game of Empires spending gold in Hero Scroll event
Hero Scroll event

Some events such as the Hero Scroll, offer a great opportunity to receive valuable rewards by purchasing certain packs with gold. These rewards include powerful items that can help level up your heroes in Game of Empires as well as the legendary hero Frederick Barbarossa.

Additionally, when you purchase packs with gold in this event, you get a chance to highlight the Hero Scroll, which offers additional rewards. When you highlight a full row or column, you will also get a reward chest.

Unlock the Fortune Pass Silver Chest

By spending 1,000 gold to unlock the Silver chest, you will receive rewards worth 62,000 gold (according to the game). These rewards include 5 Mythic Hero Badges, 10 Legendary Proff items, 7 Golden Hero Chests, 500 VIP Points, resources, speedups, and other rare items.

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