Game of Empires Warring Realms Alliance Guide: Ranks, Personal Points, Territory

All you need to know about how to create or join an Alliance in Game of Empires: Warring Realms, Personal Points, Territory, Tech Donations, Ranks, and more.

Game of Empires Alliance Guide: Ranks, Personal Points, Alliance Territory
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Game of Empires Warring Realms allows players to take their gaming experience to the next level by forming alliances. This guide will provide an overview of how to join or create an Alliance in Game of Empires Warring Realms, the different ranks, and the permissions that come with each rank. We will also explain how Alliance Territory works, how to earn Personal Points, and what benefits they give.

Game of Empires Warring Realms Alliance’s main benefits

The main benefits of being in an Alliance in Game of Empires Warring Realms are the ability to interact with other players. Some players may have more gaming experience and could help you out with useful tips and tricks. You can then play together on a team, and work towards common goals.

By joining one, you can as well take part in weekly battles, and gain rewards from victories and special events. You can also help expand your Alliance’s territory with unique buildings and magnificent structures, which in return provide great rewards that you can use to improve your best heroes in Game of Empires Warring Realms.

Alliance Member Ranks, Titles, and Permissions

Alliance ranks in Game of Empires
Alliance ranks

An Alliance can have up to 43 members by default, but this number can be increased by researching Technologies Expansion 1 and 2 in the Development tab tree. Expansion 1, after being fully researched at level 5, will increase the limit by 38 members. Expansion 2, at level 5, will also increase the members limit by an additional 64 members.

Members are organized into ranks, from R1 (the lowest) to R5 (the highest), and each rank has different permissions that allow members to perform certain tasks.

R5 rank (the Alliance leader)

The highest ranking position in a Game of Empires Alliance is R5. This player serves as the leader and is responsible for managing collaboration with other alliances, organizing events and wars, and inspiring members to work together towards a common goal.

The R5 also has the ultimate authority in all important decisions regarding the right to promote, demote, invite or remove members as needed.

The permissions specific to the R5 rank are Appointing and Dismissing Members, Demolishing Alliance Buildings, and Disbanding the Alliance.

R4 rank

The R4 members are the leader’s trusted associates and are integral to keeping the Alliance running smoothly. Their duties include providing assistance to new members, organizing events and wars, sending emails to all members, approving or rejecting applications, changing the Alliance tag, or changing the Alliance Profile info, as well as promoting or demoting other members in lower ranks.

R1, R2, and R3 ranks

Unlike other strategy mobile games I tried, in Game of Empires, there is no distinctive difference in terms of rank permissions between the R3, R2, and R1 ranks. All 3 have the same basic permissions, such as the ability to help other members, use the Alliance Chat, and quit the Alliance if they choose to do so.

For example, in a Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire alliance, an R2 can view the online status of other players, as well as the location on the map.

Things that an R1 cannot do. R3 members also have the ability to promote or demote other members. Maybe the dev team at EraTraveler Studio should get inspiration from this game and make certain permissions more exclusive to the higher ranks.

Member Titles

Game of Empires Alliance Member Titles
Member Titles

In addition to the ranking system, Game of Empires also has a title system. Titles are offered by the leaders based on a player’s contributions, and how active they have been. Currently, there are 13 titles available and most of them have their own unique bonuses.

For instance, Archon and Diplomat titles, available only for R4 ranks, offer a 5% Alliance Points increase bonus from Tech Donations and a +5% Trade Revenue bonus.

How to join an Alliance in Game of Empires

You can join an Alliance after reaching the Bronze Age. Once you achieve that, you can tap the flag button at the bottom of the screen. After that, you have you will have two options, to join, or create your own. Tap the Join button and it will take you to a list of all the available Alliances where you can choose one.

Membership in most cases is open for anyone, however, some alliances require an application process before being accepted, as well as a certain level of Might and Prosperity. Once your application is submitted, the leaders will have to approve or reject your request.

You could also use the Quick Apply button to join one randomly from the list if you wish. However, I do not recommend using this option but rather manually picking the one that you would like to join.

Things to consider before joining an Alliance

As a beginner, there are 3 things to consider before joining an Alliance, the Might (Alliance’s Power), Members, and Language.

Alliance List Game of Empires, showing the Might level, the number of members and the language
The Alliance List

The Might

The first thing to consider when joining an Alliance in Game of Empires is its power level. Joining a powerful one will offer you better protection and winning chances in competitions.

Also, those with higher power scores usually have bigger territories and more buildings, which translates into greater rewards for its members. The power score is represented by Might. Make sure you pick one that has a good Might score.


The size of the Alliance you join is an important consideration. Those that are too small may not have the power to compete effectively against larger ones. A higher roster of members, also means that they have greatly progressed in the Alliance Tech research. Therefore, you should try to join one with a healthy number of members.


The last thing to consider before joining an Alliance in Game of Empires is the language chosen by its leaders. Even if it might be among the most powerful ones on the list, it won’t be of any use to you if the language used is one that you can’t understand. And the in-game translator does not work properly either.

How to create an Alliance

How to create an Alliance in Game of Empires
How to create an Alliance

If you have the ambition and dedication to build a powerful Alliance, then it is definitely worth considering creating one. Doing so can be a great way to bring together old friends or players from your own gaming community where you can become the leader.

However, it is not a simple task and requires meticulous planning as many other Alliances are likely to be more powerful than your own, and you will be subject to high competition.

To create your own Alliance, tap the shield icon I described in the previous step, and click “Create”. The only requirement is that it will cost you 500 Gold, which is not quite cheap for a beginner.

If you do have the required amount of Gold, select your banner, type in an alias (up to 4 characters), and a name with up to 15 characters, and hit the “Create” button.

Alliance Features and Privileges

As a member of an alliance, you will have access to the following features and privileges:

Alliance Chat

As a member, you can access the Alliance chat channel where you can communicate with other members, whether you’re looking to strategize a coordinated attack, share coordinates, ask or offer assistance, or just have a friendly chat.

Alliance Territory

Alliance Territory Buildings Game of Empires
Alliance Territory Buildings

The Alliance Territory is a great way for members to benefit from the collective effort. As the territory expands, members receive different rewards and advantages, such as a gathering speed increase and access to Resource Stations/Mines without fear of being attacked by other players.

To expand the territory, members must construct various structures including the following buildings:


Game of Empires Citadel

Citadels are the foundation and the starting point of the Alliance’s Territory in Game of Empires, and it allows the construction of other Alliance Buildings within the territory. Each territory can have up to 4 Citadels.

Challenge Spire

Alliance Challenge Spire building
Challenge Spire building

The Challenge Spire building allows members to take part in the event with the very same name. This event can only be activated by R4 and R5 leaders each Wednesday and Saturday. The leaders must then designate a time at which the battle starts.

Once the Challenge Spire is activated, members have 30 minutes to attack the Barbarian troops, Barbarian Stalker and Crushers, and be rewarded based on their damage score. These rewards can include Equipment materials, Speedups, and more. You can as well increase the damage dealt during this event by donating Horns.

Alliance Defense Towers

Game of Empires Alliance Defense Tower and Trading Post
Alliance Defense Tower and Trading Post

Alliance Defense Towers can be used to expand the territory but also to protect the territory and the buildings from enemy attacks. They must be built within the territory, by R5 and R4 members, and they will automatically attack an enemy troop at a time, within its range.

Members can also garrison troops inside these towers for better protection. However, the garrisoned units will also take damage from enemy units and rallies. An Alliance Territory can have up to 13 Defense Towers built.

Resource Stations

Game of Empires Sawmill Resource Station
Sawmill Resource Station

There are 4 Resources Stations that can be built, and these are the Alliance Barn (provides Food), Alliance Sawmill (Wood), Alliance Quarry (Stone), and Alliance Iron (Iron). They offer a great way to get more resources, must be built only within the Territory and only one Resources Station can be available at a time.

Players can send their troops to help create them while being fully protected against enemy attacks. This means that you also cannot engage in attacks with that troop or use the mine as a garrison.

The only disadvantage is that once a Resource Station is built, it will have a limited duration in which you need to send a villager to start collecting, and there are limited spots for villagers as well. Therefore, you must act quickly as you also need to take into consideration the time required for a villager to arrive there.

Personal Points & Tech Donations

The Personal Points are a special currency that members are rewarded with for participating in alliance-related activities, and can be used to buy items in the Alliance Shop. The great thing about it is that you do not lose your points after leaving your Alliance. In Game of Empires, there are 5 main ways to get Personal Points:

1. Helping your allies

Helping your allies to build new buildings inside their town or upgrade the existing ones, or research new technologies will decrease the time it takes them to accomplish the task by 1% (at least 1 minute). By doing so, you can receive up to 10,000 Personal Points every day.

To do that, all you have to do is to press the “holding hands” button that appears in the bottom-right corner of your screen whenever one of your allies is engaged in a task.

Keep in mind that this process will not consume any of your resources, is just a gesture of goodwill and it works both ways. This means that other members of your alliance can help you as well, whenever you request it.

2. Alliance Tech Donations

Game of Empires Alliance Tech Donations
Alliance Tech Donations

Alliance Tech Donations are a great way to improve the overall power of the Alliance. All members can donate resources and gold to help the Alliance reach its goals faster. The resources are then used to upgrade the Alliance Technology and get more benefits for all members of the alliance. In return, members are rewarded with Personal Points.

Members who reach a daily total of 10,000 Personal Points, will be ranked in the Alliance Daily Leaderboard and be extra rewarded. There is also a 50,000 Points Weekly Leaderboard that also offers great bonus rewards for those who qualify.

To make a donation, visit the Alliance menu and tap the Tech button. You will then choose one of the 3 vertical tabs located on the left side, Development, Territory, and War techs.

You should always pick the tab and the tech to donate that is recommended by your leaders. These techs will have in the top-left corner a star and a green background text that says “Recommended”. Tap that tech, and hit the “Donate” button.

You can donate up to 20 consecutive times. Afterward, you get 1 Donate attempt every 30 minutes. There is also a critical hit chance, which can increase your received Personal Points after a donation by up to 10x if you are lucky.

3. From claiming Normal and Rare Gifts

Personal Points received from claiming Normal Gifts
My total Personal Points received from Normal gift rewards

The Normal and Rare rewards from the Gifts feature I mentioned earlier, are also one of the best ways to get plenty of Personal Points, provided that the majority of members participate actively in defeating Barbarian Camps and/or purchase premium packs.

Therefore, you should check this page regularly and claim the rewards as they have a 24 hours expiration time. The normal rewards can be claimed all at once by tapping the “Claim all” button, but the rare ones must be collected individually by pressing their “Claim” button.

4. Trade

The trading feature also offers a great number of Personal Points. If you missed the section I described before, scroll up and you will see in that screenshot that my Personal Reward from a trade session includes 16,500 Personal Points among other amazing rewards. Pretty nice right? Keep trading each day and you will accumulate a great number of points over time.

5. Providing Assistance when constructing Territory Buildings

Once the leaders have started building Territory Buildings, you can send your legions to help speed up the building process. For every second that your legions are helping, you will receive 1 Personal Point, up to a maximum of 20,000 points.

Trading and Trading Posts

Alliance Trading Game of Empires
Alliance Trading and a preview of offered rewards

Once an Alliance Citadel and at least one Trading Post have been built, the Alliance Trade feature will become available for all members. You can then start trading and a caravan will be sent out from the Citadel, passing all Trading Posts, which will offer you rewards.

These rewards include mostly resources. Therefore the more Trading Posts a territory has, the more resources each member will receive once a trading session is complete.

You could also attack other players’ caravans and steal the resources they possess, and you have 10 daily attempts for this. However, this is not a recommended strategy as it will most likely cause a hostile reaction from the attacked player and you might find yourself in a war or have your trading caravans attacked in return.

Another advantage of this is that it offers two types of rewards, Personal rewards and Alliance rewards. Therefore, your Alliance will also be able to profit from the trading session.

To start Trading, visit the Alliance menu and hit the Trading button. On that page, tap the “Start Trading” button as you see in the above image, and your caravan will be sent out. It will then require a few hours (over 6h in my case) to complete the trading session.

Shrines (Stronghold)

The Shrines are special structures that can be captured once every 3 days. During the rivalry period, the Alliances whose territories include Shrines can launch an attack to start capturing them.

The first hero that manages to capture the Shrine, will take the lead of the troop in defending it from other competitors’ attacks. Those who succeed in capturing and holding the Shrine for at least 4 hours become the Shrine’s owner.

Alliance Shrines Stronghold
Our captured Alliance Shrines – Stronghold

Shrines come in various types and levels, each offering different buffs. The higher the level the better the buffs will be. For example, we have a level 4 Shrine of Conquest, which provides a +5% Rally Troop ATK increase and Building Construction Speed as well.

Other Shrines and their buffs include:

  • Shrine of Defense: offers Troop DEF and Treatment Speed buffs
  • Shrine of Aggression: provides Training Speed and Troop ATK buffs
  • Shrine of Wrath: offers Fishing Speed and Hero EXP buffs
  • Shrine of War: offers Training Speed buffs
  • Shrine of Collection: offers Resource Load and Resource Collection Speed buffs
  • Shrine of Wisdom: provides Tech Speed buffs
  • Shrine of Courage: offers Hero EXP buffs
  • Shrine of Speed: offers Troop Movement Speed buffs
  • Shrine of Civilization: offers Damage dealt to Barbarians buffs

Ancient Wonders

What I like a lot about this game, is that it not only has heroes based on iconic historical figures like Alexander the Great, Pompey, and Vlad Tepes (Dracula) but also has some magnificent buildings based on real-world gothic castles and other architectural wonders.

Game of Empires Bran Castle - Ancient Wonder
Bran Castle – Game of Empires Wonder

There are 9 Wonders available for construction in Game of Empires, and these are the Cologne Cathedral, Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Bran Castle, Notre Dame, Gyeongbok Palace, Colosseum, Himeji Castle, Tower of London, and Temple of Heaven.

Each Alliance can have multiple Wonders but only one structure can be built at a time. The construction of these magnificent buildings can only be started by Alliance leaders (R4 and R5), but all members can contribute by completing quests and earning points.

There are 2 building phases for each Wonder. The first phase is called Blueprint Planning, and members need to complete a series of quests to earn points that will automatically help in the building process. The quests mostly consist of collecting resources and using speed-ups.

Game of Empires Wonder Cologne Cathedral
Cologne Cathedral Wonder

There is also a good opportunity to earn additional rewards by completing these quests, as you will be able to open 5 progress chests, the fifth one offering the best rewards. You can then use these rewards to further upgrade your heroes. The progress of these chests is determined by the total amount of points earned by all members.

The second phase is called Wonder Building and it will start once the required number of points has been achieved. Once the Wonder is built, it will offer a bonus effect for all members as long as the Wonder remains in the Alliance’s Territory.

Alliance Gifts

Every time members purchase premium packs, or defeat Barbarian Camps, all members will receive claimable rewards, either having a Normal or Rare quality. The rare ones contain better rewards. These gifts include special items and Key Points that can be used to receive Crystal Treasure Chests, once you have accumulated the required number of Key Points.

Alliance Gift - Green Crystal Treasure Chest
Green Crystal Treasure Chest

The Crystal Treasure Chests, include amazing rewards. There are 3 types of Crystal Chests, White, Green, and Blue. The Blue Crystal Chest offers the best rewards among the 3, but in order to unlock it, the other 2 must be unlocked first. Unfortunately, this will require a lot of effort as the maximum number of points that each chest needs to be reached is 2,500,000.

Alliance Shop

Alliance Shop - Mythic tab in Game of Empires
Alliance Shop – Mythic tab

The Alliance Shop building is where you can buy items with Personal Points. The items you can find in the shop include Speed-ups, Epic or Legendary Proof items, Attack and Defense boost items, hero chests, and other special items.

The most valuable items that you can buy from the Alliance Shop are the 12h Protection, used for protecting your buildings in your territory from enemy attacks for 12 hours, and the resource items, provided they are well discounted.

The second tab on the Shop allows you to buy different items with Personal Points if you have plenty of it. You can buy speedups such as 15-minute, 60-minute, 3h, and 8h speedups.

A 60-minute Speedup costs 16,600 Personal Points, while an 8h item costs 104,000 points. You can as well buy War specific boots, such as a Basic ATK bonus or a Basic DEF bonus.

FAQs on Game of Empires Alliance

What does Alliance help do in Game of Empires?

An Alliance in Game of Empires helps players by providing a social and strategic way to interact with each other, join team battles and participate in events and other exclusive content, and be rewarded for their success.

What is the best way to get Alliance Personal Points?

The best way to get Alliance Personal Points in Game of Empires is by donating resources or gold to Tech Research on a daily basis.

How many R5 members an Alliance can have?

Alliances in Game of Empires can only have one R5 member. This is the leader, the one that created it.

How do you transfer leadership in Game of Empires?

As an Alliance leader, you can transfer leadership to another player by visiting the Alliance settings menu.

How can we increase the Alliance member limit?

The Alliance member limit in Game of Empires can be increased by researching the technologies Expansion 1 and 2 in the Development tab tree.

How many R4 rank members can Alliances have?

In Game of Empires, Alliances can have a maximum of 12 R4 rank members.

How many R3 members an Alliance can have?

Alliances in Game of Empires have no limit on how many R3, R2, or R1 can have, as long as the maximum total number of members is not reached.

Why I cannot invite new members to my Alliance?

You cannot invite new members because only R4 and R5 leaders have that power.

Can I join another Alliance right after leaving my current one?

Yes, as long as the one you're trying to join still has vacant slots for new members and does not require an application that needs to be approved by its leaders.

Should I join an Alliance in Game of Empires?

Yes, absolutely! Joining an alliance in Game of Empires is the best way to get the most out of your gaming experience.

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