How to Upgrade Heroes in Game of Empires Warring Realms

Learn all you need to know about heroes in Game of Empires, how to recruit and level up your heroes, unlock and upgrade their skills, and more.

Game of Empires hero guide skills badges leveling
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There is no secret formula to becoming a successful player of Game of Empires, but having powerful heroes leading your troops on the battlefield can make all the difference. To help you become a better player, we’ve put together this hero guide on recruiting and leveling your heroes, unlocking and upgrading their skills, and more.

How to Recruit Heroes in Game of Empires Warring Realms

As we mentioned in our Game of Empires Warring Realms guide, recruiting heroes regularly will highly increase your chances of success in battles. There are two main ways to recruit heroes in Game of Empires: either receiving the hero directly from premium packs or from Hero Chests (Silver or Golden), or by collecting 10 Hero Shards of the same hero.

The Hero Shards can also be used to upgrade the hero’s skills. However, they cannot be consumed in your bag as you would with other items or hero scrolls in other strategy games like King of Avalon or Rise of Castles: Ice and Fire. Instead, they will automatically enable the hero for you once you have 10 of them for the same hero.

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Once you have collected the required number of Shards, you can visit the Hero page by tapping the Hero button at the bottom of your screen.

On this page, you will notice a red dot on that hero’s avatar on the left-side list of heroes. This informs you that the hero has been recruited or that you have enough shards to upgrade his Skill Slot (more on this below).

Hero Badges vs Hero Shards

Exchanging Hero Mythic Badges for Legendary Hero Shards in Game of Empires

There is a huge confusion between Hero Badges and Shards (at least I was confused in the beginning). Both are called Badges but have different roles, which is why I feel that I need to explain this further.

Hero Shards (Specific Hero Badges)

Hero Shards or “specific hero badges”, the ones that have the hero’s avatar and the name on it as you see in the above image, are required for recruiting heroes. As I mentioned before, you need to collect 10 of these shards for the same hero in order to recruit it.

Hero Badges (Elite, Epic, and Mythic)

The Elite, Epic, and Mythic Hero Badges, on the other hand, can only be used on heroes that are already recruited. You can then exchange them for Hero Shards to upgrade the hero’s Skill Slot. For example, 10 Mythic Hero Badges can be exchanged for 10 Shards of Alexander the Great, or any other legendary hero you prefer, providing that is already recruited.

The Elite Hero Badges can only be exchanged for Elite hero Shards, Epic for Shards of Epic heroes, and the Mythic ones (again, another confusion as it should have been named Legendary instead of Mythic) for Shards of Legendary Heroes.

Ways to obtain Hero Shards and Badges

The Hero Shards and the Hero Badges can be obtained through the following methods:

Special Events

The Hero Scroll event with Barbarossa Hero Shards in Game of Empires
The Hero Scroll event with Barbarossa Hero Shards

Events such as the Hero Scroll event can be a great way to get some Hero Shards and Hero Badges. A good example of this is the Hero Scroll event where you can purchase with gold the Shards of the Legendary hero Frederick Barbarossa (I bought the one at 500 gold, which gave me 1 badge/shard of him, 1 Golden Hero Chests, and EXP Books).

Silver and Golden Hero Chests

The Silver and Hero Chests include offer a chance of receiving Heroes, Hero Badges, Shards, and other essential items for upgrading your best Game of Empires heroes. The Silver Hero Chests include only heroes and badges related to Epic and Rare heroes, whereas the Golden Hero Chests include items for Legendary and Epic heroes. Unfortunately, the drop chances are extremely low for both chests.

Golden Hero Chest's hero items drop rate
Golden Hero Chest’s hero items drop rate

Most legendary heroes included in the Golden Hero Chests have a drop rate of 0.02%, the only one having a slightly higher drop chance being the Charlemagne legendary hero, with a 0.04% drop probability. The Hero Shards also have a low drop chance at 0.087%.

The good news is that the Silver and Golden Hero Chests can be obtained from multiple different sources, such as the 5 progress chests from Daily Quests, where the second chest offers a Silver Hero Chest and the third progress chest includes a Golden Hero Chest.

Other methods of receiving these Hero Chests are the Growth quests, completing Achievements and event quests, as well as the daily rewards you get from the Shop’s trade caravan.

Once a day you will see a gift box on top of the Shop building and you’ll need to collect a few rewards every 5 minutes or so. Two of these rewards include a Silver Hero Chest and a Golden Hero Chest.

The VIP Daily Free and Exclusive Chests

The VIP Exclusive chest with 10 Hero Shards in Game of Empires
The VIP Exclusive chest with 10 Hero Shards of Temujin hero

The Hero Shards can also be obtained from the daily free VIP chest which includes Elite Hero Badges and a Silver Hero Chest up to VIP level 5. From VIP level 6 you will get Epic Hero Badges and 1 Silver Hero Chest up until level 8. At level VIP level 10 you will receive 1 Mythic Hero Badge and 1 Golden Hero Chest every day.

The rewards increase as you further increase your VIP level, but the maximum you can receive up until VIP level 20, is 2 Mythic Hero Badges and 2 Golden Hero Chests. Additionally, if you want to spend a few bucks, you could purchase the Exclusive Chest at a specific VIP level, or for every VIP level that you’ll unlock, if you think is worth it.

For example, I am at VIP level 3, and the Exclusive VIP chest includes 10 Badges of Temujin legendary hero, which means I could automatically recruit this hero if I would purchase the Exclusive Chest. And for that price at about $1.30, is definitely worth considering.

Purchasing premium packs

Hanzo's Practice - hero premium pack in Game of Empires
Hanzo’s Practice – hero premium pack

If you don’t have the patience to wait for the right hero or to earn hero shards and badges, you can always buy a premium hero pack. These packs are available in the shop and some are quite affordable.

For example, the Hanzo’s Practice premium pack includes the Hanzo legendary hero and a few other useful items for only $1.30. I personally prefer recruiting heroes through progressive gameplay, but if you’re tight on time and resources, this could be a great option for you.

How to Level up Heroes in Game of Empires Warring Realms

You can increase the level of your heroes in Game of Empires Warring Realms by using EXP Books or by defeating Barbarians.

The EXP book items can be collected from multiple activities in the game including quests, events, achievements, Alliance rewards, VIP chests, Silver Hero Chests, and Golden Hero Chests, defeating Barbarians and Barbarians Camps, and many other similar ways.

They exist in different types and levels, offering various amounts of EXP points for your heroes. The EXP Book Lv. 1 offers 100 XP points, which is the lowest amount of XP you can get. Lv. 7 books, on the other hand, offer 50,000 XP for your heroes, the highest amount offered by EXP Book items, but also the most difficult to obtain.

Using EXP Books to level up a hero
Using EXP Books to level up a hero

How to use the EXP Books

Once you have gathered several EXP Books, visit the hero page, select the hero you want to upgrade, and tap the plus icon as you see in the above screenshot.

This will take you to a page where you can select and use your EXP Books to increase the level of your hero. I would recommend saving your EXP Book items mostly for Legendary heroes as they are the strongest heroes in the game.

Hero Level Cap

Legendary Proff requirement for hero level 21
Legendary Proff requirement for hero level 21

The heroes in Game of Empires have a maximum level cap of level 60. But unfortunately, that’s not all. Using the methods I mentioned above to upgrade your heroes, is fine until your hero reaches level 10. After that, every 10 levels you will need a special item called Legendary Proof, and you will need lots of them because the requirement increases after every 10 levels.

For example, to pass the hero level 10 limit, you need 6 Legendary Proof items, and 15 of these items to pass the hero level 20 limit, and so on. The Legendary Proof items can be acquired from completing event quests but can also be bought with Personal Points from the Alliance Shop, which costs 128,000 points.

Two heroes in the same troop
Two heroes in the same troop, a Chief and a Deputy

That being said, I highly recommend upgrading at least one Legendary hero to level 20 because it will allow you to use a second hero in your troop as a deputy. The good thing about using two heroes in the same troop is that both heroes will receive the same amount of EXP after winning a battle.

The deputy’s level and skills will also have a great impact on the outcome of a battle, so upgrading your deputy is definitely worth it as well.

Hero Skills and Skills Slots

The Hero’s Skills play a crucial role in each battle and can make all the difference between winning or losing. Each hero can have up to 4 Skills unlocked and with each unlocked skill your hero will become more powerful on the battlefield.

The primary skill of each hero gets automatically unlocked once the hero is recruited. The second skill can be unlocked when the hero reaches level 11, the third skill at level 21, and the fourth skill at level 31.

The hero’s skills can also be upgraded up to level 5, after which the hero can be awakened, to further improve the skills. To increase the level of a Skill, you will need either Shards directly, or Epic or Mythic Hero Badges, depending on the rarity of your hero (Epic or Legendary), and exchange them for Shards. Each skill level requires 10 Shards.

How to Exchange hero badges for Shards and increase the Skill level
How to level up a Hero Skill

To upgrade a skill, visit the Hero page, select the hero for which you want to upgrade the skills, and click the yellow button that says “Skill Slot Upgrade”. Next, you can use directly the accumulated Shards or you can exchange your Hero Badges for Shards by clicking the little refresh button as you see in the above image.

On the next window, you can convert your Epoc or Mythic Badges for Shards, for an equal rate. For example, 5 Mythic Hero Badges, will be exchanged for 5 Shards of your chosen hero. Once you have 10 Shards, hit the “Upgrade” button, and the level of that skill will be increased.

Hero Potential

The Potential tab includes additional buffs that can be unlocked after meeting specific criteria. The buffs are game-changing and can be used to further increase the power of the type of units that each hero excels at. That’s why is essential to choose the right units for your heroes.

Besides the military buff (the first one), each hero also has a secondary buff such as increased Hero EXP, increased resource collection speed, Tech research speed, and so on. For instance, the hero I’ve upgraded lately, Alexander the Great, has two abilities/buffs, Infantry ATK, and Tech Speed. Since I’ve leveled him up to level 20, the first buff has been activated, and that is a 2% Infantry ATK increase.

Alexander the Great, hero Potential Buffs

Therefore, these buffs have various levels and depend directly on the level of your hero, as well as the number of unlocked skills. The first ability/buff, the one that is related to the type of units he can lead, has 5 Levels.

The first level becomes available once the hero reaches level 15, the second one at level 25, the third one at level 35, the fourth one at level 45, and the last one when the hero hits level 55.

The second ability/buff (the ones related mostly to productivity), however, is even more difficult to fully benefit from, as it’s related to the total number of skill upgrades for all 4 Hero Skills. The first buff becomes active after unlocking all 4 skills of a hero.

The second tier of buff, after having upgraded a total of 8 times the hero’s skills. The third one after 12 hero skill upgrades, the fourth one after 16, and the last one, with the highest percentage (25% Tech Speed increase for Alexander the Great) after having upgraded all 4 Skills to level 5.

Final Words

This concludes our hero guide for Game of Empires Warring Realms. Make sure you constantly upgrade your hero’s skills to unlock all his special abilities and Potential buffs to maximize the performance of your army. With that, you’ll be able to conquer your enemies with ease. Good luck on the battlefield!

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