7 Proven Methods to Get Silver in Kingdom Maker

As silver is used for almost everything in Kingdom Maker, it’s important to know how to get a hold of this precious resource.

Kingdom Maker How to get silver
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Silver is the most important currency in the Kingdom Maker mobile game as it’s required to do most of the main tasks. This includes building upgrades, researching new technologies, crafting and upgrading equipment, upgrading your nobles’ talents or unlocking new tiers of your nobles, training troops, or sending tributes to other players, all of which cost silver. In this article, we’ll be discussing some of the best ways to get silver in Kingdom Maker.

1. Build and upgrade Housing

Housing (or I should say the houses) is the main source of Silver in Kingdom Maker. By default, you start with a few level 1 Housing that each produces 2 Silver per hour.

That’s not much, but it quickly adds up as you build and upgrade more Housing. To upgrade a Housing, simply select it and choose the “Upgrade” option.

Upgrading a house will not only increase the amount of Silver it produces, but it will also increase its Silver storage and Population growth. You can as well increase the production of all houses by assigning nobles to the Treasury Room, which I will explain in more detail below.

2. Complete event tasks

The Events are the best way to get Silver in Kingdom Maker. There are usually more than 5 events running at any given time, each with its own set of tasks that you can complete in order to earn rewards Silver, Champion Tokens, speed-ups, resources, gold, and many other essential items.

These rewards are represented by certain milestones that you need to reach in order to claim them, where each milestone requires a certain amount of points.

The milestone points are earned by completing the tasks listed under the “How to score points” section, with each task giving a different number of points depending on its difficulty.

What’s even better is that the resource icons you see for each milestone are not the only reward you will get. You will also receive a nice amount of Silver for most of the milestones, resources, and other special items. You can preview these rewards by clicking the milestone.

3. Assign nobles to the Treasury

Some rooms in your keep can be used to receive all kinds of useful bonuses. In this case, the Treasury room in your Keep can be used to boost the silver production from Housing.

You can unlock this room after reaching level 8 with your Keep, and after that, you can assign up to 2 nobles to work in this room. Each noble assigned to the Treasury will increase the amount of silver produced by Housing by a certain percentage.

This percentage is based on the noble’s quality, with better quality providing a greater boost. In my case, as you see in these screenshots, I have 2 nobles assigned to the Treasury:

The first one has Normal quality and level 20 and offers me a 2% bonus. The second one has Impressive quality and level 10, which gives me a 3% Silver production bonus. Therefore, the noble’s level doesn’t seem to make much of a difference, it’s the quality that counts.

You can also ask a member of your alliance to visit your keep and assign one of his nobles to help you out in the Treasury, which will also boost your silver production from Housing.

4. Attack Marauder and Ravager camps

Attacking Marauder and Ravager camps is another way to get Silver in Kingdom Maker. These camps appear randomly on the map, and they have different levels depending on the county you are located on the state map.

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The higher the level of the camp, the more Silver you will receive after each successful attack. The good thing about these camps is that they also give you a chance to get other valuable resources besides Silver, and attacking them will only consume a small amount of Food.

5. Do Quests and Daily Goals

Doing Quests and Daily Goals is another great way to get Silver in Kingdom Maker. You can find the list of available quests by clicking on the “Objectives” icon at the bottom-left corner of the screen.

On this page, you will see 2 tabs, Quests, and Daily Goals. Each of these tabs contains a list of tasks that you can complete to earn Silver, resources, and other essential items.

The Quests section includes the main tasks of the game and sometimes the Silver rewards can be pretty impressive, but you will also have to spend some Silver completing them.

The Daily Goals, on the other hand, are much easier to complete and offer better rewards. Each day you will have 5 chests to open by completing different tasks, similar to milestones from events.

You can get Silver from both, the completed tasks and the chests themselves. Additionally, you can also get a nice amount of Silver from the big chest visible at the bottom of the Daily Goals page. But to open this chest, you’ll need to open all 5 chests I mentioned before 7 days in a row.

6. Send nobles to Trading Posts

If you have more than enough Food, Wood, or Stone, you can send some of your nobles to Trading Posts to trade these resources for Silver.

The amount of silver you get from trading will depend on your nobles’ Roles and their quality. The best Role for trading is the Merchant, and the better the Quality the better, and more traits your noble will have.

7. Attack other players

That’s the last thing I recommend you do to get Silver in Kingdom Maker. The amount of Silver you get from attacking other players can be quite impressive.

By clicking another player’s castle, you can see a preview of the potential loot. However, the items and the number of items in the preview can be different from what you actually get after the attack.

You should also be aware that when attacking another player, your army will suffer losses and you will have to spend some Food to heal your troops or Silver train new ones.

At the same time, it’s also a risky thing to do as you can start a war between alliances. But if you can manage to find an easy target and you don’t mind the risks, then go for it.


It’s a wrap! The most important thing is to be active and to keep completing tasks from both, the Events page and the Objectives page. Do these tasks consistently and you will have no problem getting the Silver you need.

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