Beast Lord: The New Land Tips for New Players

These Beast Lord: The New Land tips and tricks will help you get started like a pro and become the king of the jungle in this safari-inspired game.

Beast Lord: The New Land Tips and Tricks
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The world of Beast Lord is teeming with exotic and wild animals. As a new player, you will have the thrilling experience of building your own kingdom and armies of alphas to protect and expand it.

You will use your tactical skills to hunt, gather resources, and defend against enemy forces. However, for beginners, this fascinating world can be a bit overwhelming, and for some might be difficult to focus on the things that matter most.

This guide includes essential Beast Lord: The New Land tips and tricks to help you speed up your progress and avoid any unexpected surprises.

Beast Lord: The New Land Tips and Tricks

1. Make your profile stand out from the crowd

By default, the game assigns generic random names to new players, which is not ideal. It’s a good idea to change your nickname to something more unique and memorable, as it will be easier for other players to remember you.

Plus, most alliances do not accept or kick out players with generic names, so it’s better to choose something suitable for you. You can even go further and pick a different avatar and write a short motto to make your game profile more personal.

In addition, you can choose to wear up to 3 achievement medals on your profile to show off your successes in the game, and the good thing about them is that they are also shown above the chat dialog.

The medals have different qualities and are awarded for completing various achievement tasks. So go ahead and show off your accomplishments!

2. Create your own territory layout

If there is one feature I would like to see improved, is the Territory Layout. I love this game’s setting with all its vivid graphics, but there is so much going on inside the territory that makes it quite hard to find buildings.

We have an entire jungle inside while the “buildings” are basically giant roots or prehistoric huts which makes it even harder to find what you’re looking for.

Although the game allows us to unlock more layouts, the feature is not that user-friendly because we cannot rearrange the buildings as we do in other games like Rise of Kingdoms or Call of Dragons.

Luckily, you can rearrange buildings individually and we highly recommend doing so as it will earn you a lot of time that you would otherwise spend looking for a particular building.

The ones we recommend moving first are the unit training buildings Omnivore, Carnivore, and Herbivore Lairs. Move them next to each other so you can train your troops much faster. To move a building, tap and hold it and then drag it to a different location and press “Confirm”.

3. Build an unbeatable squad of alphas

Your alphas are the leaders of your troop formations and they are incredibly important in Beast Lord. As you progress through the game, you will unlock new alpha characters with different skills and abilities which will probably make you spread yourself too thin.

That’s why it is important to choose the alphas that will best suit your playstyle and try to maximize one or two orange ones first. For that, you can use our Beast Lord: The New Land tier list as we ranked all the alphas according to their strength and usefulness in combat.

There are several other elements that can help you gain power, but having a squad of constantly upgraded orange alphas and high-tier units is the most crucial one. So keep training units, unlock new tiers and promote the existing ones to strengthen your army.

4. Maximize your resource production

Researching new technologies under the Rapid Production tree

A steady flow of resources is essential for building and upgrading your units. There are multiple ways to increase the resource production.

Among the most important ones are upgrading your resource production building, and researching new technologies in the Rapid Production and Territory Development tech trees of the Evolution Fungi building.

We highly recommend prioritizing these two branches over military ones if you want to build a strong economy to support your future upgrades. In addition, you can use Gathering Bonuses to increase the resource gathering speed.

5. Become an alliance member

This game, although it’s quite enjoyable as a solo player, it truly shines when you join a strong alliance. Many experienced players will be willing to give you tips and tricks on how to improve your game and answer any questions you may have.

Furthermore, joining an alliance will give you access to valuable rewards such as reinforcements and help with decreasing the upgrade durations.

Plus, the alliance evolution can offer additional military and productivity buffs for all of its members. So, make sure you join an active alliance if you want to progress quickly in the game.

6. Keep an eye on the Colony Population level

Colony Population level is a very important aspect of Beast Lord since it affects Honey production. Once this level drops below the recommended level, your Honey production will decrease. You will need Honey for the majority of building upgrades, so it would be wise to keep it at its maximum efficiency.

You can increase the Colony Population level by upgrading Beehives, building Cub Habitats (you can build up to 8), and refilling the Feeding Ground with Grass and Fruits.

7. Protect your territory and resources properly

Having a prosperous and ever-growing territory is one of the most important aspects of gameplay in Beast Lord. But if you are not careful, other players can easily raid your territory and steal your resources. The safest way to protect your territory from enemy attacks is by using a Peace Shield, but unfortunately, they are not that affordable.

A 24-hour item costs 1,000 Diamonds while a 3-day peace shield item 2,500. Luckily, there are a few other efficient ways to defend your territory such as keeping your resources below the Protection level, which is displayed under each resource window at the top. This does not include the resource tokens earned from missions and tasks.

8. Collect the freebies and event rewards

Some players might say that this is a pay-to-win game, but which mobile game isn’t? The good thing is that the developers offer a lot of freebies for players who are willing to put in time and effort.

A good example of this is the Gift of Nature event displayed under the Benefits page which lasts for 7 days and offers amazing rewards Supreme Baits (you can use them to summon orange alphas), resources, speed-ups, and much more. To get these you must complete a series of tasks which are fairly easy.

Other quick freebies include the ones sent in your inbox, the Diamonds for linking your game account to Google, and the 7-day sign-in reward which includes Lion, the strongest orange alpha in the game.

9. Spend your Diamonds wisely

Diamonds are the most valuable currency in the game because it has so many uses such as buying Speed-ups, Peace Shields, and finishing upgrades or troop training instantly. Therefore, it would be wise to spend Diamonds only on items that are really worth it.

One of the best ways to spend Diamonds is by upgrading your VIP level, which can be seen below your avatar. This system offers more bonuses as you progress, such as higher resource gathering speed, increased alpha stats, better march speed, and healing, and a generous daily chest.

To increase your VIP level, press the little “+” icons as you see in the above screenshot, and pick the number of points you want to buy with Diamonds.

Beast Lord: The New Land Tips and Tricks
  • Release Date: Jul 7, 2023
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