Beast Lord: The New Land Beginner’s Guide

This Beast Lord: The New Land guide covers all the basics and provides strategies to help new players understand the game.

Beast Lord: The New Land Guide for Beginners

Beast Lord: The New Land is a strategy mobile game that takes you on an epic journey to a new land full of fearsome wild beasts and lurking dangers. This game offers a lot of interesting features and vivid graphics, a real treat for strategy fans.

In this guide, we’ll give you an overview of the game’s features, mechanics, and some basic strategies to help you get started. Also, make sure you check our Beast Lord tips and tricks as well for more advanced strategies.

Beast Lord: The New Land Guide for Beginners

Beast Lord Gameplay Overview

Beast Lord is one of the fewest mobile games with a safari-like theme. There are no knights or soldiers as you would normally find in most strategy games; instead, you summon wild animals such as lions, cougars, black panthers, snow leopards, white rhinos, and many others, and use them to build a strong army and secure your territory.

You can assign your animal formations to tasks such as hunting, gathering resources, or defending against enemy forces. If you are a fan of The Lion King or The Jungle Book, you will love this part of the game.

Lord info and settings adjustment

Lord info is one of the first features of the game you should visit after starting the game. This page allows you to customize your game profile by picking a new avatar or uploading your own image, changing your nickname, and even showcasing up to 3 Achievement Medals.

On the same page, you can also press the Settings button, which will take you to the Settings page of the game. There you can change the language (there are 13 languages), and bind your account to Google or other methods.

You can also create new characters or visit the “Options” section which includes all the necessary adjustments to improve your gaming experience.

Economy, resources, and inventory

Having an efficient economy is essential in any strategy game, and Beast Lord: The New Land is no exception. Resources are the lifeblood of your army, and without them, your progress will be severely delayed.

Resources in the inventory Beast Lord: The New Land

There are 7 vital resources in the game: Fruit, Grass, Leaf, Water, Wet Soil, Sand, and Honey. All of these are essential to maintaining and improving your army and developing your territory.

  • Water: can be obtained and produced by Pond, Spring, and Everlasting Spring structures, and stored in Water Reservoirs.
  • Fruit: can be obtained from Orchard buildings, gathering Fruit Bush on the map, attacking Wild Creatures and other players, receiving from allies, and using Fruit items/tokens.
  • Grass: can be obtained by building Meadow buildings and using Grass tokens, and it is stored in Grass Depot
  • Leaf: you can get it from Bush buildings, gathering Broadleaf Tree, attacking Wild Creatures and other players, and using Leaf items.
  • Wet Soil: obtained from Wet Soil Piles and can be gathered from Wet Soil resource tiles on the map
  • Sand: can be produced by Sand Piles and gathered from Sand resource tiles
  • Honey: can be obtained by keeping Beehives, attacking Killer Bees, plundering other players, and using Honey items

The resources produced by the mentioned buildings are directly deposited into your Depot and you have a maximum number of resources that can be stored, depending on the Depot’s level.

To make sure the excess obtained from gathering or produced by the resource production buildings inside your territory is not wasted, you should constantly level up the Depots and build new ones as well.

Furthermore, resources obtained in the form of tokens/items from missions and event tasks, are directly stored inside your inventory. These items have no limit on how many you can have inside your inventory/bag and cannot be plundered. However, it would be wise to use them only when necessary.

Choosing a class

Classes in Beast Lord: The New Land

If you are familiar with strategy games such as Primitive Era 10,000 BC, you will know how important classes are in defining the type of gameplay you prefer.

In Beast Lord: The New Land, you can choose from three classes once you reach level 7: Collector, Invader, and Developer.

For new players, it would be wise to choose the Collector class because it offers the most productive approach. Here are the pros and cons of each class:

The Collector Class

The collector class can significantly improve your resource production. This also comes with an exclusive building called Collector Camp, which can be used to instantly receive a large amount of resources.

  • Gathering speed +50%
  • Better resource protection from PvP attacks
  • When gathering, beasts load is increased by +100%
  • Beasts attack and defense when invading -30%
  • March speed -30%

The Invader Class

As the name implies, this class is the best choice for those who want to increase their power while attacking other players. This class’ exclusive building is the Invader Camp, which unlocks an extra march troop with increased attack and defense during PvP battles.

  • Troop load when invading +150%
  • Converts 40% of fallen units into injured when attacking
  • Healing speed +100%
  • Resource production -30%
  • Troop load when gathering -50%

The Developer Class

This class is best for trading resources with other players and developing your territory. Its exclusive building is called Developer Camp which you can use it to provide resources to your allies and purchase various items with Honey.

  • Honey production +50%
  • Beast food cost -30%
  • The item price in Squirrel Habitat is decreased by 5%
  • During defense/reinforcement, beast defense +30% and HP +10%
  • When attacked by others, resources plundered +50%
  • Healing speed -50%

Buildings and Territory

As you complete more chapters and advance further in the game, you will have access to a variety of buildings that can be used for various purposes. Among these, Lord is your most important building and the one responsible for increasing your territory level.

If you tap the Lord building, you will see several options such as Class, where you can change your main class as mentioned above. You also have Territory Buff, which gives you access to all possible buffs that you can activate for your territory.

But before constructing new buildings, you will have to unlock new areas within your territory. All you have to do is to tap the locket and several green and yellow leaves will appear.

The green leaves will reward you with resources and other consumables, while the yellow leaves (see the above image) are the ones that unlock new buildings. To construct a building, visit the build menu on the bottom-right corner.

Summoning and upgrading beasts

Alphas are basically your heroes as you might be familiar with from other similar strategy games. They are the most important asset of your army, and to increase your chances of winning battles you must constantly summon new ones and upgrade them.

You can get new alphas once you reach Lord level 4 and build the Alpha Nest building. They can also be obtained from participating in events and exchanging alpha fragments.

There are 4 types of Alpha rarities: Orange (Legendary), Purple (Epic), Blue (Rare), and Green (Normal), with the Orange rarity offering the strongest alphas in the game.

To summon alphas you need various Bait items, the Supreme Baits being the most valuable and most difficult to obtain.

There are also 2 types of alphas that you need to pay attention to – Combat and Develop. As the names suggest, combat alphas can be used for defending and attacking enemy bases and other neutral enemy units on the map.

Develop alphas, on the other hand, can be stationed in the Alpha Habitat building based on their skills and offer bonuses related to resource production, military or territory development.

Troop formations and combat

The combat system in Beast Lord is typical of most strategy games like Rise of Kingdoms, Nations of Darkness, and so on.

As you visit the world map, you will notice other territories of other players but also various wild beasts like Adders, Caracals, Killer Bees, and Herds, in different levels of difficulty.

Attacking them will not only reward you handsomely but also offer you Alpha EXP, which increases your alphas’ levels.

But for that, you need to build powerful troop formations. Each formation has 3 alpha and unit slots, but only the first one will be available to you in the early stages.

To unlock new ones, you need to research their corresponding techs in the Evolution building, under March Troop branches.

Once you have dragged your best Beast Lord alphas and the units with the highest tier, you can press the “March” button in the bottom-right corner of your screen and your army will be sent off for battle.

You can also use speed-ups after researching the “March Speedup” tech to reduce the march time if your target is too far from your territory.

Tasks, quests, and events

The most efficient way to progress in the game is to complete tasks and quests. These can grant you a variety of rewards, such as resources, XP, Alpha tokens, or Bait items.

The most important quests and the ones you should be focusing on first in the beginning, are the Chapter quests. These series of missions will take you through the story of Beast Lord: The New Land and offer considerable rewards for completing them, while also unlocking new content and features.

Similarly, you have Daily and Main Tasks, which also offer plenty of resources to get you started. Main tasks offer rewards per completed mission, while Daily tasks provide you with activity points that can be used to unlock the 8 shells at the top of the page.

Although the first shell may not offer anything impressive, as you progress further you can obtain rare items and more resources, the last shell being the most rewarding.

Events are also worth keeping an eye on as they offer exclusive rewards that cannot be obtained through regular play. There are several events running in the game at any given time, such as the Colony Action, Natural Selection, or the Strongest Warzone.

However, for new players, the Beast Lord: Complete Walkthrough event is the quickest and easiest way to get a decent amount of speedups and primary resources.

Final thoughts

Beast Lord: The New Land is the perfect game for anyone looking for a real-time strategy game with an interesting safari theme. This beginner’s guide to Beast Lord: The New Land should help you get started and make the most out of this exciting game.

Be consistent with your tasks and you will soon be able to develop your territory and build an unstoppable army capable of defending against enemy forces. Good luck!

Beast Lord: The New Land Guide FAQ

How to change class in Beast Lord: The New Land?

To change your class in Beast Lord: The New Land, you need a Class Change item, and you get one every 3 days. Once you have that, press your Lord building, select the Class option, and pick a different class.

How to increase depot size?

You can increase the depot size by building new Depots and levelling up the existing ones for all resource types.

How to recover stamina fast?

The fastest way to recover stamina in Beast Lord is by researching the Beast Rest tech in the Evolution building.

How can I transfer my account to another server?

You can transfer your account to another server by using a Newbie Relocation item via the buff menu. But keep in mind that your territory must be equal or lower than level 5 and your game account no older than 3 days.

Beast Lord: The New Land Guide for Beginners
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