Call of Dragons: How to Protect Your City & Resources

Learn how to protect your City and your hard-earned resources in Call of Dragons, to stand up against unexpected enemy attacks!

Call of Dragons how to protect City and resources
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Call of Dragons offers an exciting and thrilling experience, combining strategy with real-time PvP combat. And with that in mind, the majority of players will be faced with the challenge of defending their City and resources against powerful enemies. This guide will teach you the most effective ways to protect your City and your resources in Call of Dragons, so you can be better prepared for unexpected enemy attacks.

1. Upgrade your Watch Tower

Upgrading the Watch Tower to level 7 in Call of Dragons
Watch Tower level 7 requirements

Similarly to the City Wall, the Wach Tower is also important to protect your City and resources. The Watch Tower can provide extra protection against enemy attacks, as it will reduce the damage taken by the garrisoned units. The damage absorption, however, depends on its status. The more damage it takes, the lower its attack power and damage absorption will be.

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The Watch Tower cannot be built like any other buildings found in the building menu. They are already built on top of the Wall surrounding the City. There are several Watch Towers in your City, but the good news is that you can upgrade any of them and all other towers will benefit from the upgrade.

Increasing the Watch Tower’s level will increase its damage absorption, attack power, and durability. For this, you need resources and multiple special items called Sentinel Arrows.

2. Level up your City’s Wall

Upgrading the City Wall
Upgrading the City Wall to level 11

Your City’s wall is a powerful defense against any enemy attacks and has a durability score that will vary depending on the level of your wall. The durability represents the amount of damage your wall can take before being destroyed and your City teleported randomly on the map.

Not improving your Wall, is one of the most critical mistakes to avoid in Call of Dragons. To increase your City’s wall durability, you must upgrade it by using Resources or Gems. Doing so will also increase your City’s overall power. Walls have a Max Durability of 15,000 at level 1 and go up to 40,000 at level 25.

3. Join a powerful Alliance

Powerful Alliance requirements in Call of Dragons
The Power Requirement for a top ranking Alliance

An Alliance plays a major role in your game progression, and joining one is one of the most important steps you should take to protect your City and resources. Alliances are groups of players that can come together and work together to protect their Cities. Alliances can provide support, resources, and safety in numbers. The higher the power of the Alliance, the better your chances of protection and success are.

The only downside to joining a powerful Alliance is that most of them accept only members that have already a certain power level (in general, above 100,000). You may also have to make sacrifices to maintain your alliance rank in Call of Dragons. But the benefits far outweigh these downsides.

4. Garrison the right heroes

Call of Dragons garrisoned heroes
Garrison Groups of heroes and slots

Having any heroes garrisoned is much better than not having any heroes at all, as it will highly increase your City’s defense and hopefully defeat the attackers. But having the right heroes garrisoned is even better because these heroes have a higher survivability rate.

The best heroes for protecting your City are those that have the Garrison and/or Tank talents. A good example is Garwood, which is the only hero that has both, Garrison and Tank talents. Those that have only the Tank talent, are also a good choice.

Additionally, you should constantly upgrade and level up your heroes to increase their damage output and survivability. The same goes for the City Wall, as I mentioned before, because you will unlock more Garrison Groups, and it will allow you to garrison more heroes. The second slot of 2 heroes can be unlocked at Wall level 10, followed by the third slot at level 15, the fourth one at level 20, and the fifth Garrison Group slot at Wall level 25.

5. Upgrade your Storehouse

Upgrading the Storehouse to level 10, and a preview of the Base Storage Rate
Base Storage Rate

This is the most important thing you can do to protect your resources from being plundered by other enemy players. Each time your City is attacked, the enemies can loot resources from you, but the amount they can steal will depend on your Storehouse level and its Base Storage Rate. This rate starts at 500,000 at Storehouse level 1 but can be increased up to 2,000,000 at level 25.

You can check the amount of protected and unprotected resources by tapping the Storehouse buildings and after that, pressing the third button with the shield icon. To upgrade this building, besides the number of primary resources for lower levels, you will also need Mana at levels 10 and up.

6. Research Defense Techs

Researching Defense Techs
Researching the Marksman Protection 1 to level 5

Besides upgrading and promoting your troops to higher tiers, you can also research some techs that will improve your troops’ defense stats, such as the Infantry, Cavalry, Marksman, and Magic Protection 1 ( up to level 5) and 2 (up to level 10), as well as Melee and Ranged Protection, both up to level 10. This can be done in the Research building, the Military Tech tree. Doing so will highly increase your legion’s survivability and overall battle performance while facing powerful opponents.

7. Pick a handy Deputy

The deputy is the second hero for your legions and the right hand of your Commander, the main hero. Picking any hero as a Deputy is fine, but for having the right balance of attack and defense in your legions, it is better to pick a Deputy with complementary Skills (his talents and artifact won’t count).

For example, if you have a Commander that excels at PvP and is capable of dealing massive damage, like those having the Precision and Skills talents, you might wanna pick a deputy with high Defense stats such as those having the Tank and Support talents. This will increase your heroes’ and troops’ survivability in battle.

8. Equip a powerful Artifact

Artifact for boosting defense and garrisoned units
Breath of the Forest Artifact stats

While some Artifacts can give you certain advantages in dealing great damage in PvP and PvE combats, there are also a few of them that will help you reinforce your City’s defense. This will not directly impact that, but having garrisoned heroes equipped with the right Artifacts, can make a huge difference in battle while defending your City.

A good example of an Artifact for increasing the Defense is Breath of the Forest, which increases the Garrison Army Attack by 6%, and Legion Defense by 2%. These are the basic stats, but they can be further improved by leveling up and upgrading the Artifact, which requires certain materials and some luck.

9. Upgrade the healing buildings

Upgrading healing buildings in Call of Dragons

The Healing buildings, known as the Herbalist Huts (Elven race), Hospitals (Human race), and Shaman Huts (Orc race) are a great way of improving the survivability of your troops. Unlike in other medieval mobile games I tried, in Call of Dragons, there is no limit on how many wounded units can be sent to these buildings.

Instead, they have different healing rates depending on the combat types. For instance, while fighting outside the City, all severed units will be sent to the healing buildings. On the other hand, if your City gets attacked, 10% of your severely wounded units 50% of the attacker’s severely wounded units, will die.

These buildings offer free daily healing and have a daily resource healing limit as well. These limits can be increased by leveling up the buildings and this is highly recommended if you want to have your troops ready before enemy attacks.

10. Be aware of the War Frenzy’s cooldown

Each time you launch an attack, scout, or Rally attack other players, your City goes into a state called War Frenzy. This state increases your legion’s attack, but you won’t be able to activate a City Shield for a certain period. This period is directly related to your City’s level, starting at 60s for City levels 10-12 and going up to 15m for level 25. Therefore, is important to keep that in mind if you decide to participate in a PvP combat, and risk being attacked back by stronger enemies.

11. Use a City Shield

Using a City Shield in Call of Dragons

City Shields are the only thing that can fully protect your City and Resources while you are away. They come with a price but it is worth it, as they will protect your base against any enemy attacks for a certain period. They can be purchased from the Goblin Market if you are lucky, or from the Store with Gems. An 8-h City Shield costs 500 Gems, 24h 1,000, 3 days 2,500 gems, or you can go for the super-expensive one, 30 days at 45,000 Gems.

12. Upgrade & Promote your units

Promoting infantry units to tier 2
Promoting my Tier 1 Infantry units to Tier 2

The stronger units you have in your legions, the better chance you will have of surviving enemy attacks. In Call of Dragons, there are two main ways to increase your army’s power: the first is by upgrading the unit’s tier, which will allow you to train stronger troops. This can only be done by researching the corresponding Military Techs.

The second way is to promote your existing units to higher tiers. For example, let’s say you have 5,000 Tier 1 Cavalry units, but you have managed to unlock the second tier. Instead of keep training new units, you should first promote all you have to the next tier, which will save you resources and time.

To promote your units, tap any unit building and press the lower-tier ones, which will have a green arrow pointing upwards (see the above example). Next, in front of the unit’s name, there’s a small blue arrow. Tap that, and it will open the promotion page. Drag the slider bar to the left or right to choose how many units you want to promote, and hit “Promote”.

13. Use Enhanced Defense boosts

How to use Enhanced Defense boosts

Enhanced Boosts items are the only way you can instantly increase your legion’s Defense by a certain percentage, for a certain time. They cost Gems and are not quite cheap, but they are definitely worth it in case of an emergency. If there’s an enemy attack coming your way, activating an Enhanced Defense Boost can be the difference between victory and defeat.

Enhanced Defense Boosts can be obtained from the Store, and they exist in 3 different models. The first one lasts 12h, has a 5% Defense bonus, and costs 250 Gems. The second one is 24h, it has also a 5% Defense bonus and costs 400 Gems. The third one lasts as well 24h but offers a 10% Defense boost, and it will cost you 1,500 Gems.

14. Increase your Honorary Membership level

Honorary Membership Defense and HP Buffs

As I mentioned many times in the previous guides, Honorary Membership offers numerous advantages. Among them, are also 3 useful buffs that will increase your legion’s Defense, HP, and Healing speed. But for this, you need to increase your Honorary Membership level.

The first buff that can be activated, is the 5% Legion DEF and requires Honorary Membership level 12. The second one is a 5% Legion HP at level 13, and at level 15 (the highest level so far) you will also get a 10% Heal Speed. Therefore, if you want to survive enemy attacks and win them more effectively, it is a good idea to increase your Honorary Membership level.


This guide gave you the most important tips and tricks on how to protect your City and survive enemy attacks in Call of Dragons. It is important to remember that the only way to fully protect your City is by purchasing a City Shield, and you should make sure you have at least one in your bag, or the required Gems to buy one in case of an emergency. Follow these steps, and you will make sure your City and your resources are protected. Good luck!

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