Fortress Saga: A Complete Guide with Tips for New Players

Discover the secrets of Fortress Saga and build your ultimate mobile fortress with our comprehensive guide with essential tips for staring players.

Fortress Saga guide, tips and tricks
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Fortress Saga is an AFK idle RPG mobile game that takes you on a thrilling adventure with Cor and Louis, the two heroes who have the power of life within them. In this game, you get to customize a mobile fortress and explore dungeons in a vast fantasy world.

From strengthening your heroes and the fortress to collecting unique characters for an awesome playstyle, this game has it all! In this guide, we will share a few essential tips and tricks to help beginners get the most out of their experience while playing this game.

9. Start by customizing and linking your account

Customizing the game account in Fortress Saga: AFK RPG

Some of the most important things you need to do first when starting the game are customizing your profile and linking your game account.

To customize your profile, tap your profile picture in the top-left corner, and in the pop-up window, tap it again. Next, select any available picture from the gallery. The ones that are displayed in a black-and-white color scheme are blocked, but they become available as you summon those specific heroes.

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Next, you can proceed to link your game account to Google or any other option you may like. Linking your game account will allow you to play the game across multiple devices, access the same progress, and even get access to exclusive rewards!

To link your account, tap the “Menu” icon in the top-right corner and press “Settings”. Scroll down until you see the “Link Account” section, and press Google, Apple, or Facebook (as always, we recommend Google). Follow the steps, and once it’s done, you will see the text “Linked” under the option you’ve chosen, which informs you that the process was successful.

8. Understanding the gameplay basics of Fortress Saga

At its core, Fortress Saga is an idle RPG game, which means the battles are almost entirely automated. I say “almost” because you still have to constantly upgrade your Fortress, assign stronger heroes to it, and even decide when to challenge bosses.

You can also set the skills to be automatically triggered, which I highly recommend for players just starting this game. Both, the fortress and heroes can be upgraded to gain more power, allowing you to progress further in the game, and unlock new features and gameplay modes. Here are some of the unlockables and their requirements:

  • Fortress Skins – Requires clearing Stage 3-3
  • Repair Cat – Stage 2-10
  • Merfolk’s Ambush Dungeon – Stage 2-11
  • Constellation Upgrade – Requires clearing Stage 5-10

7. Managing resources and currencies in Fortress Saga

The main game loop revolves around collecting resources and currencies while exploring dungeons and completing missions and event tasks. Resources and currencies are used to upgrade the fortress and heroes, as well as purchase new items in the store.

Resources Inventory in Fortress Saga

While the 3 most important ones, gold, loot, and gems are displayed at the top of the screen, the rest of them can be found in the Inventor. The fastest way to access your inventory is to tap any of the 3 currencies displayed at the top. Here are the primary resources and currencies used in Fortress Saga:

  • Gold – The most common currency, used for basic stats. You can gain gold by defeating monsters in stages and completing event tasks, and quests
  • Gems – This is the most precious currency in Fortress Saga. It has various uses, the most important one being summoning heroes, cannons, and other essential items in the game
  • Summoning Tickets – Special tickets that are used in addition to gems to summon heroes, cannons, or repair cats. Can be acquired from various in-game rewards and by exchanging loot
  • Butter, Flour, and Eggs – Items used for leveling up heroes. They are also used as ingredients in the game. You can get it from the Dangerous Bakery dungeon
  • Wood, Stone, and Steel – Essential currencies used for building
  • Lifeforce – Currency used for leveling up Mastery
  • Moonstone – A rare currency acquired from summoning heroes. Can be exchanged for various items at the Shop
  • Gear – A special currency required for upgrading Fortress Cannons
  • Boost Crystal – Currency used for enhancing the Fortress, heroes, and various Parts.
  • Adamantium, Cooper, and Iron Ores – Materials that can be used to craft hero equipment

6. Constantly enhance and level up your heroes

Upgrading a hero in Fortress Saga

If you want your heroes to be strong and helpful on the battlefield, you must level them up and enhance their skills, to say the least. Leveling up your best Fortress Saga heroes requires several materials like Floor, Eggs, Butter, Cookies, Baguettes, or Cakes, all having an increasing rarity.

The better the rarity of the materials, the more experience points you get for your heroes, with Baguettes (purple) and Cakes (golden) being the best options.

Once you have the materials, the quickest way to level up your heroes is to press the “Auto-Select” blue button, which will automatically select the best materials for you, and tap “Level-up” after that.

On the other hand, enhancing your heroes can be a bit frustrating because there is no clear indication of how this works exactly. But do not worry, we have figured this out for you.

To enhance heroes, you need duplicates of the same hero and Boost Crystals. This will increase the hero’s stats and Star level. This also unlocks the Potential feature for that hero once it reaches Star level 2.

5. Become stronger with Guide Missions

Completing Guide Missions in Fortress Saga

Guide missions should be your main focus as a beginner to Fortress Saga. This is because they are the fastest way to gain valuable resources and currencies that will help you level up your heroes and gain power fast, as you progress through the Adventure mode.

Guide missions can be found on the top-left area of the main screen as seen in the image above. All you have to do is tap that rectangle and it will automatically redirect you to that specific task.

Once completed, you will see that thin green bar completely filled up, and you will be able to claim your rewards by tapping once more on that same task.

4. Challenge stage bosses when ready

Boss fight example for Fortress Saga: AFK RPG

In Fortress Saga, each stage consists of several enemy waves and a final boss battle, and taking them down will provide various rewards.

The way the stage battles work is that if your Fortress and its assigned heroes are powerful enough to clear a stage, including the boss, you will be automatically advanced to the next stage.

To win the fight, you must defeat the boss in the given time, which is represented by the thin yellow line below the red line, which is his remaining HP.

If you fail to beat the boss of a certain stage, that stage will be on repeat mode, meaning your squad will continuously clear that level until you challenge the boss again. To do that, you must press the skull icon in the top-middle of the screen which says “Summon Boss”.

But before you challenge the stage boss again, make sure you consume all the current resources on improving the Fortress, the base stats, and Mastery (the Upgrades tab), and leveling up your heroes.

3. Keep expanding your fortress

Expanding the Fortress

The Fortress is your personal machine that helps you defeat enemies and bosses. It can be upgraded and improved in many ways, making it stronger and more efficient against your opponents.

One of the most crucial upgrades (but also the most difficult to achieve) is the Expansion. At the moment there are 3 Expansion levels, each of them greatly increasing the Fortress’ ATK, HP, DEF, and REC. You also get one additional hero slot witch each level, which means you can assign more heroes to this machine.

For example, to upgrade your fortress to Expansion 2, you will need to summon 5 Metal Cannon Phase-2 and 5 Veteran Repaircat Phase-2, which have a blue rarity (Rare). To get these parts, you will need to reach at least Cannon Affinity level 5 and Repair Cat Affinity level 4. Each part has its own Affinity progress, so make sure you summon them equally, preferably in groups of 10 always.

Once you have summoned these parts, you also need 20 Boost Crystals, which can be obtained from clearing stages in the Adventure mode. Aside from the Fortress improvements, you will receive 30 Stardust, special items that can be used to level up nebulae in constellations.

2. Clear and sweep dungeons for unique rewards

Sweeping and clearing the Endless Railroad dungeon in Fortress Saga

Dungeons are a fantastic way to get more resources in Fortress Saga. You see, each dungeon comes with its unique rewards. They consist of quick progressive fights where you either need to fight enemy waves or difficult bosses.

Once you clear a stage, you will have the option to move to the next one, which will be more difficult but also with better rewards. If the next stage or phase of a dungeon is too difficult for you, you can always use the Sweep button to instantly clear a lower phase, which consumes one key.

At the moment there are 5 different dungeons in Fortress Saga, and each one of them requires its own type of special key to access it, where each fight consumes one key. Here are the various dungeons and their required keys:

  • Endless Railroad – This dungeon offers Gear, which is required for Connon upgrades. Requires Train Keys (red color).
  • Dangerous Bakery – It offers materials for hero upgrades. Requires Bakery Keys (pink color).
  • Merfolk’s Ambush – It drops Canned Fish resources for Repair Cats upgrades. Requires Ocean Keys (blue color).
  • Orihalcon Mines – This dungeon becomes available after unlocking the Smelter feature, and it offers resources for crafting hero equipment and training. Requires Mine Keys (purple color).
  • Dwarven Treasure Trove – This dungeon is currently under development, and it requires brown keys.

1. Maximize your summon drop chances

Properly summoning Fortress Saga heroes

Fortress Saga is a game that is largely based on luck when it comes to summoning items. This means that you can’t guarantee the drop rate of a certain hero, or Fortress part, so you need to maximize your chances of getting them.

To do this, you should always use the 10x option. Besides summoning tickets, this will also cost Gems but is indeed worth it. The drop rate of 10x summons is better than a regular one, and it will increase the Summon bonus for heroes, and the Affinity level for Cannon and Repair Cat parts much faster.

The hero summoning bonus will offer you a random legendary hero once you summon heroes 200 times. To summon heroes, you must first clear Stage 2-1. After that, you can press the Hero icon at the bottom of your screen and hit “Summon Hero” in the lower-right corner.

On the other hand, the Affinity level offers better drop rates for Fortress Parts, where otherwise it would be extremely difficult to obtain them.

Final Thoughts

I hope this guide has helped you understand the basics of Fortress Saga and of how to progress quickly. The key is to focus on each area equally, such as enhancing your heroes, expanding your fortress, clearing dungeons for essential rewards, and being consistent. With these tips and tricks in mind, you’ll be able to make the most out of this exciting game!

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