Omniheroes Best Team – Full Synergy & Mixed

Learn which hero team is best in Omniheroes, whether it’s for beginners or end-game content

Omniheroes best team guide
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Omniheroes can be a challenging yet rewarding heroic fantasy casual strategy RPG. In this game, you are tasked with rescuing captive Valkyries and fighting against evil threats in the world. Although the first few chapters may seem easy, the difficulty increases as you progress. That’s why it’s crucial to create the best team possible by summoning legendary heroes and strategically matching them in battle.

In this guide, we will discuss the factors that make a successful team and how to achieve it. We also to together 5 different types of teams to help you find the best one for your specific playstyle.

How to Create the Best Omniheroes Team

To build the best team in Omniheroes, it’s essential to consider multiple factors. These include hero synergies, composition balance, and rarity. Synergies, such as Valkyrie and Faction synergies, provide significant stat boosts for your team. A balanced composition with heroes from all four roles (warrior, mage, tank, support) is crucial for success in battle.

In our opinion, the best Valkyrie synergy is Ethereals because it offers an impressive CRIT DMG bonus for your team (up to 40% if 5 heroes of this synergy are present in your squad), which is extremely useful for late-game battles.

On the other hand, Royals are the best faction synergy due to their powerful shield effect that can stack up to 200% and increase damage boost and reduction for your team. Keep in mind that having the best DPS heroes is not enough, as a balanced team with synergies and composition is key to victory.

Omniheroes Best Team (Full Royals Synergy)

Omniheroes best team
Omniheroes best team for high DPS
  • Eudora (Ethereal Valkyrie, Warrior)
  • Dorabella (Ethereal Valkyrie, Mage)
  • Mastema (Ethereal Valkyrie, Warrior)
  • Lysandra (Ethereal Valkyrie, Warrior)
  • Anubia (Ethereal Valkyrie, Support)

After looking at all the different factors needed for a strong team in Omniheroes, we have found that the best overall team is one with full Ethereal Valkyrie synergy. These Omniheroes characters provide amazing bonuses to your team’s CRIT rate and high DPS, a perfect squad for late-game battles.

For instance, Eudora can summon a powerful Flaming Phoenix to deal multiple attacks, while Dorabella’s skills focus on attacking all enemies with her lightning. Mastema and Lysandra are also strong warriors with high damage output, while Anubia provides support for the team. With this team, you can dominate the global PVP arena and make your way to the top of the leaderboards.

Omniheroes Best Mid-game Team

The best team for the mid-game (Valiantors and Glorians)
The best team for the mid-game (Valiantors and Glorians)
  • Macaria (Valiantors Valkyrie, Warrior)
  • Elmer (Valiantors Valkyrie, Tank)
  • Talanis (Glorians Valkyrie, Mage)
  • Seraphina (Glorians Valkyrie, Support)
  • Guinn (Glorians Valkyrie, Mage)

This team is ideal for mid-game players as it provides a mix of strong DPS and tank heroes, making it well-rounded for different battle scenarios. Macaria and Elmer are from the Valiantors Valkyrie synergy, providing high damage output and sturdy defense for your team. Talanis, Seraphina, and Guinn belong to the Glorians Valkyrie synergy, offering powerful mage skills and support abilities.

Omniheroes Recommended Team for Beginners

Best team for beginners in Omniheroes
Best team for beginners in Omniheroes
  • Jerald (Valiantors Valkyrie, Warrior)
  • Diana (Valiantors Valkyrie, Warrior)
  • Ashlyn (Valiantors Valkyrie, Support)
  • Baal (Doomsdayers, Tank)
  • Stannard (Doomsdayers, Mage)

This Omniheroes team is helpful for beginners as it includes strong epic heroes, making them easier to obtain (excerpt for Aslyn as she is a legendary hero). Jerald and Diana offer strong physical damage as warriors, while Ashlyn can provide support with her healing abilities.

Baal is a tank hero from the Doomsdayers synergy, which offers extra damage resistance for tanks. Stannard is also a strong mage with high damage output. This team provides a good balance of offense and defense, making it suitable for new players to easily progress in the game.

Final Notes

I hope this guide has helped you understand the importance of hero synergies, composition balance, and rarity when building your team in Omniheroes. if you need high DPS, a full Ethereal Valkyrie synergy is the way to go. Otherwise, try out different compositions to find the perfect one for your playstyle or current game mode.

Omniheroes best team guide
  • Release Date: Aug 8, 2023
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