Omniheroes Talos: Skills, Pairing, Synergies

Talos Omniheroes character overview guide, skills, team pairing, synergies
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Talos is the most powerful tank character in Omniheroes. He can draw aggro and protect his allies with his Ultimate skill which creates a shield around his allies. This helps reduce the damage they receive from enemies and last longer in challenging boss fights.

Omniheroes Talos Profile

  • Title: Metal Giant
  • Faction: Divine
  • Class: Tank
  • Rarity: Legendary

How to get Talos in Omniheroes?

You can get Talos by using Summon Tickets II or Diamonds in the Hall of Heroes building, the Advanced tab. Bear in mind that the drop is not guaranteed but you can always increase your chances of obtaining him by summoning 10 heroes at a time, which costs 3,000 Diamonds. You also get a random 5-Star hero every 50 advanced summons, which could also be Talos.

In addition, you might also get Talos via the Oracle Shop, Oracle Temple, or Immortal Summon features, all of which become available after clearing stage 4-15. Hall of Heroes’ Synergy Summon, can also help. This becomes available after clearing the stage 5-35.

Base Stats at Level 100 (Max. Level)


Recommended Hero Pairing

Talos Skills

1. Justice Cometh (Ultimate, Active Skill)

Talos accumulates divine power and descends from the heavens, dealing up to 315% Skill DMG to all enemies, and applies a Shield equal to 40% of Talos’ Max HP on all allies for 4 rounds. This skill casts in the second round and it takes 4 rounds to cool down.

2. Righteous Punch (Active Skill)

When this skill is used, Talos attacks the enemy with a series of heavy punches, dealing 84% PDMG, and applies Stun on the target for 2 rounds. This skill triggers in the third round and has a 3-round CD.

3. Justice Incarnate (Passive Skill)

When Tales is deployed, increases the Corrode Damage dealt by allies by 50%. Every 1 % increase in Talos’ Cure Rate, also increases his ATK by 1%. The Corrode effect means that each stack deals damage equal to 12% of the ally team’s average ATK every round.

4. Guardian of Truth (Passive Skill)

Every 1% increase in Talos’ Cure Rate also increases his ATK by 1%.

5. Awakening Skill 2

Once awakened, this skill increases Talos’ ATK, HP, and DEF by 10%.

Talos Synergies

1. Mystifiers (Valkyrie Synergy)

  • 2 Heroes: At the start of the battle, applies 1 stack of Corrode on 3 random enemies. Each stack deals damage equal to 12% of the ally team’s average ATK every round.
  • 3 Heroes: The bonuses are the same but now they apply to all enemies instead of only 3.
  • 4 Heroes: In addition to the previous 12% ATK increase, all allies have 15% of their Max HP restored every round. Now 3 stacks of Corrode are applied instead of 1.
  • 5 Heroes: At the beginning of the combat, 5 stacks of Corrode are applied to all enemies, each stack dealing the same 12% ATK increase. All allies have 25% of their Max HP restored every round.

2. Royals (Faction Synergy)

  • 1 Hero: At the start of the battle, all allies receive a Shield effect equal to 100% of their ATK for 2 rounds.
  • 2 Heroes: The Shield effect is increased to 125%. Each stack of buffs that ally units gain increases their damage boost and damage reduction by 1% up to 20 stacks.
  • 3 Heroes: The Shield effect is increased to 150%, while the damage reduction to 2%.
  • 4 Heroes: The previous bonuses are increased to 175% and 3% accordingly.
  • 5 Heroes: The mentioned buffs are boosted to 200% and 4% respectively.

3. Celestials (Faction Synergy)

  • 1 Hero: At the beginning of a fight, all allies gain 15% CRIT and 25% ATK.
  • 2 Heroes: The ATK bonus is increased to 50%. When an ally is defeated, purifies all debuffs on all allies and dispels all buffs on all enemies.
  • 3 Heroes: The ATK bonus is increased to 75%.
  • 4 Heroes: The ATK buff is increased to 100%.
  • 5 Heroes: The previous ATK boost is increased to an impressive 150%.

4. Monarchs (Rune Synergy)

  • 2 Heroes: Synerhymates will not take damage more than 60% of their Max HP in a single instance of damage.
  • 3 Heroes: The same benefits as the previous tier.
  • 4 Heroes: The damage threshold is decreased to 40%. Every 1% of HP the targets lose, increases DMG boost by an additional 1% and can go up to 50%.
  • 5 Heroes: The damage threshold is decreased to 30%, and the DMG bonus to 2% (up to 100%).

Recommended Relics for Talos

Plague Bow

  • Active Skill: The Plague Bow fires countless arrows and unleashes the Apocalyptic Plague, dealing 188% Relic DMG to the enemy with the lowest HP. For every debuff on the targets, the damage increases by 10%, up to 100%, and applies 1 stack of Effect ACC Rate boost on all allies.
  • Passive Skill: After firing an arrow, the Plagues Bow applies 5 stacks of Holy Shield on the ally with the lowest HP. Each stack can block 1 instance of DMG.

Death’s Scythe

  • Active Skill: The Death’s Scythe swings and cuts through the enemy’s soul, dealing 156% Relic DMG to backline enemies, and applying 1 stack of ATK boost on the entire ally team.
  • Passive Skill: During 3 rounds after this relic is used, Talos gains an additional 6 Relic Energy per action and has a 50% chance to increase the Mauling Reaper effect for 3 rounds.
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