Omniheroes Arkdina: Team, Skills, Synergies and Relics

An in-depth overview of Omniheroes Arkdina, including skills, recommended team, synergies, and relics, and how to get her.

Arkdina Omniheroes character overview guide, skills, pairing, synergies
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Arkdina is a powerful Mage from the Demon faction and a member of the Avengers Synergy. She can apply buffs on her allies and debuffs on enemies, making her an asset in almost any team composition.

Her Ultimate skill is a must-have in tough battles as it attacks all enemy units and reduces their attack power. This can be a major advantage as your strongest characters could help finish the fight without taking too much damage themselves.

Additionally, her passive skills make her even more powerful in combat. Overall, Arkdina is one of the best Omniheroes characters as her skills are great for both offensive and defensive strategies.

Omniheroes Arkdina Profile

  • Title: Vengeance Valkyrie
  • Faction: Demon
  • Class: Mage
  • Rarity: Legendary

How to get Arkdina in Omniheroes?

In Omniheroes, you can get Arkdina on the 14th login day via a Selectable Hero chest, which contains a few other SSR heroes like Macaria, Mastema, Talos, Hallios, and Talanis. Once you get this item, visit your inventory page (items tab), tap it, and select Arkdina to get her, or any other hero from the mentioned ones (you can only choose one).

Arkdina can also be recruited via the Hall of Heroes building, the Advanced tab either by using Summon Tickets II or Diamonds. You might also get Arkdina via the Oracle Temple, Oracle Shop, or Immortal Summon if you are lucky enough.

Keep in mind that the drop is not guaranteed but you can always increase your chances of obtaining her by summoning 10 heroes at a time.

Base Stats at Level 100 (Max. Level)


Recommended Team for Arkdina (Mixed)









Arkdina’s Skills

1. Crimson Crowd (Ultimate, Active Skill)

Arkdina summons a crimson blood moth that attacks all enemy units, dealing up to 450% MDMG and applies 3 stacks of ATK RED on her targets. This skill casts in round 2 and has a 3-round CD.

2. Chaos Orb (Active Skill)

With this skill, Arkdina summons a chaos ord that applies 3 stacks of ATK Boost on the ally team. The skill triggers in the third round and has a CD of 3 rounds.

3. Bloodbath (Passive Skill)

When Arkdina is deployed, attacked allies recover 10% of their HP. This effect can be triggered only 2 times per round.

4. Fatal Scales (Passive Skill)

For every 1% increase in Arkdina’s Dodge Rate, she also gains a 2% ATK bonus.

5. Awakening Skill 2

When awakened, this skill increases Arkdina’s ATK, HP, and DEF by 10%.

Arkdina’s Synergies

1. Avengers (Valkyrie Synergy)

  • 2 Heroes: It grants synergymates a 60% chance to be revived one time per battle, while restoring 30% of their Max HP upon revival.
  • 3 Heroes: All allies now have a 60% chance to be revived one time per battle and have their Max HP 30% restored.
  • 4 Heroes: The mentioned boosts are increased to 80% and 40% respectively. In addition, it increases the DMG Boost of revived allies by 150% for 2 rounds.
  • 5 Heroes: The first 2 mentioned bonuses are increased to 100% and 60% accordingly. The DMG Boost on revived allies is increased to 250% for 3 rounds.

2. Royals (Faction Synergy)

  • 1 Hero: At the start of the battle, all allies gain a Shield effect equal to 100% of their ATK for 2 rounds.
  • 2 Heroes: The Shield effect is increased to 125%. Each stack of buffs that ally units gain increases their damage boost and damage reduction by 1% up to 20 stacks.
  • 3 Heroes: The Shield effect is increased to 150%, while the damage reduction bonus to 2%.
  • 4 Heroes: The previous bonuses are increased to 175% and 3% accordingly.
  • 5 Heroes: The mentioned buffs are increased to 200% and 4% respectively.

3. Deviants (Faction Synergy)

  • 1 Hero: At the start of the battle, all allies have their Leech Rate increased by 15%.
  • 2 Heroes: Besides the previous Leech Rate bonus, the ATK is increased by 20% and all allies receive 2 stacks of Holy Shield. Each stack can block 1 instance of damage.
  • 3 Heroes: The Leech Rate is increased to 20%, ATK to 30%, and all allies get 3 stacks of Holy Shield.
  • 4 Heroes: The Leech Rate is increased to 25%, ATK to 40%, and all allies get 4 stacks of Holy Shield.
  • 5 Heroes: All allies have their Leech Rate increased to 30%, ATK to 50%, and gain 5 stacks of Holy Shield.

4. Enchanters (Rune Synergy)

  • 2 Heroes: When synergymates deal damage, they have a 10% chance to Confuse the target.
  • 3 Heroes: When ally units deal damage, there is a 10% chance of confusing the target.
  • 4 Heroes: The chance to confuse the target is increased to 25%. When dealing damage to confused targets, it increases the DMG Boost by 50% for a short period of time.
  • 5 Heroes: The chance to confuse the target is now increased to 40%, and the temporary DMG Boost to 100%.

Recommended Relics for Arkdina

Hand of Tyr

  • Active Skill: Remove the seal on the severed arm and unleashes its earth-shattering power, dealing 86% Relic DMG to all enemies, and granting the ally team 1 stack of DMG boost.
  • Passive Skill: After casting Hand of Tyr, resets the cooldown of other Relics, and grants all allies a Shield equal to 200% of the Relic’s ATK DMG.

Blades of Chaos

  • Active Skill: Dual blades descend from the skies and unleash divine fury, dealing 156% Relic DMG to the back-row enemies. Additionally, it increases the Relic damage by 20% for each Avenger synergymate in her team (3 heroes limit).
  • Passive Skill: After casting Blades of Chaos, the skill grants 1 stack of Holy Shield to all allies (each stack can block one instance of damage), and grants one stack of Heal Rate Boost to all allies.

Healing Vase

  • Active Skill: Healing energy flows out from the bottle to carry out healing equal to 365% Relic ATK on the ally unit with the lowest HP percentage. Next, it increases the Relic Heal Rate by 20% for each 1 Avenger synergymate deployed.
  • Passive Skill: After casting Healing Vase, Arkdina gains 40 Relic Energy, and applies 1 stack of Healing RED on all enemies.

Arkdina’s Story

Even in ancient times, Arkdina’s enthusiasm for chaos was so strong that it made people shudder. When Cardios started an invasion of the world on behalf of the Will of Chaos, Arkdina pledged loyalty to Cardios without a second thought.

After undergoind a chaotic baptism, Arkdina was reborn as a Demon. Her inner fanaticism became even stronger. What followed was thousands of years without any news of Arkdina, after which she reappeared, leading an army of Demons in a renewed assault. Her goal was clear to infect everything in the world with chaoes.

Arkdina’s bio via Omniheroes
Arkdina Omniheroes character overview guide, skills, pairing, synergies
  • Release Date: Aug 8, 2023
  • Platform(s): Android, iOS
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