Omniheroes Gift Codes and Quick Rewards

This guide includes the latest Omniheroes codes and some of the easiest rewards to collect in the game to help you progress faster.

Omniheroes Codes, Redeem Gift Codes

Omniheroes is a fantastic RPG mobile game that requires a lot of dedication and strategy to succeed. But most importantly, you will need a lot of resources and in-game currencies like diamonds and gold to support all your upcoming hero upgrades.

Otherwise, your progress will be limited. Luckily, this comprehensive guide presents you with the latest working Omniheroes codes and some of the easiest methods to get more free rewards in the game.

Omniheroes Active Codes (Working Gift Codes)

These are the latest active codes for Omniheroes:

  • OMNIHEROES – This Omniheroes Code includes 200 Diamonds
  • OMNISTART – 200 Diamonds, 2 x Summon Ticket II, and 100,000 Gold
  • OH777 – 300 Diamonds, 77,777 Gold, 7 Summon Ticket I, 1 Summon Ticket II, 77 Ascension Ore, 7 x 5-Star Hero Shards, 7 x 4-Star Hero Shard, and 77 x 3-Star Hero Shards
  • JoinOH – After using this Omniheroes gift code you get 200 Diamonds and 22,000 Gold
  • STPATRICKOH – 200 Diamonds, 100 Ascension Ore, 5 Lily of the Valley, 5 Lakegreen Stones, 5 Jade Shard Pendant, and 5 Jade Dagger
  • OH000 – 200 Diamonds and 15 x 5-Star Hero Shards
  • OH555 – Use this Omiheroes gift code to get 55 Diamonds and 25 x 5-Star Hero Shards
  • OH999 – 99 Diamonds, 2 Bounty Refresh Orders, and 10 x 5-Star Hero Shards
  • OH888 – 88 Diamonds, 1 Summon Ticket II, and 2 Bounty Refresh Orders
  • FBG1000A – Omniheroes Redeem Code for 200 Diamonds, 100,000 Gold, and 2 Summon Tickets II

Omniheroes Expired Codes (Not Working)

  • Pre500000
  • OHXMAS2022

How to Redeem Codes in Omniheroes

  1. Enter the Omniheroes mobile game
  2. Tap your profile image in the top-left corner
  3. On the Profile Info page, tap Settings in the bottom-right corner
  4. Next, tap the “Gift Code” button as seen in the image above
  5. Enter any of the listed active Omniheroes codes from above
  6. Press “Confirm” to redeem the Omniheroes code
  7. Congrats! The rewards are instantly collected

What are Omniheroes Codes?

Omniheroes Codes, also known as Gift Codes or Promo Codes, are codes that allow you to instantly unlock special rewards in the game.

The rewards can range from free generous amounts of Diamonds, Gold and other primary in-game currencies, to essential resources like Summon Tickets, Equipment, Hero Shards and much more.

You can then use these rewards to upgrade your best Omniheroes characters and progress in the game faster.

These codes are regularly released by the official game makers on their official FB page or their Discord server. In general, these redeem codes are available for limited periods of time, so hurry and start entering them in the game!

How to Get More Omniheroes Freebies?

If the mentioned active Omniheroes gift codes are not enough to satisfy your needs, you can certainly try out these 5 easy methods to get more free rewards.

Except for the Guide Rewards, which requires a bit of time to get the rewards, all the other methods take little to no effort to collect them.

1. Check your mailbox for unclaimed rewards

Mailbox unclaimed rewards in Omniheroes

The easiest way to get more freebies in Omniheroes is to regularly check your mailbox for unclaimed rewards. These can be anything from free Diamonds, Gold, Summon Tickets and even heroes.

These rewards are sent either after participating in specific events or by the Omniheroes team as maintenance compensation or a new feature release, as seen in the above screenshot. Make sure you collect them before the expiration date!

2. Collect all the Common Shop’s freebies

Common Shop Omniheroes freebies

The second easy way to get more Omniheroes rewards is to regularly collect all the freebies from the Common Shop. This shop offers daily, and weekly packs among others that can be purchased and used for almost every aspect of the game.

The majority of the packs can only be purchased with real money but most of the mentioned tabs include a free pack also (usually, it is the first one as you can see in the attached image).

The free ones include diamonds and 5-star hero shards, which can be used for leveling up your heroes or summoning new ones.

To access the Common Shop, tap “Recharge”, the first item on the left-side menu while on the “City” tab. Next, press “Common Shop” in the lower-right corner, and visit all the sub-tabs such as Daily Packs, Weekly Packs, etc., and collect all the free packs.

3. Complete the Omniheroes Survey

Omniheroes Survey reward

Omniheroes offers 300 in-game diamonds as a reward for completing their survey. This survey includes a few questions regarding your opinion on the game’s content, balance or gameplay so they can improve the overall gaming experience.

To participate, tap “Rewarded Survey” on the left side of the City tab while in the game, and press “Go to Survey”. After that, it will redirect you to their official website. After finishing it you will get 300 diamonds instantly into your account.

4. Claim guide rewards

Omniheroes guide rewards

Guide rewards are tasks quite similar to Quests, but fairly easier to complete. This page can be accessed via the hidden menu in the bottom-right corner of the main screen.

So while on the City tab, press the little arrow pointing upward to expand the menu. Next, select the Guide option. There you will see several tabs, each containing at least 2 easy tasks to complete.

Once you complete them, you will be rewarded with items related to each tab such as diamonds, Favor Gift Chests, Friendship Points, and so on. Make sure you check these tabs regularly and collect all the free rewards!

5. Collect hero archive diamond rewards

Hero Archive reward location in Omniheroes

The last method to get Omniheroes freebies is to collect Diamonds from the Hero Archive page. This is a great and easy way if you are looking for some extra diamonds in your account.

To access this page, tap “Heroes” at the bottom of your screen and press “Archives” in the lower right corner. Next, visit any newly recruited hero that has a small red dot on it, which indicates the presence of a diamond reward.

Once you select it, tap the little book icon in the upper-right corner (again, it will have a red dot on it).

Finally, tap the little page icon in the bottom right corner as seen in the above screenshot, and you will receive 100 diamonds instantly. repeat these steps for every new hero you recruit in Omniheroes.

Omniheroes Codes, Redeem Gift Codes
  • Release Date: Aug 8, 2023
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