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A comprehensive overview of Dorabella Omniheroes character including her skills, recommended team, and how to get her.

Dorabella Omniheroes character wiki guide
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Dorabella is a good mage hero choice for the early-mid game, as her powerful skills can easily take out multiple enemies with ease. Her best ability, however, is her passive Thunderclap, which can help your allies deal extra damage.

She’s also a great addition to any Omniheroes team due to her DEF reduction effect which affects all enemies. All in all, Dorabella is an amazing mage hero who can be used in any team composition! Make sure you also visit our Omniheroes ranking to see how she compares to the other heroes in her class.

Dorabella’s Profile

  • Title: Ethereal Valkyrie
  • Faction: Empire
  • Class: Mage
  • Rarity: Legendary

How to get Dorabella in Omniheroes?

You can recruit Dorabella via the Advanced or Common Summon pages of the Hall of Heroes building. However, the chances are not guaranteed as you get a 5% chance to get a legendary hero (which might be Dorabella) in the Advanced Summon, and a 0.5% chance for the Common Summon method.

To increase your chances of getting more legendary heroes, you should try to save Diamonds or Summon Tickets until you have enough to draw 10 at once. You should also keep an eye on the events that might also offer Dorabella as a reward.

Dorabella Base Stats at Level 100 (Max. Level)


Recommended Hero Team for Dorabella









Omniheroes Dorabella Skills

1. Arcane Thunder (Ultimate, Active Skill)

Dorabella summons lightning to strike down over a large area, dealing up to 375% MDMG to all enemies, and applies 1 stack of DEF RED. It casts in the second round and has a 3-round cooldown.

2. Arcane Missile (Active Skill)

Dorabella concentrates her magic and releases energy missiles at 2 enemy units, dealing up to 135% MDMG, and applies one stack of DEF RED. This skill casts in the third round and has a 3-round cooldown.

3. Thunderclap (Passive Skill)

When Dorabella is deployed, she has a 25% chance to start a sync attack after an ally lands a critical hit, and she applies 1 stack of DEF RED. Every 1 % increase in her CRIT Rate, also increases her ATK by 1%.

4. Magic Resonance (Passive Skill)

Each 1% increase in Dorabella’s CRIT Rate also boosts her ATK by 1%.

5. Awakening Skill 2

Once awakened, this skill increases her ATK, HP, and DEF by 10%.

Dorabella’s Synergies

1. Ethereals (Valkyrie Synergy)

  • 2 Heroes: At the start of the battle, increases the CRIT Rate of synergymates by 25%.
  • 3 Heroes: The previous bonus applies to the entire ally team.
  • 4 Heroes: At the beginning of the combat, increases the CRIT Rate by 25, and CRIT DMG by 20% for all allies.
  • 5 Heroes: The previous CRIT Rtae bonus is the same but the CRIT DMG is increased to 40%.

2. Dawnbringers (Faction Synergy)

  • 2 Heroes: Each basic attack by synergymates has a 20% chance to initiate a combo. This effect can be triggered once per round.
  • 3 Heroes: Each basic attack by ally units has a 20% chance to initiate a combo. This effect can also be triggered once per round.
  • 4 Heroes: The previous bonus is increased to 50%.
  • 5 Heroes: The mentioned buff can now be triggered twice per battle round.

3. Monarchs (Rune Synergy)

  • 2 Heroes: Synerhymates will not take damage more than 60% of their Max HP in a single instance of damage.
  • 3 Heroes: The same benefits as the previous tier.
  • 4 Heroes: The damage threshold is decreased to 40%. Every 1% of HP the targets lose, increases DMG boost by an additional 1% and can go up to 50%.
  • 5 Heroes: The damage threshold is decreased to 30%, and the DMG bonus to 2%, up to 100%.

Recommended Relics for Dorabella


  • Active Skill: The ancient seal’s removal unleashes the endless bloodthirsty of the Laevateinn, dealing 188% Relic DMG to a random enemy. It also grants the ally team one stack of DMG Immunity Boost.
  • Passive Skill: During 3 rounds after this relic is used, Dorabella gains 30 Relic Energy every round, and has a 50% chance to apply Silence on the target for 2 rounds.


  • Active Skill: Summons the Excalibur down from the sky, dealing 86% Relic DMG to all enemies. It also increases the Relic damage by 20% for each Ethereal synergymate deployed.
  • Passive Skill: After casting Excalibur, has a 50% chance to randomly apply Stun on 2 targets for one round. It also grants the ally team one stack of CRIT Rate Boost.

Dorabella’s Story

Her exceptional talent in magic and wisdom earned the Arcane Mage Dorabella the nickname “the Brain of the Empire”. She was the former head mage of the court and advised the royal family on all matters of sorcery. She was also a beloved teacher to the young princes and princesses.

Dorabella has played a vital role in shaping the history of the empire. She devised ingenious plans that helped the kingdom overcome challenge after challenge and achieve greater glory.

Where is Dorabella now? No one knows for sure. But one thing is certain: when she reappears, she will astonish everyone with her new wonders.

Dorbella’s bio via Omniheroes
Dorabella Omniheroes character wiki guide
  • Release Date: Aug 8, 2023
  • Platform(s): Android, iOS
  • Genre(s): RPG, Strategy,
  • Publisher(s): OmniDream Games
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