Omniheroes Guinn: Pairing, Skills, Synergies

Guinn Omniheroes character overview guide, skills, pairing, synergies
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Guinn is a robust mage hero of the Glorians synergy who is great at dealing long-range effective attacks, and protecting his allies while weakening his enemy targets.

His ultimate Soul Rend has very high damage potential, while Demonic Tide and Inherent Evil are both great crowd-control skills that can help keep the enemy team in check.

With his other skills, Guinn can further improve his offensive output and durability, making him a great addition to any team. Guinn is a must-have hero for those looking to build a strong team for any type of combat.

Omniheroes Guinn Profile

  • Title: Soul Reaper
  • Faction: Demon
  • Class: Mage
  • Rarity: Legendary

How to get Guinn in Omniheroes?

You can get Guinn by using Summon Tickets II or Diamonds in the Hall of Heroes building, the Advanced Summon tab. You may also get Guinn via the Oracle Temple, Oracle Shop, or Immortal Summon.

Although the drop is not guaranteed, you can always increase your chances of obtaining Guinn or any of the strongest legendary heroes by summoning 10 heroes at a time.

Base Stats at Level 100 (Max. Level)


Recommended Hero Pairing









Guinn’s Skills

1. Soul Rend (Ultimate, Active Skill)

Guinn slices through the enemy’s soul with his giant scythe, dealing 300% MDMG to the enemy unit with the lowest current HP. If the target has 6 stacks of DEF RED, then applies an extra 100% Leech Rate. If the target has 12 stacks instead, then applies a 200% Leech Rate. It casts in round 2 and has a 3-round CD.

2. Demonic Tide (Active Skill)

Guinn summons a demonic tide to attack a single backline enemy, dealing 120% MDMG, and applies 3 stacks of ATK RED on the target. The skill triggers in the third round and has a CD of 3 rounds.

3. Inherent Evil (Passive Skill)

When an ally is attacked, Guinn applies 1 stack of ATK boost on the ally team. Every 1% increase in Guinn’s CRIT RES Rate also gives him 1% ATK.

4. Delightful Massacre (Passive Skill)

For every 1% increase in Guinn’s CRIT RES Rate, he also gains a 1% ATK bonus.

5. Awakening Skill 2

Once awakened, this skill increases Guinn’s ATK, HP, and DEF by 10%.

Guinn’s Synergies

1. Glorians (Valkyrie Synergy)

  • 2 Heroes: At the start of the battle, applies 2 stacks of ATK boost on the 3 allies with the highest ATK for 3 rounds, and 2 stacks of DEF RED on the 3 enemies with the highest ATK for 3 rounds.
  • 3 Heroes: The mentioned boosts are now applied to the entire team of allies and enemies respectively. The ally team also receives a 100% Control Immunity buff for 2 rounds.
  • 4 Heroes: The mentioned buffs and debuffs apply 3 stacks instead of 2 and the ally team also receives a 15% DMG boost for 4 rounds.
  • 5 Heroes: It casts 5 stacks of ATK and DEF RED and the DMG bonus is increased to 25%.

2. Royals (Faction Synergy)

  • 1 Hero: At the start of the battle, all allies gain a Shield effect equal to 100% of their ATK for 2 rounds.
  • 2 Heroes: The Shield effect is increased to 125%. Each stack of buffs that ally units gain increases their damage boost and damage reduction by 1% up to 20 stacks.
  • 3 Heroes: The Shield effect is increased to 150%, while the damage reduction to 2%.
  • 4 Heroes: The previous bonuses are increased to 175% and 3% accordingly.
  • 5 Heroes: The mentioned buffs are increased to 200% and 4% respectively.

3. Deviants (Faction Synergy)

  • 1 Hero: At the start of the battle, all allies have their Leech Rate increased by 15%.
  • 2 Heroes: Besides the previous Leech Rate bonus, the ATK is increased by 20% and all allies receive 2 stacks of Holy Shield. Each stack can block 1 instance of damage.
  • 3 Heroes: The Leech Rate is increased to 20%, ATK to 30%, and all allies get 3 stacks of Holy Shield.
  • 4 Heroes: The Leech Rate is increased to 25%, ATK to 40%, and all allies get 4 stacks of Holy Shield.
  • 5 Heroes: All allies have their Leech Rate increased to 30%, ATK to 50%, and gain 5 stacks of Holy Shield.

4. Protectors (Rune Synergy)

  • 2 Heroes: Increases DEF of synergymates by 5% every round.
  • 3 Heroes: The previous DEF bonus applies to all allies.
  • 4 Heroes: The mentioned DEF boost is now increased to 10%. When allies are attacked, there is a 30% chance to riposte with a basic attack that deals 50% damage once.
  • 5 Heroes: The DEF bonus is increased to 15% and the previous damage bonus to 100%.

Recommended Relics for Guinn

Hand of Tyr

  • Active Skill: Remove the seal on the severed arm and unleashes its earth-shattering power, dealing 86% Relic DMG to all enemies, and granting the ally team 1 stack of DMG boost.
  • Passive Skill: After casting Hand of Tyr, resets the cooldown of other Relics, and grants all allies a Shield equal to 200% of the Relic’s ATK DMG.

Orpheus’ Lyre

  • Active Skill: Holy butterflies fly around allies while playing a healing melody to carry out healing equal to 357% Relic ATK on the ally unit with the lowest HP. Increases Relic Heal Rate by 20% for each Glorian synergymate deployed, up to 3 teammates.
  • Passive Skill: After casting Orpheus’ Lyre, applies 1 stack of Fortitude on the target. While this effect is active, only a minimum of 1 HP is retained regardless of the amount of damage taken and grants the ally team 1 stack of DEF boost.

Kamier’s Lantern

  • Active Skill: Kamier’s Lantern deals 365% Relic DMG to the enemy with the lowest HP and increases the Relic damage by 20% for each Glorian synergymate deployed (up to 3 synergymates).
  • Passive Skill: After casting Kamier’s Lantern, the next cast will cost 30% less Relic Energy and applies 1 stack of DEF RED on all enemies.

Guinn’s Story

In a dark abyss completely void of light, countless vengeful spirits gathered and merged, giving birth to an entity of pure evil Guinn. Since birth, Guinn possessed tremendous magical power and was adept at the use of black magic. To Guinn, the abyss was his playground and souls were his favorite toys.

When the seal on the Abyss was removed, there was a look of pure excitement on Guinn’s face. The whole world was now his playground, one where he could wreak havoc, hear the mournful cries of the living, and collect interesting souls…

Guinn’s bio via Omniheroes
Guinn Omniheroes character overview guide, skills, pairing, synergies
  • Release Date: Aug 8, 2023
  • Platform(s): Android, iOS
  • Genre(s): RPG, Strategy,
  • Publisher(s): OmniDream Games
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