Whiteout Survival: How to Make Your Heroes Unbeatable

Wonder how to gain more power in Whiteout Survival? Here are a few tips to make your team stronger.

White Out Survival hero guide - how to make heroes unbeatable
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Your progress in Whiteout Survival depends on many factors, but the most important factor is your heroes. Having a powerful team of heroes with the right skills and abilities will give you an edge over your enemies and help you climb higher on the leaderboard. In this guide, we’ll provide you with some key tips on how to make your heroes unbeatable in Whiteout Survival.

How to make your heroes stronger in Whiteout Survival

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you strengthen your team of heroes in Whiteout Survival:

1. Prioritize the most powerful heroes

The first thing you should do to maximize your chances of winning any type of battle is to focus on leveling up and upgrading your best heroes in Whiteout Survival. But before that, you need to understand what makes a hero powerful by learning the different hero types, rarities, and their classes.

Once you’ve created a strong team of heroes, you should first spend your Hero XP items only on these heroes to increase their levels as high as possible.

Hero Types

The are 2 types of heroes in Whiteout Survival, Combat heroes, and Growth heroes. As the name suggests, Combat heroes are the ones that go into battle and fight against enemies while growth heroes have more of a mixed role.

Growth heroes can be used in combat as well, but they are not as effective as combat heroes when it comes to fighting enemies because half of their skills are designed for city development and resource gathering. However, they are a must-have for starting players as they can help build more structures faster.

Combat heroes can be identified by the red, crossing swords icon below their names, while the Growth heroes have a green hammer icon.

Hero Rarities

There are 3 different hero rarities in Whiteout Survival, and these are Rare or R (blue color), Epic or SR (purple), and Legendary or SSR (orange). The Legendary heroes are the most powerful because they have the best stats and skills.

Hero Classes

Heroes have also 3 different classes which determine the type of units that they perform better with. The hero classes are Infantry (marked by the shield icon), Marksman (marked by a bow icon), and Lancer (marked by a spear icon).

2. Learn how to level up heroes

The more you level up your heroes, the more powerful they become. But for that, you’ll need a lot of Hero XP items. The best ways to obtain Hero XP are by attacking beasts, completing Exploration stages, and winning fights in Arena.

Once you have enough Hero XP, head over to the “Heroes” section, pick the hero you want to level up, and hit the “Upgrade” button at the bottom of the page.

One thing to note here is that starting from hero level 10, every few levels there will be a requirement to upgrade the Furnace as well, so make sure to keep upgrading that too.

3. Upgrade your heroes’ star ratings, tiers, and skills

Every hero in Whiteout Survival comes with a certain number of unique skills, depending on their rarity. Legendary heroes have 6 skills in total, Epic heroes have 5, while Rare heroes have 4 skills.

Skills are also divided into 2 groups: Exploration skills, which are located on the left side of the hero’s skills page, and Expedition skills, located on the right side.

While Exploration skills can be upgraded with Exploration Manuals (Rare, Epic, and Mythic), Expedition skills are much harder to upgrade.

That’s because they require a certain star rating and the items required for the upgrade, called Expedition Instructionals, also have a much lower drop rate than the Exploration Manuals.

Both of these special books, the Expedition Instructional, and Exploration Manual, can be acquired from recruiting heroes, completing Lighthouse Intel missions, and Exploration stages, as well from the VIP Shop.

Once you’ve collected a few books, head over to the Heroes List page, tap a hero, and hit the Skills tab at the bottom of that page. Next, use your books to upgrade the skills, and you’ll be able to see the hero’s stats increase drastically.

4. Push through the Exploration stages

Exploration stages are the best and quickest way to make your heroes stronger. The further you progress, the better rewards you get and the more powerful your heroes become. In addition to combat stages, you also have the Idle Reward that you can collect for a duration of 7 hours maximum.

The rewards you get from Exploration can include hero shards, Hero XP, resources, Gems, and keys that you can use to recruit new heroes.

Enter the combat, set the speed to 2x, turn on the auto mode, and it will automatically move on to the next stage until you get defeated. Once that happens, improve your heroes and repeat this as often as possible, to make your heroes unbeatable.

5. Use your daily Arena challenges

Each day you have 5 free challenges that you can use in the Arena that you can use to battle other players with more or less the same power as you. As you win battles, your Arena rating will increase and so will the rewards. It’s best to do this on a daily basis, as the rewards you get from battles are very valuable.

You also have to possibility to buy extra challenges with Gems. The rewards include mostly hero books and Hero XP, but you also get Arena Tokens that you can use for buying hero-related items from the Arena Shop. For example, a Mythic Exploration Manual costs 1000 Arena Tokens, while an Epic Expedition Instructional 500.

6. Hunt Cave Lions and Beasts

Hunting beasts such as Cave Hyenas, Arctic Wolves, and Giant Tapirs, and taking part in raids for defeating Cave lions, are also great ways to improve your heroes and get amazing rewards.

The most essential rewards for defeating beasts are the Hero XP items. Cave Lions, however, do not offer Hero XP, but you get Hero Shards instead.

Keep in mind that you must collect the rewards after a successful victory, by going to Mail, and clicking the Reports tab. On that page, click the current fight report and claim your rewards at the bottom of that page.

If you decide to create a rally for a Cave Lion, make sure you have upgraded the Comand Center as high as possible. This will increase the Rally Capacity, which allows more allies to join your rally. Otherwise, join rallies created by other players.

7. Increase the Lighthouse Intel level

The Lighthouse building’s Intel missions offer amazing rewards that you can use got upgrading your heroes. The intel’s map includes various missions, and the rewards offered by each mission depend on its rarity.

They start from the gray color, which offers the least rewards, and go to green, blue, purple, and orange the rarest, which offers the best rewards.

However, you won’t have access in the first few Intel levels to this type of mission, but the more you increase the Intel level by completing missions (visible in the bottom-left corner), the better the rewards will be.

Make sure to complete these missions as often as possible, because the rewards you get from them are really useful for boosting your heroes’ stats.

8. Enhance your troops

While upgrading your troops does not directly affect your heroes, it is essential to enhance them to become a powerful force in battles. This will increase your chances of success in attacking other players’ castles or bests on the map.

The first thing you can do to improve your troops’ defense and overall power is by upgrading the 3 military buildings: Marksman, Infantry, and Lancer Camp. This will unlock higher troop tiers, which allows you to train more powerful units.

VIP level 10 benefits in White Out Survival mobile game
VIP level 10 benefits

Other ways to enhance your troops include researching the Battle tech tree in the Research Center building and increasing your VIP level.

For example, the VIP level 10 benefits include a 12% troop Attack and Defense increase, an additional March Queue, and 2 additional troop formations, which are essential for any player wanting to become a powerful force in battles.

You can as well unlock additional March Queues by researching Comand Tactics 1, 2, and 3, under the Growth Tech tree in the Research Center building.

9. Scout and attack other players

Attacking other players is another great way to get rewards to further improve your heroes. But before attacking other players, there are 2 important things you need to do. First, you should always scout the enemy before attacking and check their resources to see if it’s worth the effort or not.

Second, always make sure your targeted player is not in one of the top 10 ranking alliances because most servers have a non-aggression pact (NAP) between them.

Otherwise, you might risk starting a war between alliances. The most convenient targets to attack are usually inactive players that have a lot of resources or those that are not members of any alliance.

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