Watcher of Realms Codes & Free Rewards

Use this guide to get the latest Watcher of Realms codes and the most generous free instant rewards in the game and give yourself a huge boost!

Watcher of Realms redeem codes and free rewards
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Watcher of Realms redeem codes are a fantastic way of getting massive, instant boosts in this amazing fantasy RPG game. Sometimes, developers release special codes that can be used to obtain certain valuable items or resources such as summoning crystals, diamonds, and even exclusive heroes.

These codes, also referred to as CD Keys, can be found on the official Facebook or Discord channels of Watcher of Realms, and in this guide, we included the latest ones for you, as well as a list of the most valuable free rewards to give yourself a major advantage. Keep in mind that each of the redeem codes below can only be used once per game account.

September 24, 2023: We checked for new Watcher of Realms codes.

Watcher of Realms Codes

  • sailthe7seas – Redeem this gift code for free items
  • WORDLFiesta – Redeem this WoR gift code for free rewards
  • wor601 – 3 Rare Summoning Crystals, 50k Gold, and 100 Diamonds [Released on July 21, 2023]
  • welcomewor – 1 Rare Summoning Crystal, 5,000 Hero EXP potion, and 100 Stamina
  • wor123 – 100 stamina, 5,000 Hero EXP potion, and one Rare Summoning Crystal
  • wor888 – 30 Diamonds, 2,000 Hero EXP potion, 2,000 Gold, and 1 Rare Summoning Crystal
  • wor777 – 20 Rare Skill Dust, 2,000 Hero EXP potion, 2,000 Gold, and a Rare Summoning Crystal
  • worlaunch713 – 100 Stamina, 5,000 Hero EXP potion, and 1 rare Rare Summoning Crystal

Expired Watcher of Realms Codes

These Watcher of Realms redeem codes do not work anymore:

  • BRP42S22228 – 200 Diamonds
  • BRP42S22228 – 200 Diamonds
  • V8NSXW2222J – 10 Summoning Crystals
  • AGHRAU2222A
  • CPJD8E2222D
  • TyraukuWOR
  • OddoneWOR

How to redeem codes in Watcher of Realms?

How to redeem codes in Watcher of Realms
  1. Enter the game and tap your avatar in the upper-left corner
  2. Go to Settings in the bottom-left corner.
  3. Tap “Redeem Code“, and enter the codes we mentioned above
  4. Next, press the 3 little horizontal lines icon to access the dropdown menu
  5. Press the Mail icon and hit “Claim All”

Watcher of Realms free rewards and how to get them

In addition to redeeming codes, you also have several free rewards to collect. Some of them may require completing a few easy tasks, while others can be instantly claimed. Here are the most valuable free rewards in Watcher of Realms, what they include, and how to obtain them:

1. Pre-Registration reward (hurry up!)

These are the most generous free rewards you can get for Watcher of Realms so far. The only condition is to participate before the 2.5 million pre-registrations milestone is reached, so hurry up.

To get this free reward, visit the official WoR website, scroll down, press the “Pre-Register” button, and enter your details. Use the same e-mail address you used for linking your game account.

What you get: 12 Rare Summoning Crystals, 100 Diamonds, 1 EXP bonus (1 day), 10k Hero EXP potion, 100k Gold, and a 3-star Psychic Power.

2. Daily Sign-in and the 7-Day Search event

7-day search event rewards, Watcher of Realms

The 7-Day Search event: 4,000 Hero EXP potion (day 1), 2 Rare Summoning Crystals (day 2), Marri – epic hero (day 3), 100 Diamonds (day 4), 10 gold chests (day 5), 1 Epic Skill Crystal (day 6), Ain – lord epic hero (day 7). To collect these rewards go to events, press the 7-day Seach tab, and tap the reward corresponding to the day you are at.

Daily Sign-in: here you will find numerous rewards to collect every day for over 180 days. The only catch is to log in consecutively and press the corresponding reward. The rewards include resources, summoning crystals (including legendary ones), heroes, skill crystals, stamina, and many more.

To collect the Daily Sign-in free rewards, in case you missed the pop-up after entering the game, while on the game’s main page, tap the 3 horizontal lines in the upper-right corner and the last icon at the bottom.

3. Invite Friends

Invite friends, free reward Watcher of Realms

Another method to get a nice pack of free rewards in Watcher of Realms is by inviting your friends. This feature can be accessed by pressing the little shaking-hands icon visible on the left side of your screen while on the main page of the game.

As you can see in the above screenshot, you have several slots, each corresponding to a friend invite. When your friend(s) reaches certain levels, you get the following free rewards:

  • Level 10: 20k Hero EXP potion
  • Level 20: 1 EXP boost (available 1 day)
  • Level 30: 2 Rare Summoning Crystals
  • Level 40: 1 5-star Psychic Power
  • Level 50: 1 Legendary Summoning Crystal

4. Idle Rewards

Idle rewards ready to be collected in Watcher of Realms

This is another excellent way to get free rewards. And the great thing about it is that you can collect them every day for being offline for a period of up to 90 minutes. Just make sure you collect them before they expire.

What you get: 2,500 gold (after the first 5 minutes), 1 random rarity hero (20m), 1 random item (40m), 120 Stamina (60m) 8,000 gold (90m).

5. Connect your account to Google

Connecting your game account will save your game progress and allow you to switch between devices without having to worry that your progress will be lost. To link your game account, go to Settings, Account Settings and press Google Play Games (see the image from “How to redeem codes” above for more details).

What you get: 200 Diamonds.

6. Shop’s free offers

Shop Daily Gift free reward in Watcher of Realms

The game shop is the place to go if you want to buy some juicy premium bundles, but you probably don’t know is that the Shop also has a few free daily reards. Here’s what they include:

  • Daily Gift: 10 Auto-fight Chances, 40k Gold, 10k Hero EXP potion.
  • Spirit Invocation Pack (Daily Free Offer): A free daily reward that includes random resources.
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