Last War Survival Game: Capitol Conquest Event Guide

Learn all about the Capitol Conquest event in Last War Survival Game and why this event is a must-participate for players of any level.

Learn all about the Capitol Conquest event in Last War Survival game
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Last War Survival Game offers plenty of activities for players to earn extra rewards and bonuses. One of them is taking part in special events, such as the Capitol Conquest. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about this event and how to effectively participate to reap the rewards.

Why should you participate in the Capitol Conquest

Participating in the Capitol Conquest event not only gives you a chance to earn valuable rewards that you can use to level up base buildings, but it also allows you to showcase your alliance’s strength and teamwork. It is a perfect opportunity to strategize with your allies for victory. The most valuable rewards during this event are Legendary Tickets and Honor Points. You can use your Honor Points to buy the following items from the Honor Shop:

  • 1 Legendary Decoration Chest (50,000 Honor Points)
  • 1 Legendary Hero Universal Shard (3,000 Honor Points)
  • 1 Dielectric Ceramic (to craft Legendary Gear, 800 Honor Points each)
  • 1 Legendary Recruitment Ticket (2,000 Honor Points)

What is Capitol Conquest and how to participate

The Capitol Conquest is a thrilling and competitive event that takes place every week in Last War Survival. It involves Alliances that control Level 6 cities, making it an exclusive competition for powerful teams. The main goal of the event is for an Alliance to hold the Capitol for a total of 4 hours first or have the most time at the end to claim victory.

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During this event, near the Capitol lies Contaminated Land which disables radar, shields, and world exploration activities for all players. This creates a high-stakes and intense environment as Alliances battle to take control of the Capitol. It’s up to the R4 and R5 leaders to declare war on neighboring cities, allowing Alliance members to attack and defeat guards to claim participation rewards, which are given based on their individual damage score.

Capitol Rewards

These are the four reward tiers:

  • President’s Award: 5,000 Diamonds, 20 Legendary Recruitment Tickets, 48 resource chests (Iron, Food, and Coins).
  • General’s Award: 2,000 Diamonds, 10 Legendary Recruitment Tickets, and 24 resource chests
  • Sergeant’s Award: 1,000 Diamonds, 10 Legendary Recruitment Tickets, and 16 resource chests
  • Soldier’s Award: 500 Diamonds, 10 Legendary Recruitment Tickets, and 8 resource chests

Officials, titles, and benefits

As if the thrill of competition wasn’t enough, there are additional benefits to taking part in the Capitol Conquest event and these are the seven official titles: The President, First Lady, Secretary of Strategy, Secretary of Security, Secretary of Development, Secretary of Science, and Secretary of Interior.

The officials and their titles
The 7 officials and their titles on our server

These titles are granted by the President and First Lady to commanders who have proven their strength and loyalty to the Alliance. Each title comes with exclusive boosts that last for the duration of their term. That being said, here are the rewards for all 7 official titles:

Official TitleRewards
PresidentHero Defense, Attack, and HP +5%
First LadyConstruction Speedup & Research Speed +20%
Secretary of StrategyHospital’s Capacity & Unit Healing Rate +20%
Secretary of SecurityTraining Speed & Training Cap +20%
Secretary of DevelopmentResearch Speed +20%, Construction Speedup +50%
Secretary of ScienceResearch Speed +50%, Construction Speedup +25%
Secretary of InteriorResource Production (Food, Iron, and Gold) +100%

Honor Points and How to Collect Them

Honor Points are another valuable reward that can be earned during the Capitol Conquest event. These points are obtained by battling in Contaminated Zones and inflicting serious damage and casualties on enemy units. Is not recommended for beginners and weak squads because you cannot activate your shield in case you need one.

In addition, capturing the Capitol is based on your troop’s power, and losing units also earns you points. Once you reach a certain threshold, you will receive corresponding Honor rewards such as speedups and other valuable resources. Here’s what rewards you can expect based on how many Honor Points you earn:

  • Up to 10K points: 2.5K Alliance CP, 5x5m Training Speedup, 5×5 Healing Speedup, 2K Honor Points
  • Up to 20K points: 2.5K Alliance CP, 100 Resource Chests, 20x5m Training Speedup, 20×5 Healing Speedup
  • Up to 40K points: 2.5K Alliance CP, 30x5m Training Speedup, 30×5 Healing Speedup, 3K Honor Points
  • Up to 70K points: 2.5K Alliance CP, 200 Resource Chests, 40x5m Training Speedup, 40×5 Healing Speedup
  • Up to 100K points: 2.5K Alliance CP, 50x5m Training Speedup, 50×5 Healing Speedup, 5K Honor Points
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Learn all about the Capitol Conquest event in Last War Survival game
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