Last War Survival Alliances: All You Need to Know

Learn all the ins and outs of alliances in Last War: Survival Game with this guide! You will discover the different ranks, permissions, and benefits.

Learn everything about alliances in Last War Survival Game

Alliances are probably the most important aspect of Last War: Survival Game. They provide support, protection and a sense of community. But do you know about all the different benefits, ranks and permissions within an alliance? Or how to choose the right one for you? This guide will give you a clear understanding of everything you need to know about alliances in Last War: Survival Game.

What are alliances for in Last War Survival Game?

An alliance hive example in Last War Survival Game
An alliance hive example

In this game, alliances are groups of players who band together to achieve common goals. These goals can include helping each other with resources in case of an unexpected attack, decreased building time, earning unique rewards from gifts, and competing against other alliances for even bigger rewards.

There are also certain events like the Alliance Duel and Desert Storm Battlefield where only members of an alliance can participate.

Benefits of being in an alliance

Being in an alliance in Last War: Survival Game has many benefits. First and foremost, you have a group of players who can help you defend your base and are willing to help you out if needed. This support is crucial in a game where unexpected attacks can happen at any time. Other benefits include:

You can finish building upgrades faster

If you already played similar MMORPGs, you must be familiar with the term “build time”. In this strategy mobile game, build time refers to the time it takes for a building upgrade to complete. Being in an alliance can decrease this time significantly depending on your Alliance Center’s current level.

The higher the level, the more members can help you with each tech research or upgrading task. For that, you and your allies must hit the holding-hands icon on the bottom-right side of the screen whenever possible.

Alliance Techs

Recommended alliance tech for resource donations in Last War Survival Game
Recommended alliance tech example

Alliance techs bring multiple benefits to your alliance, such as increasing resource production, decreasing research and building times, and enhancing stats for your units and heroes. This will help all members gain more power faster and be better prepared for any attacks or events.

Quick Tip: you should consider donating gold or gems for the techs recommended by your leaders, which can be identified by the “like” icon (see the above screenshot).

Alliance Rallies

As a member of an alliance, you can participate in rallies where all members come together to defeat powerful monsters such as the Doom Elite world bosses and earn valuable rewards. You can then use the resources and Hero XP to upgrade your best characters.

When participating in a rally, make sure you are located close to your allies and that the distance between you and the rally creator is not too large. This will ensure that your troops arrive on time to participate in the rally and help defeat the monster.

Alliance Store

Alliance store and its most valuable items in Last War Survival

This is your one-stop shop for purchasing rare and valuable items with alliance points. You can earn these points by donating resources or gold coins to alliance techs.

The most valuable items you could exchange for alliance points are teleporters, drone parts, shields, and speedups. Teleporters (Advanced or Alliance teleporters) allow you to move your base to a different location on the map or anywhere inside your alliance territory/hive.

On the other hand, Drone parts are used to upgrade your drone’s hardware, which will increase its attack power and efficiency in battles. Shields, as the name suggests, protect your base from attacks for a certain period, while speedups are used to decrease building, unit training, and research times.

Last War Survival Game alliance ranks and permissions

In Last War Survival, there are different ranks within an alliance that determine the level of authority and responsibility a player has. These ranks include:

  • R5 – The leader: This player has the highest authority in the alliance and can perform any action, including kicking out players and disbanding the alliance.
  • R4 – The officers (up to 6 members): These members have almost all the same permissions as the leader, except they cannot disband the alliance. They are responsible for managing and organizing events, as well as recruiting new members and promoting or demoting the existing ones, upgrading alliance techs, managing alliance buildings, and many more.
  • R3, R2, and R1 – Unlike in other similar games (Rise of Castles is a good example) where at least the R3 rank can promote and demote the lower ranks, in Last War Survival Game only officers and the leader can do that. So these members are just like regular players with no special permissions..unfortunately.

How to be a valuable member of your alliance

To be a valuable member of your alliance, you should be actively participating in events and donating resources, but also helping your allies with their upgrades, whenever possible. You should also create or join rallies to take down tough monsters, but only if you bring enough power to the team and not just participate with your weakest troops for the sake of it.

Communication is also key, so make sure to stay in touch with your allies and contribute positively to the alliance chat. Lastly, always follow the rules set by your alliance leaders and be respectful towards your fellow members.

How to choose the right alliance for you

alliance list and the factors to consider when joining one

When choosing an alliance in Last War Survival Game, consider the following factors:

  • Power: this is the most important factor as it determines the strength and activity of an alliance. Joining a powerful alliance will give you access to better rewards and protection.
  • Language: make sure to join an alliance where most members speak your language, or at least one that you can understand. Communication is key in coordinating attacks and participating in events.
  • Playstyle: some alliances are more focused on farming while others are more aggressive and attack other alliances frequently. Choose an alliance that aligns with your playstyle.
  • Availability: This is also an important factor to consider. Make sure to join an alliance where members are active and online at similar times as you, to help you with your upgrades or rallies. Is not worth joining or staying in an alliance with inactive members.

Last War Survival Game Alliance FAQ

How to capture cities and gain alliance territory in Last War Survival Game?

Cities can be captured by declaring war on neighboring territories, controlled by other alliances. Once the durability drops to 0, the Alliance with the highest score from defeating guards and decreasing durability will gain control of the City.

How to join an alliance in Last War Survival?

You can join an alliance by tapping the Alliance blue button on the right side of your screen, choosing one from the list and pressing the Join button.

How to leave an alliance in Last War Survival Game?

To leave your alliance, visit the alliance main screen and press Settings at the bottom of your screen. After that, press Leave Alliance.

What to do after quitting the alliance?

After quitting your alliance, you should put a shield to avoid attacks from other players and join a new one as soon as possible. Players that are not members of any alliance are the most vulnerable to attacks.

Will I lose my contribution points after quitting my alliance?

No, you will not lose your contribution points after quitting your alliance. They will remain with you and can be used to purchase items from the Alliance Store once you join a new alliance.

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