Last War Survival Game: How to Increase Power Fast

Learn how to level up fast in Last War: Survival Game and gain power by reading this guide. All these tactics worked well for us.

How to increase power in Last War: Survival Game

Last War: Survival Game has a compelling storyline and challenging gameplay that many players have enjoyed so far based on its positive feedback. Although the first few stages are a breeze, the game becomes increasingly more challenging as you progress.

In this guide, we will share a few strategies on how to level up fast and increase your power in Last War: Survival Game. From mastering combat techniques to building a strong base, you will learn how to thrive in this zombie-infested world.

How to level up fast in Last War: Survival Game

Here are some of the most effective tactics and strategies to level up fast and gain more power in Last War Survival Game. All of these worked well for us and helped us win campaign stages. You can also watch this video covering the 8 most efficient ways to gain power in this game. But for a more in-depth understanding and more methods, we recommend reading this guide!

1. Boost your radar power for better missions

Radar Power is probably the least exploited feature in Last War: Survival Game. By increasing your radar power, you will gain access to higher-level missions and receive better rewards, which means you can level up faster.

This can be achieved by clearing all the quests visible on the map as seen in the above video. These quests or tasks exist in different colors, which represent their level of difficulty.

The ones that offer the most experience and resources are the purple ones, but you won’t have that many in the early levels of the Radar map. Increasing this level not only offers better rewards but more quests too.

2. Have a balanced team of heroes and troops

Balanced hero team example for Last War: Survival Game

Having a diverse team is key to success in Last War: Survival Game. Each hero has their own role and skills and it’s important to have a balanced mix of heroes from different military branches. This will allow you to handle enemy waves more efficiently and properly defend your base in case of unexpected attacks from other players.

Let’s take Kimberly as an example, one of the best heroes in Last War Survival. She is a hero from the Tank branch and has the role of an attacker, which means that she performs great in close combat.

Venom, on the other hand, can lead Missle Vehicle troops and provide support to the team. By balancing your team, you will be able to handle different enemy types and situations more easily.

3. Upgrade the 3 Centers (Tank, Missile, and Aircraft)

The 3 hero centers (with the Tank Center level 12) in Last War Survival
Tank Center level 12

The 3 Centers are very important in making your heroes stronger and should be upgraded as soon as possible. These centers are related to the three types of heroes specializing in leading one of the three units: tanks, missiles, and aircraft.

Upgrading these 3 buildings will offer your heroes a significant increase in HP, Attack, Defense, Command, and overall Combat Power. As for which to upgrade first, I suggest starting with the one related to your most powerful hero (preferably a legendary/UR one).

In our case, we have a full tank-type squad, so we started upgrading the Tank Center first. This leads to our next tip for gaining power in Last War Survival, and that is having a full squad of the same type of heroes.

4. Deploy 5 heroes of the same type

This bonus can be checked right before starting a stage battle by tapping the eagle icon as seen in the image above. What’s great about this strategy is that your squad can gain up to 20% in all 3 main stats: HP, Attack, and Defense.

Same hero type power bonuses

Unfortunately, there will be battles where your squad will do -20% less damage if the type of enemy is the one your squad is weak against. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Tank heroes are strong against Aircraft enemies
  • Aircraft heroes are strong against Missile enemies
  • Missile heroes are strong against Tank enemies

And here are the bonuses depending on how many of the same type of heroes you have:

  • 3 Heroes of the same type: +5% HP, Attack, Defense
  • 3 Heroes of one type and 2 of another: +10% HP, Attack, Defense
  • 4 Heroes of the same type: +15% HP, Attack, Defense
  • 5 Heroes of the same type: +20% HP, Attack, Defense

5. Upgrade your heroes and equipment regularly

Upgrading the hero equipment

To increase your power, it’s important to level up your heroes, their tiers, and equipment regularly. This will not only make them more powerful but also unlock new skills for them to use in combat. For instance, to unlock the fourth skill of our Violet hero, it requires level 31 and a 4-star tier.

It’s also important to upgrade the equipment of your heroes, such as weapons and armor. These can greatly increase their stats and give them an advantage in battle. Epic and Legendary gear unlocks additional attributes when upgraded to certain levels, so make sure to invest in upgrading them.

6. Unlock and upgrade the Tactical Drone

Tactical Drone level 12 and its power bonuses in Last War: Survival Game
Tactical Drone level 12

The Tactical Drone in Last War: Survival Game is an excellent addition to your squad as it can attack enemies during battles. The higher the level of your drone, the more damage it can deal and the longer it will last in battle. To unlock your drone, you will need to construct the Drone Center building.

After that, you will need Battle Data items from completing Radar tasks and attacking zombies or Doom Elite monsters on the world map.

Doom Elites offer more items but you will need to be joined to a strong Alliance to take them down. Once you have enough Battle Data, you can upgrade your drone and increase its combat power.

7. Focus on upgrading key structures

Upgrading your base’s structures is essential to increase power in Last War: Survival Game. Each upgrade will enhance its abilities and offer more resources, which are vital for your success as a beginner. However, not all structures are equally important.

The most important one is the Headquarters because it will determine how far you can level up your heroes and which buildings you can construct. However, there are a few other structures that are also important, such as:

  • Builder’s Hut: the higher the level of this building, the more free speed-up time you will receive for construction projects.
  • Alliance Center: the higher the level, the more help you get from your allies, which translates into faster building and research times.
  • Resource Buildings: focus on upgrading these to increase your resource production, so you can keep up with the demands of upgrading other structures and training troops.
  • Barracks: it allows you to train more troops at once and unlock new tiers

8. Collect and level up unique decorations

Surprisingly, decorations are also a factor in increasing your power in Last War Survival. Each decoration provides unique bonuses to your base, such as increased HP or Attack. They exist in 3 rarities, the same as heroes, UR, SSR, and SR with the UR offering the best decorations in Last War: Survival Game.

You can collect decorations by participating in events and completing tasks. You should also level them up using Univeral Decor Components, which you can also obtain from events or premium packs.

9. Increase your chances of recruiting heroes

Recruiting high-quality heroes is not an easy task in Last War: Survival Game. That’s because we only have 1% drop chance for Legendary (UR) heroes, and 4% for Epic (SSR) characters. For better chances, try to recruit during special events or use 10 recruitment tickets at once.

You also get a guaranteed Legendary character every 38 draws, so keep an eye on your draw count (visible in the top-right corner of the Hero Recruitment page).

10. Utilize your gems wisely to accelerate your progress

Exchanging gems for VIP Points in Last War: Survival Game

Gems are the premium currency in Last War: Survival Game and can greatly accelerate your progress. However, they should be used wisely as they are not easy to obtain. In our opinion, the best way to spend gems in this game is to acquire VIP points. There are 17 VIP levels so far, and each additional VIP level comes with new buffs or higher bonuses for existing ones.

These buffs are permanent and will help you massively in the long run. The VIP page can be accessed via the button located in the top-left corner. To buy VIP points, tap the plus icon and select one of the available packs, where 1 gem equals 1 VIP point.

11. Plan coordinated attacks with your alliance

Attacking other players can be quite rewarding in terms of resources. But before sending your troops, it’s important to plan coordinated attacks with your alliance. This will not only increase your chances of success but also minimize risks and losses.

If you rather prefer to attack on your own, try to target players with a lower power level or the ones that are not members of any alliance. Be cautious as attacking players from stronger alliances can result in retaliation.

12. Send troops to take over resource tiles

Gold resource tile level 6 in Last War: Survival Game

Resources are the key to upgrading buildings and recruiting troops in Last War: Survival Game. A great way to gather resources is by sending troops to resource tiles on the map such as iron, food, and gold. The number of resources you can get from a tile depends on its level, which can range between 1 and 10.

However, the higher-level ones can only be found in the center of the map and are often heavily occupied by other players. This is why being a member of a strong alliance is important as the top-ranking ones are in general placed in the center area.

13. Stay active and participate in events

Last War: Survival Game offers a variety of events, challenges, and daily missions that can help you gain power. Make sure to participate in these regularly to maximize your progress.

Inactive players can easily fall behind in terms of power and are often kicked out of their alliances. if you do plan to take a longer pause, it would be wise to inform your allies (preferably R4 leaders) beforehand.

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