Last War Survival: How to Earn and Spend Diamonds Like a Pro

Learn the most effective ways to get and spend gems in Last War: Survival Game by reading this guide

how to earn diamonds in Last War: Survival Game and how to spend them correctly
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The world of Last War: Survival Game is full of challenges, and to overcome them, you need to be smart and strategic. One way to do that is by farming Red Diamonds, a special item that can help you instantly finish all kinds of tasks in this game.

Although it is considered a premium currency, you can earn Red Diamonds for free by completing certain tasks and challenges. Below, we will show you some of the best ways to earn and spend your Red Diamonds (also called Gems) so you can stay ahead of your competitors and be better prepared to face the zombies.

What are Diamonds used for in Last War Survival?

Gems or Red Diamonds are a valuable resource in Last War: Survival Game. They can be used to instantly finish building upgrades, tech researchers, training, or healing units, and buy Shields to protect your base from being attacked by other players.

With this special currency, you can speed up your progress significantly, giving you a competitive advantage against other players. But remember, diamonds must be spent strategically as they are not easy to accumulate.

Red Diamonds vs Gold Coins: What’s the difference?

Red Diamonds and gold coins are both essential currencies in Last War Survival, but they serve different purposes. Gold Coins are mainly used for upgrading the gear of our heroes and donating to Alliance techs.

Diamonds, on the other hand, have a wider range of uses as mentioned above. Between the two, gold coins are easier to earn through gameplay. However, gold coins can also be plundered by other players, while diamonds are safe from attacks.

How to get more Red Diamonds in Last War: Survival Game

These are the different ways you can earn Gems in Last War: Survival Game:

1. Open Mistery Supply boxes

Mystery Supply Boxes highlighted by a red rectangle in the Secret Mobile Squad event rewards preview page
Secret Mobile Squad’s Mystery Boxes to get red diamonds

Mystery Supply Boxes can drop up to 5,000 Diamonds instantly, which is the highest amount of diamonds you can get from any in-game source. However, the chance of getting them is extremely low – from 44 boxes opened I only got one 5K drop.

Nevertheless, is still an option worth trying if you’re feeling lucky. You can get Supply Mystery Boxes by completing tasks and assisting allies during the daily event, Secret Mobile Squad.

Here are the most valuable items in the Mystery Supply Boxes and their drop rates:

  • Resource Chests: 83.94% drop chance. Include 10K Food, and 10K Iron or 6K Coins.
  • Upgrade Ore: 2.5.% drop chance. Can be used to upgrade gear.
  • Survivor and Legendary Hero tickets: 1 per box at 0.25% drop rate
  • Diamonds: 10 Diamonds at 1% chance, 50 at 0.1%, and 5,000 Diamonds at 0.01% drop chance

2. Claim Mailbox System Rewards

200 Red Diamonds earned by opening System mailbox rewards in Last War: Survival Game
200 Diamonds earned from System mailbox rewards

System rewards are also a nice way to get more red diamonds in Last War: Survival Game. They are sent to your mailbox when new updates are released or when the game is undergoing maintenance. However, these rewards are often limited, so make sure to check your mailbox daily to claim them before they expire.

3. Complete Daily Tasks (up to 210 Diamonds per day)

Daily Tasks diamond rewards highlighted by a red rectangle in Last War: Survival mobile game
Daily Tasks gem rewards

Daily tasks are relatively easy missions that refresh every day. Completing them will reward you with up to 210 diamonds, which is a decent amount considering it’s completely free.

You can receive gems from tasks but also from those 5 boxes displayed at the top of that page. To open all 5 chests, you will need to accumulate 200 task points, where each task can offer you between 10 and 50 points.

4. Defeat Level 12+ world zombies

Level 20 world zombies on the map near our base in Last War: Survival and the gem rewards preview
Level 20 Zombie gem rewards preview

World zombies such as Ironhead, Glutton, and Mister, are not only a great way to farm Hero EXP books, but they also drop diamonds when defeated for the first time.

But keep in mind that only level 12 and above world zombies offer them. You can either use the search map button or wait for random world zombies to appear near your base (to avoid long walks).

5. Collect Intercity Trade rewards

Intercity Trade diamond rewards preview
Truck missions gem rewards – Intercity Trade

Intercity Trade, the daily truck missions, can also offer you a decent amount of diamonds when completed. You can access these missions by clicking on the Truck icon on the bottom left side of your screen, visiting the “Your Truck” tab, and tapping the plus signs in the center.

By default, you have 2 slots but you can unlock 2 more by unlocking more hero squads. You can complete 4 Intercity Trade missions per day.

6. Consider Premium packs and subscriptions

Although is not the most cost-efficient way, purchasing premium packs or subscriptions can also give you a large amount of red diamonds.

However, this should be done only if you are willing and able to spend real money on the game. Daily Must-buy or the Growth Fund are, in our opinion, the best options for getting red diamonds this way.

Best ways to spend your Gems in Last War Survival

We talked about how to earn red diamonds in Last War: Survival, now let’s discuss the best ways to spend them. Here are some tips:

1. Purchase VIP Points

This is by far the best way to spend your diamonds in Last War: Survival Game. Each additional VIP level brings powerful bonuses, including increased resource production, faster research and building speed, increased march speed for your squads, more units, and much more. One VIP point equals 1 diamond and you can exchange up to 2,500 diamonds at a time if you like.

2. Buy Shields (up to 3 days)

shields gem costs in Last War: Survival game

Shields can protect your base from being attacked by other players, giving you time to upgrade and improve your defenses without worrying about losing resources or troops. The longest shield lasts for 3 days but is quite expensive at 12,000 diamonds. You can also buy shorter shields (8 hours at 1,500 and 24 hours for 5,000).

3. Instant Finish Building or Research upgrades

If you’re in a hurry to upgrade your buildings or tech, red diamonds can come in handy. With just a few clicks, you can instantly finish the upgrades without having to wait for them to complete naturally or consume all your speed-ups.

We recommend, however, prioritizing the buildings that matter most for your base’s progress, such as resource production and those required for upgrading the Headquarters at your current level.

4. Heal Units

After a few zombie runs, or having your base unprotected during a PvP event, your units will need to be healed. While this can also be done using healing speedups, red diamonds allow you to instantly heal all of your units without any waiting time. This is especially useful during intense gameplay moments when you need all your troops ready for the next battle.


In summary, diamonds are a valuable currency in Last War: Survival Game that can greatly benefit your progress and the safety of your base in the game. If you know more ways to earn or spend those, contact us using the links at the bottom of this page.

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how to earn diamonds in Last War: Survival Game and how to spend them correctly
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