Last War Survival Game Tips & Tricks to Get You Started

Here are some essential Last War Survival Game tips and strategies to help you become a top player in this zombie-themed strategy game

Last War Survival Game tips and tricks

Last War Survival is a mobile game that stands out from other zombie survival games through its intense gameplay, customizable base building, and strategic team-building elements. In this constantly evolving world of zombies, your top priority is not only upgrading your strongest characters but also upgrading your buildings and constantly expanding your base.

To help you navigate this challenging game, this guide will offer you some essential Last War Survival Game tips and tricks to get started and ultimately defeat the zombies and any PvP challenge that comes your way.

Focus on Spec Ops and Stage Battles

Your journey in Last War: Survival Game, starts with your military base being conquered by a large army of zombies and fearsome monsters. As a survivor, your mission is to take back your base, rebuild it, and expand it while battling waves of zombies and challenging world bosses.

This game offers intense PvP and PvE gameplay, where you must utilize your strategic skills to defeat the evil forces and progress through the levels. You will need to gather enough resources to support your building and hero upgrades, all of which we will cover below!

The game has several play modes but the ones you should focus on in the early stages are the battles for clearing the blocks around your base and Spec Ops missions. Clearing blocks will help you expand your base’s territory and unlock more features, while Spec Ops is a great way to earn valuable items.

Collect screws to craft gear epic or legendary gear

My first tip for new players is to collect screws from the very beginning as you will need tens of thousands of these items to merge them and craft gear in the Gear Factory. Make sure to pay attention to the stats of each item when crafting gear for your heroes. For tanks and support heroes, prioritize items with high HP and Defense stats, while for attackers focus on Attack and Crit Rate. Guide Tips and Tricks for New Players
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The zombie groups are not easy to defeat in the early levels of Use these tips and tricks to get a head start.

As a beginner, you may only be able to craft blue gear with low stats, so I recommend saving your screws until you have a good amount and can try crafting Purple and Yellow gear. These rarities offer additional stats and can be upgraded. Don’t worry about collecting green or blue equipment as you will get plenty from missions and events.

Once you have a few thousand screws, visit the Merge tab in the Gear Factory to start merging them. Keep merging until you have enough green materials for blue gear, then continue until you have purple Synthetic Resin. This will allow you to craft epic gear items. To craft legendary items, you must first upgrade the Gear Factory to level 10 and continue using the same method of merging Synthetic Resin items.

Prioritize upgrading Headquarters

Upgrading the Headquarters in Last War: Survival Game
Upgrading the Headquarters

Your headquarters is the heart of your base, and it is crucial to constantly upgrade it. As you progress through the game, your HQ level will determine what buildings and upgrades are available to you, as well as how far you can level up your heroes (in general, each HQ level comes with a 5-level cap increase for your heroes). Hence, it is essential to prioritize upgrading your Headquarters over other buildings.

Enhance and equip your heroes strategically

Heroes play a critical role in Last War Survival, with each hero possessing unique skills that can either support your entire team or deal massive damage to the enemy. In this game, you should know that there are 3 rarities: UR (also known as Legendary), SSR (also known as Epic), and SR (also known as Rare).

Although the UR are the strongest heroes in the game, they are also hard to get (at least in the early stages of the game). Knowing which heroes to upgrade and equip first based on their rarity and skills is crucial for your overall progress as it will save you a lot of resources and hero EXP.

Our advice is to focus on getting as many SSR heroes in the beginning and slowly upgrading and equipping them while waiting for the UR heroes to come your way.

Guide to mastering the battle scenarios

Battle demo in Last War Survival Game, picking the blue powerups
Picking the ATK boost

The game’s main story features several stages that you will need to complete as you progress through the levels. To win the fight, you need to defeat a required number of zombies.

As the fight proceeds, you need to collect the blue items and avoid the red ones. Sometimes you will also have two blue items or two red ones so you need to decide quickly which one to collect.

Our advice is to prioritize the blue ones that increase your attack power and army instead of attack speed or critical chance. Another crucial thing to winning battles is to have a well-balanced team with all 3 roles: Attack, Tank, and Support.

Attack heroes are perfect for dealing damage, while Tank heroes help protect your team and absorb enemy attacks. Support heroes have skills that can heal or buff your entire team.

Claim all the freebies to help your progress

Like most mobile games, Last War Survival also offers daily login rewards, achievements, and other bonuses that can help boost your progression in the game. Be sure to claim all these freebies every day as they will help you gather resources, and upgrade your heroes and your base.

The most consistent ones can be found in your in-game mailbox and the events page. But the lines from the Hot Deals, Mall, and VIP page (in case you have at least level 1) also offer great rewards.

Join an active alliance and play your part

Alliance tech in Last War Survival Game

As mentioned earlier, your progress in this game also depends on joining forces with other players around the world. By joining an active and supportive alliance, you can receive help from other players which decreases the time required to upgrade your buildings. Moreover, you can also participate in alliance wars and events where you can earn rewards and increase your resources.

Your role as a member should be contributing to the Alliance Tech with coins. In return, you will receive Alliance Contribution points that can be exchanged in the Alliance Store for speedups, equipment parts, Teleporters, and more.

Recruit and allocate survivors to boost production

Aside from heroes, survivors are also essential for your base’s development as they provide bonuses to resource production. In the beginning, you will be recruiting some survivors (low quality though).

To do that, you will have to tap those citizens gathered in front of your city’s gate. Survivors can also be recruited with gems, after upgrading the Tavern building to level 7.

Recruiting Survivors in Last War: Survival Game
Recruiting Survivors

Just like heroes, they also have three rarities, the yellow ones offering the highest bonuses. Each survivor has also a profession such as farming, or mining, and they need to be allocated to the specific buildings that match their profession. To maximize your resource production, make sure to constantly check and reallocate your survivors whenever you upgrade or build a new building.

Use your gems to speed up upgrades

Gems are the premium currency in Last War Survival, and they can be used for various purposes such as speeding up building, hero upgrades, or recruiting survivors. Use them whenever necessary but try to save them for more important and urgent upgrades such as the Headquarters building. Gems can be earned by completing tasks or by purchasing premium packs in the game’s shop.

Remember to collect your Armed Truck loot

Collecting the Armed Truck loot
Collecting the Armed Truck loot

The Armed Truck is another handy feature in Last War Survival, especially for those of you just getting started. It appears in front of your base and it automatically collects resources over a maximum duration of 8.5 hours (no matter if you are online or not). It includes resources like food, iron and hero EXP. Be sure to collect your loot as soon you log into the game to keep a steady flow of resources for your base.

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