Last War Survival Game: A Complete Guide to Survivors

Survivor characters play a crucial role in helping players progress in Last War Survival Game. Learn everything about them by reading this guide.

A complete guide to survivors in Last War: Survival Game
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Last War: Survival game has plenty of exciting features to keep you hooked, from upgrading your heroes to teaming up with fellow players in epic zombie battles or leveling up your base buildings to improve your rankings on those leaderboards. But among all the action and excitement, one crucial element often gets neglected – survivors.

These characters play a vital role in the game because they can offer various bonuses to help your progress. So, in this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about survivor characters in Last War: Survival Game, including how to use them effectively, how to acquire new ones, and what can you do to improve their abilities. Let’s get started!

Survivors vs Heroes in Last War: Survival Game

Before we dive into the specifics of survivors, let’s understand the difference between survivors and heroes in Last War: Survival Game.

Heroes are the main characters in the game. They are the leaders of your trained units and can be used in combat. Upgrading them will increase your combat power and help you win more PvE or PvP battles, and have a better defense for your base overall. These characters can also be equipped with different gear items and you can level up their skills and star rank for even more significant advantages.

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On the other hand, survivors are supporters and offer various bonuses to your game progress. They don’t participate in battles directly, but their bonus effects can significantly impact your hero’s performance or base resource productivity. The one thing that they have in common with heroes is that they also have multiple rarity tiers, the yellow one (UR) being the best.

Understanding the survivor types

At the moment, you have access to 15 different types of survivors in the Last War Survival game. Each one offers unique bonuses that can help you with various activities such as healing your troops, training or upgrading units, upgrading buildings, resource protection, researching new technologies, and many more.

Keep in mind that each survivor has a specific color which indicates their rarity level – from gray being the weakest to yellow being the strongest. Survivors with gray, green, and blue colors cannot be upgraded like the purple and yellow ones, which means they won’t provide any additional bonuses (besides the basic bonus) at higher star levels.

Which ones should you prioritize?

Among all survivors, as mentioned, the purple and yellow survivors should be your priority. But what types should you focus on first? This will depend on your gameplay style and what you value the most in the game.

Do you want to have a stronger defense for your base or faster resource production? For better base protection and power, you should have and upgrade your Instructors, Officers, and Nurses.

For resource production and resource protection, Farmers, Miners, Gold Miners, all Keepers (Barn, Vault, and Iron Storage), and Hunters should be your top ones to focus on.

As for overall base development, better building speed, and faster tech research, you should upgrade your Builders, Attendants, Mechanics, Lawyers, and Scientists. For more details on this topic, make sure to check out our survivor tier list video for a more in-depth analysis and ranking of each type.

How to use survivors in Last War: Survival Game

Assigning survivors to buildings via the Talent Hall building in Last War: Survival Game
Assigning survivors via the Tallent Hall building

The survivor characters in Last War: Survival Game need to be attached/assigned to your buildings to benefit from their bonuses. That being said, you have two options:

  • Attach them individually by tapping each base and making sure all slots are filled (there are 4 survivor slots per building).
  • Unlock the Talent Hall building which gives you access to all the buildings that can have survivors and their slots.

The second method is a better option because it saves you time and you can have an overview of all your building slots and the active survivors in one place. The only inconvenience is that requires Headquarters level 17, and therefore is not accessible to starting players of this game.

How to recruit more survivors

Using survivor tickets in Last War: Survival Game and the free option cooldown
Recruiting survivors with recruitment tickets

There are three ways to get new survivor characters in Last War Survival game:

  1. Using survivor recruitment tickets
  2. Tapping the ones waiting in front of the gate
  3. Completing radar missions

Using survivor recruitment tickets

Using survivor recruitment tickets is the most common method, but unfortunately, these tickets are not easy to accumulate. I’m currently at Headquarters level 17 and I only have got around 7 or 8 survivor tickets so far. There is also a free recruitment option but you can only use it once every 2 days or so.

Pro Tip: Assign attendant-type survivors to your Tavern to decrease the cooldown of the free survivor recruit option.

Luckily, you can purchase these tickets from your Alliance store where 1 Survivor Recruitment Ticket costs 2,000 contribution points (quite affordable if you ask me). Another method of purchasing this type of ticket is via the Diamond Store where 1 Survivor Recruitment Ticket costs 400 red diamonds.

Tapping the ones waiting in front of the gate

Recruiting the survivors waiting in front of the base gate in Last War Survival game
Tapping the ones waiting in front of the gate is the easiest way

This is the fastest way to recruit survivors in this strategy mobile game but the chances of getting yellow or even purple rarity are quite slim. The good news is that you will get many gray, green and even blue ones. You just need to tap the ones with the question marks waiting in front of the gate inside your base and read/skip all the dialogs. Some of them only offer resources but sometimes you’ll get a survivor.

Completing radar missions

Lastly, the radar missions, besides the fact that they are an excellent way of getting Hero XP and valuable items for your combat drone, sometimes drop survivors as well. Make sure you increase the mission level of that map by completing as many radar missions as possible as it will offer you more tasks daily and better rewards.

Maximizing your survivors’ abilities

To get the most out of your survivors, you should upgrade the purple and yellow ones. This will increase their star rating up to 5 and increase the extra bonuses they provide with each additional star tier.

To do this, you will need to have 5 identical survivor duplicates and 5 general survivor shards per star level. These drop every time you get the same survivor after using your survivor tickets.


Survivors are a fantastic way to boost your level and progression in Last War Survival. They may not seem as crucial as heroes, but their bonuses can significantly impact your gameplay. Make sure you recruit them regularly, upgrade, and replace them with better ones to improve your base’s resource production and hero performance.

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