Whiteout Survival Best Teams for PvE and PvP Battles

Here are the best teams to build in Whiteout Survival, one for each game mode mentioned in this guide.

Whiteout Survival best teams

Whiteout Survival features a range of challenging gameplay modes, from intense PvP battles to thrilling PvE missions. To succeed in any of these activities, it is crucial to have the best teams by your side. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you assemble five powerful and versatile teams for different types of gameplay.

That includes the overall best team, the top exploration team, the strongest arena team, the most efficient wilderness team, and a beginner-friendly team to get you started. We also recommend checking out our Whiteout Survival tier list to further optimize your team compositions.

Whiteout Survival Best Exploration Team

Whiteout Survival Best Exploration Team
Whiteout Survival Best Exploration Team
  • Mia (Lancer)
  • Philly (Lancer)
  • Natalia (Infantry)
  • Greg (Marksman)
  • Alonso (Marksman)

In our opinion, this team is the best for tackling Exploration stages. With Mia and Philly’s stun chance, you’ll have an easier time taking down tough enemies, while Natalia’s tanking skills will keep your team safe.

Greg and Alonso provide additional DPS and crowd control, making them valuable assets in any battle. Plus, with Philly’s healing skills, you won’t have to worry about your team’s health while facing powerful bosses. Overall, a well-rounded and reliable team for exploration.

Whiteout Survival Best Arena Team

Best team for Arena PvP
Best team for Arena PvP
  • Moly (Lancer)
  • Hector (Infantry)
  • Logan (Infantry)
  • Wayne (Marksman)
  • Lynn (Marksman)

This well-balanced team excels in the fast-paced and competitive Arena mode. With Hector and Logan as the frontline tanks, Moly a strong damage dealer with a wide area of effect from her Super Snowball weapon, and Wayne and Lynn, two amazing ranged DPS characters, you will have an edge over your opponents.

Use Moly’s ultimate to freeze enemies in place and then let Wayne and Lynn unleash their powerful attacks. On top of that, Lynn’s ability to reduce the enemy’s healing effects will come in handy against teams with healers, while Hector’s immunity to control effects will give your team extra protection. Overall, a solid choice for dominating the Arena.

Whiteout Survival Best Wilderness Team

Best Wilderness Team for Whiteout Survival
Best team for PvE (wilderness creatures) in Whiteout Survival

The wilderness, meaning the creatures found on the world map in Whiteout Survival, requires a different approach than the other game modes. For this team, we recommend:

  • Ahmose (Infantry)
  • Wu Ming (Infantry)
  • Renee (Lancer)
  • Norah (Lancer)
  • Wayne (Marksman)

This powerful team is perfect for taking on dangerous beasts such as Snow Leopards, Giant Elks, or world bosses such as Saber-tooth Tigers, and Mammoths.

With the combination of Ahmose and Wu Ming’s AOE damage and tanking abilities, Renee’s damage boost to enemies, and Norah’s impressive single-target damage, your team will be unstoppable.

And with Wayne providing additional ranged DPS, you’ll have a well-rounded team that can handle any wilderness encounter.

Whiteout Survival Best Team for Beginners

Whiteout Survival Best Team for Beginners
Whiteout Survival best team for new players

For this team, we focused on Epic heroes as legendary ones are not easy to get in the beginning. For players just starting the game, we recommend:

  • Natalia (Infantry)
  • Patrick (Infantry)
  • Jessie (Lancer)
  • Walis Bokan (Lancer)
  • Bahiti (Marksman)

In the early stages of Whiteout Survival, it’s important to have a team that can carry you through the game while also being easy to obtain. This team provides a balance of tanking, healing, and damage-dealing abilities, making it perfect for beginners.

With Natalia, a legendary hero that you receive on your first premium pack purchase, as your tank, and Patrick as a secondary tank with healing skills, your team will have enough survivability to endure tough battles. Jessie and Walis Bokan offer good damage output, while Bahiti’s powerful ranged attacks make her an excellent addition to the team.

Tips for building a strong team in Whiteout Survival

If the teams we listed above don’t quite fit your playstyle, or the heroes you have available, don’t worry. We’ve got some valuable tips to help you build a strong team that suits your preferences and needs in Whiteout Survival. The four most important factors to consider when building a strong team in Whiteout Survival are rarity, synergy, class balance, and skills.

Rarity refers to the rarity level of your characters, with higher rarity typically indicating stronger and more versatile abilities. There are 3 tiers of rarity in Whiteout Survival: Rare (R), Epic (SR), and Legendary (SSR). The SSR characters are the most challenging to obtain, but they can greatly enhance your team’s overall power.

Synergy is crucial in building a cohesive team that can work together effectively. Look for characters with complementary skills and abilities, such as the ones that increase damage for a specific class. A good example here is Hector who can increase the damage dealt by Marksmen heroes by 10%.

Class balance is also important as it ensures a well-rounded team capable of handling different types of challenges. Make sure to have a mix of tanks, healers, damage dealers, and support characters in your team.

Lastly, pay attention to the skills of your chosen characters. Each character has unique active and passive skills that can greatly impact their performance in battles. Consider how these skills can work together and how much damage or healing they can provide to your team.

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