How to Get Resources Faster in Whiteout Survival

Learn how to get resources faster in White Out Survival, including Coal, Iron, Wood, Meat, and Steel by using these efficient techniques

How to get resources faster in White Out Survival
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Whiteout Survival is a popular mobile strategy game that requires you to collect resources quickly and efficiently to build your kingdom and take it to the highest level. Gathering resources faster is important because it allows you to upgrade buildings, train troops and research new technologies at a faster rate.

In this guide, we will explain some strategies and techniques to get resources faster in Whiteout Survival, including Steel, Coal, Iron, Wood, and Meat.

Level up your Resource Worksites

The first thing you need to do if you want to get resources faster and increase resource production is to level up all your worksites in your city. This includes the Iron Mine, Coal Mine, Sawmill, and Hunter’s Hut. The higher the level, the more resources they produce.

Similarly, make sure all workstations are filled with workers, as in general, more slots become available with each upgrade. If you have more workstation slots than survivors, upgrade more Shelters.

You should as well progress through the Exploration stages so you can get more Steel from the Idle Income reward and the stage rewards.

Enact Policies

Policies are a great way to get resources fast in Whiteout Survival, as long as the Mood of your survivors is sufficiently high. Policies can be activated from the Chief’s House building in your City and they can provide bonuses such as increased production of Meat, Wood, Coal, and Iron, among many others.

Each policy requires a certain number of Contentment Stars, a currency that is automatically generated depending on how satisfied your survivals are. Can also be collected via the Offline Income reward.

The policies that can boost resource production in Whiteout Survival are the following:

  • Productivity Day – offers a +100% resource output across all resource worksites for 24 hours for a cost of -10 Mood for all survivors, and 50,000 Contentment Stars.
  • Rush Job – Gives you an instant 5 days’ worth of resources from all resource buildings for a price of 150,000 Contentment Stars. Lasts 24 hours.
  • Night Shifts – forces all survivors at all worksites to work continuously for 48 hours. It costs -10 Mood and 50,000 Contentment Stars.

Increase your Chief’s Approval Rating

The Chief’s Approval Rating is given by your survivors based on the decisions you take in the Suggestion Box. Every day you get a few complaints in this box and you need to choose between two options – one that favors the survivors and one that may not.

To raise your Chief’s Approval Rating, make sure you read the complaints carefully and always choose the option that is more beneficial to your citizens.

Once you chose the one that helps the most, your rating will increase a few moments later after receiving an appreciation message from that survivor.

Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on the Suggestion Box and take action daily as you get a reward based on this rating (tap the second image above).

The reward includes Coal, Iron, and Wood. The Suggestion Box can be accessed by taping the mailbox, which is located on the south side of the Furnace in your city.

Upgrade the VIP level

The VIP feature is a great way to get more resources in the long run. Upgrading your VIP level will grant you access to new benefits and rewards such as increased resource production speed, and a larger Storehouse Capacity, among many others.

You will also get access to various offers in the VIP Shop, and the higher your VIP level, the better these offers are. To upgrade your VIP level you should use the free “VIP Points” that are earned every day just by logging in consecutively, or by spending Gems to get various VIP points packs.

Currently, I have a level 3 VIP and it gives me a 6% Resource Production Speed buff. However, as you can see in the first image above, this buff’s percentage increases with each level and for example, at VIP level 7, this buff is upgraded to 14%.

Maximize the Economy tech tree

The Economy tech tree in the Research Center building is a crucial part of the game and it will allow you to get more resources faster. It consists of different tech tiers for each of the 4 resource types: Meat, Coal, Wood, and Iron. The more you upgrade these tech tiers, the more resources your city will produce.

Gather resources efficiently

Resource gathering is the method that will offer you the largest number of resources in Whiteout Survival. To maximize the efficiency of this process, there are 3 major things to keep in mind:

1. Choose the highest-level Resource Nodes

these nodes offer the most resources and are usually located near the center of the map. At the moment, the highest level resource node in this game is level 8.

2. Stay within your Alliance Territory

once you have joined an Alliance, you should teleport your city within your Alliance Territory as this will give several bonuses, among which is the 20% Resource Gathering Speed increase. The great news is that you get the bonus even if the Resource Node is not located inside the Alliance Territory.

3. Upgrade your Growth heroes

these heroes have skills that can increase the resource gathering speed while gathering on the map, as well as the resource production in your city.

These skills are located under the Expedition side on the hero’s Skills tab. Upgrade them and use the best heroes in Whiteout Survival for each type of resource.

Collect the Offline Income at least twice a day

Offline Income accumulated resources in White Out Survival

As the name implies, Offline Income is a reward you can collect daily for the amount of time your survivors have been working. This reward includes resources such as Iron, Wood, Coal, and Meat, as well as Contentment Stars.

Make sure to collect it twice a day if you want to get the most out of it because the accumulation period is set to 12 hours maximum.

Create a Farm Account

A Whiteout Survival farm account is probably the most efficient way to get resources consistently in this game. This is basically an extra account that you can use to gather resources, and then transfer a large number of them to your main account.

Creating a farm account is simple, the only caveat is that it needs to constantly switch between two or more accounts and manage them, which requires more time.

Unlock more Troop Formations

Having multiple Troop Formations is very important in this game because will allow you to send more than one formation to gather resources, and attack creatures, or other players on the map.

By default, this game provides you with only one troop formation but you can have up to 6 if you fulfill the requirements. You will need to research the Comand Tactics tech 1, 2, and 3 techs in the Growth research tree, and level up your Furnace as well.

For example, to unlock the third Troop Formation slot you need to reach Furnace level 20, and level 23 for the fourth one. The fifth slot requires VIP level 5, while the last Troop Formation slot, the sixth one, requires VIP level 8.

Do your Daily and Growth Missions

Daily and Growth missions, as we mentioned in our beginner’s guide to Whiteout Survival, are a great way to gain more resources and other valuable rewards.

Every day you can complete several daily missions and unlock special chests that will offer additional resources, speedups, and other rewards. Growth Missions, besides the resource tokens, also offer essential items that you can use to upgrade your heroes.

Take part in every event possible

Event missions/tasks can offer you a ton of resources and other valuable items. For example, during the Plan Your City event, the first two challenges offer impressive Coal, Meat, Iron, and Wood rewards. All you need to do to claim them is to upgrade buildings and use speedups.

Another example of an event that offers nice resource tokens, is the Foundry Battle. During this event, Alliance leaders R4 and R5 leaders can pick up to 30 combatants and 10 substitutes to participate.

All participants will be rewarded with resource tokens, Advanced Teleports, Arsenal Tokens, and much more, regardless if they win or not.

Attack creatures regularly

The creatures you see on the map such as Arctic Wolves, Giant Elks, Cave Hyenas, or Giant Tapirs, are also a fantastic way to get more resources. Each creature you kill on the map will drop loot boxes that contain random rewards inside them.

You can get various Hero XP, and in most cases, Meat, Wood, Coal, or Iron resource tokens. Defeat them daily and you can have a good number of resources added to your storage.

Whiteout Survival Resources FAQ

How to get Steel in Whiteout Survival?

At the moment, the only possible way to get Steel in Whiteout Survival is by completing Exploration stages and claiming the Exploration Idle Income.

What is the fastest way to get resources in Whiteout Survival?

The fastest way to get resources in Whiteout Survival is by activating the Rush Job policy which gives you resources instantly, equal to 5 days of production from all the worksites in your city.

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