Whiteout Survival Alliances: All You Need to Know

All you must know about White Out Survival Alliances, including how to create or join an Alliance, rank permissions, territory benefits, and chests.

White Out Survival Alliance Guide - All about Alliances
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Whiteout Survival has a variety of ways to play, either in PvE or PvP modes such as raiding other payers’ cities or fighting in the Arena. While playing solo is also an option, it would be wise to join or create an Alliance if you want to maximize your chances of success.

In this guide, we will provide all the information you need to know about Whiteout Survival Alliances, including creating or joining an Alliance, and all the benefits like special rewards, territory benefits, member ranks, and more.

What is an Alliance in Whiteout Survival?

Alliance Menu in the White Out Survival mobile game

An Alliance in Whiteout Survival gives you the opportunity to team up with other players, allowing for more efficient resource gathering, trading, and the ability to have a more organized and powerful team to fight against enemies.

When you join an Alliance, you become part of a larger group of players, who can provide each other with help, resources, troop reinforcements, and useful tips and tricks.

Another major benefit of being an Alliance member is that you can gain access to exclusive rewards and bonuses, based on your tech contributions and how well your Alliance performs as a whole.

How to Join an Alliance in Whiteout Survival

To be able to join or create an Alliance in Whiteout Survival, you must first reach Furnace level 7. Once you do that, the Alliance banner icon will appear at the bottom of your screen, and tapping it will bring up two options: Create or Join an Alliance.

To join one, you need to press the join button, which takes you to the alliance list with all the available alliances for you to join.

How to join an alliance in White Out Survival

Things to consider when Joining an Alliance

When joining an Alliance, there are a few things you should consider. First of all, make sure that the language chosen by its leader is one that you understand. It’s also important to take a look at the Alliance level (11 is the highest at the moment) because a higher level means better daily rewards from chests and gifts.

Lastly, check the member count to get a better idea of how active and powerful the Alliance is. However, the power and the member count are not always directly related.

Some Alliances might have only a few members but a high power level due to their advanced cities and troop power. In any case, an Alliance with more members is always better for your game progress.

How to Create an Alliance in Whiteout Survival

The process of creating an Alliance in Whiteout Survival is quite similar to joining one. Instead of pressing the join button, you will press the create button, and then you will be asked to customize your Alliance.

You will need to choose an Alliance name, banner, a short description (decree), and language. You also need to specify whether players can join instantly, or they need to meet a specific power requirement.

How to create an Alliance in White Out Survival

Things to consider when Creating an Alliance

If your Furnace level is below level 10, it will cost you 400 Gems to create one. Beyond level 10, it will be free, so you might reconsider before spending your Gems, as they are not so easy to obtain.

You should also take into account that starting an alliance requires more time and effort, and you will actively compete against other and more powerful alliances.

But once you climb into the top 10 most powerful alliances, things will become much easier as those alliances usually have a NAP agreement, which means they don’t attack each other’s city or farm accounts.

Alliance Benefits and Features

Here are all the benefits and features that you get when joining or creating an Alliance in the Whiteout Survival strategy mobile game:

Alliance Member Ranks and Permissions

Each member of an Alliance can have a different rank, which comes with its own set of permissions. Ranks go from R1, which has the lowest permissions, to R5, which is the founder and leader of the alliance. This player has the highest level of authority and access. Here’s a breakdown of each rank’s permissions:

Alliance members and ranks

R1 and R2 ranks

The R1 rank is automatically given to new members and has the least privileges among all ranks. Members with this rank can only access the alliance chat channel, view other members’ profiles, contribute to alliance tech, or leave the alliance.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much difference between these two ranks. R2 has all of the R1 permissions plus the ability to message all members.

R3 rank

The R3 rank has all permissions of the previous ranks, plus the ability to promote or demote R2 and R1 members. This is a big improvement and can definitely help maintain the alliance at its optimal level.

R4 rank

This is where the power of this rank begins to show, as there is a huge difference between this rank and all the previous ones. The spots of this rank are quite limited and the leader must choose wisely when granting it.

Members with the R4 rank can promote or demote members from the R3 rank and below, kick players from the alliance, and start researching new Alliance Techs.

They also have access to Alliance settings such as changing the language, editing the bulletin and decree, constructing Alliance buildings, changing the recruitment settings, and managing alliance invites.

R5 rank

The R5 rank is given to the founder and leader of the Alliance, so they have full control over all aspects of it. This rank has all the permissions from the previous ranks, plus the ability to build Alliance HQ, transfer leadership, disband or rename the alliance, and edit the tag.

Alliance Territory and Buildings

Alliance hive and territory in White Out Survival

The Alliance Territory offers great benefits to all members. It is basically the land conquered by the Alliance members and it can be used to construct Alliance buildings such as Alliance HQ, Hunting Trap, Champion Silver Statue, Competitor, and Foundry Rewards.

These buildings offer various bonuses like increased resource gathering (a good example is the Competitor building), as well as increased troop attack and defense for all members. These bonuses can be increased even further by upgrading the Alliance level and by expanding the territory.

Alliance Chests and Gifts

This section will offer you daily rewards based on the entire activity of all members as a whole. Each time a member defeats a Polar Terror or an Out-of-Control Cryptid, all members receive a Loot Chest which can contain resources, speedups, and other essential items.

When you, or any member, collect a chest, you also get a certain number of Honer Keys. These keys are used to fill up the bar displayed at the top of this page, which contains a bigger chest called Honor Chest Reward, with better rewards for everybody.

The Alliance Gift tab offers certain rewards to all members, each time a member buys a premium pack.

Alliance Tokens and Tech Contributions

Alliance Tech Contributions

The Tech Contribution section in the Alliance menu offers the opportunity to all members to contribute resources and/or Gems and get Alliance Tokens in return. The Tech section has 3 tabs: Growth, Territory, and Battle.

Each tab has multiple techs that need to be researched, a feature quite similar to the individual research we have in the Research Center building. However, unlike normal tech research, Alliance techs can only be started by R4 and R5 members, and only when the required number of resources is provided by members.

When a tech is researched, it will provide valuable bonuses to all members, either for economic growth, military, or territory-related. To get the most out of your contribution, you should aim to contribute to techs recommended by leaders.

These techs can be identified by the green “ok” icon displayed on the top-left corner of a tech and can offer you up to +20% more contribution rewards.

Each contribution requires a certain number of specific resources such as Coal, Wood, Meat, or Iron, and you can contribute up to 25 times consecutively. Once you have used all your contribution attempts, you will get a new attempt every 10 minutes.

Alliance Shop

Alliance Shop White Out Survival

The Alliance Shop is where you can spend all your accumulated Alliance Tokens from Tech Contributions. Here you will find deals for various in-game items such as Territory Teleporters, any type of speedups, hero shards, Chief Rename Cards, City Shields, and much more.

And the great thing about this shop is that the discounts are usually up to 40% or more. This is why is very important to contribute resources daily to Alliance Tech, so you can get more tokens because the prices are not cheap at all.

Alliance Help and the Embassy Building

The Alliance Help is one of the greatest benefits of being a part of an Alliance in Whiteout Survival. Players can request and offer help with building upgrades and individual tech research.

To do that, all you need to do is to press the “shaking hands” icon that appears above the Alliance icon at the bottom of your screen. Once you do that, you help other members by reducing their building upgrade and research times by 1 minute.

As I mentioned, this works both ways – the more members will help you with your help requests, the faster your buildings and techs will be upgraded. However, the duration and number of help attempts are limited in the early stages of your city, but you can improve them by upgrading the Embassy building.

Bottom Line

Alliances play an important role in Whiteout Survival, and they have many benefits to offer. Joining an Alliance will give you access to a lot of rewards, and even protect you from enemy attacks. Do your best to contribute to your Alliance, be active in the chat and activities related to it, and take full advantage of all the goodies it has to offer. Good luck!

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