Last War Survival Game: How to Defend Your Base

Here are a few tips and strategies to protect your base and resources in Last War: Survival Game from unexpected enemy attacks.

How to protect your base in Last War: Survival Game

In our previous guide, we discussed the various methods to gain power in Last War: Survival Game. However, many players often ignore the importance of defending their own base against attacks from other players.

This can result in losing valuable resources, and significantly delay your progress. In this guide, we will discuss the top strategies for protecting your base or city in Last War: Survival Game so that you can hold off enemy attacks and maintain your power and resources in the game.

What happens if your base is burning?

If your city or base is under attack and starts to burn, it means that your defending legions have been defeated by an enemy attack several times. As a result, your base will be randomly teleported on the map.

Once the PvP activity is over, which usually happens during weekends, you should teleport back to your alliance hive so that you can take part in various activities with your allies. However, there are certain ways to prevent your base from being burned in the first place. Let’s explore them further.

Set your defense lineup

Defense Lineup in Last War: Survival Game

One of the most crucial aspects of protecting your base is setting up a strong and balanced defense lineup. This means making sure all your squads are checked (see the green checkmark in the above image) and have enough power to handle incoming attacks.

To do that, while viewing your base from the world map, tap on your base and then the home plus icon. Next, tap “Set Defense Lineup” and assign your squads.

It’s also essential to have a strong hero lineup with different types of units, prioritizing the ones having a Tank role (preferably UR rarity). They can absorb a lot of damage and protect other units in your lineup. This strategy will give you a higher chance of surviving enemy attacks.

Train more units and upgrade the existing ones

Upgrading the existing units in Last War: Survival Game
Upgrading the existing units in Last War: Survival Game

Besides having a good lineup, it’s essential to continuously train and upgrade your units. Higher-level units are more powerful and have better stats, making them harder to defeat in enemy attacks.

You can check the number of your troops defending your base under the In-Base Units field, the same place where you set your defense lineup (see the above screenshot).

Also, make sure to always have a full army ready to defend. In other words, avoid sending your troops to gather resources if you are not sure you can protect your base while they are away.

Save your gems to buy shields

Purchasing shields with gems
Purchasing shields

Gems are a valuable currency in Last War: Survival Game and one way to use them is by purchasing shields. Shields are the most secure way to protect your base for a certain amount of time, during which other players cannot attack your base or city.

This is especially helpful if you know you won’t be able to log in for a while or if you are expecting to be attacked by stronger players. The only downside is that shields can be expensive, so make sure to use your gems wisely and only when necessary. Here is a breakdown of the shield options and their costs:

  • 8-hour shield: 1,500 gems
  • 24-hour shield: 5,000 gems
  • 3-day shield: 12,000 gems.

Use a random teleporter quickly

In case your base or city is under attack and you don’t have a shield, using a random teleporter can be a helpful last resort. Random teleporters can instantly relocate your base to a different location on the map, making it harder for enemies to find and attack you.

However, keep in mind that this is a temporary solution and doesn’t guarantee full protection as there could still be players nearby looking for targets. It’s best to use this option quickly and then work on finding a safer location to settle in for longer-term protection.

Increase the VIP level for better buffs

VIP level 10 benefits for base defense

The VIP system offers various benefits in the game, including combat-related buffs that can improve your base’s defense capabilities. These buffs include increased troop attack and defense, as well as faster healing times for injured troops (starting from VIP level 10).

The higher your VIP level, the better the buffs you can receive, so make sure to increase your VIP level whenever possible by spending gems and collecting your daily VIP points.

Upgrade your heroes and their gear

Another important factor in defending your base is having strong heroes with high-level gear. Heroes are essential in battles, so make sure to always level them up and equip them with the best gear you have available.

Upgrading hero levels can improve their stats and abilities, while better gear can provide bonuses like increased attack or defense. Also, remember to prioritize purple and legendary gear when upgrading as these are the only ones that offer additional stats every 10 levels.

Use your resource chests only when needed

Resource chests are a vital part of the game as they contain valuable resources that can be used for upgrading your base buildings or researching new techs. However, it’s important not to use them all at once, as other players may scout you and see your resources. Instead, use them only when performing upgrades via the “Replenish All” button.

This way, your resources are automatically used enough to achieve the required amount for an upgrade, but not all at once, minimizing the risk of losing them in an enemy attack.

Unlock and activate a unique base skin

The Dual Propeller Base skin and its bonuses
The Dual Propeller Base skin

Last but not least, consider unlocking and activating a unique base skin. These skins not only make your base look different from others on the map, but they also provide various bonuses and buffs.

For example, the “Dual Propeller Base” skin gives a 5% increase in Attack, Defense, and HP for all your heroes even just for unlocking it. The only drawback is that these skins are only available during limited-time events or from purchasing premium packs, so keep an eye out for them.

Join a strong alliance and be reinforced

Being part of a strong alliance is crucial for protection in Last War: Survival Game. Allies can provide reinforcements for your base or city when under attack, making it harder for enemies to defeat you.

Additionally, being part of an alliance means having more players to help with resources and strategies for defending against attacks. Make sure to join a strong and active alliance and communicate with them regularly to coordinate defense efforts.

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