7 Most Important Buildings in Last War: Survival Game

And which ones you should prioritize upgrading, so you can build a strong base and prosper in the game.

Most important buildings in Last War: Survival Game
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Lately, we received many questions from players asking about the most important buildings in Last War: Survival Game. As a survival game, it is crucial to prioritize your resources and make wise decisions when it comes to building your base.

This guide will introduce you to the top 7 buildings that will help you speed up your progress in the game and ensure your survival against waves of zombies. Whether you are new to the game or a pro player, these buildings are essential from the very first moments of gameplay.

1. Headquarters

Headquarters building level 17 in Last War: Survival Game
  • Upgrade requirements: resources, other buildings
  • Benefits: increase in power, hero level cap, attack and defense

Headquarters is the heart of your base in Last War: Survival Game. It determines your base level and unlocks new buildings and features for you to explore. Upgrading your Headquarters will increase the hero cap level by 5 for each additional level and offers a small bonus for your characters in HP, and Attack.

However, it is also the most challenging building to upgrade in the game because, in addition to the required number of resources, you will also need to raise the level of other essential buildings. Even so, this building should be your number one priority to progress in the game and ensure constant power growth in this zombie mobile title.

2. Resource Production (Field, Smelter, Iron Mine, Coin Vault)

Resource production buildings in Last War: Survival Game
Resource buildings
  • Upgrade requirements: food, iron
  • Benefits: a steady resource income for your base

Resources are essential for keeping your base and troops running in Last War: Survival Game. The Field produces food, the Smelter produces Ore, the Iron Mine produces iron, and the Coin Vault produces gold – all essential for building and upgrading your base, as well as training and equipping your troops.

Upgrading these buildings will not only increase their production rate but also ensure you a steady supply of resources to progress in the game. Make sure to prioritize these buildings as well, especially in the early stages of gameplay.

TIP: Among these four, Field and Iron Mine are even more important because food and iron are the only resources required for upgrading them. We recommend upgrading these first before focusing on the Smelter and Coin Vault.

3. Alliance Center

Alliance Center building level 15 in Last War: Survival Game
Alliance Center
  • Upgrade requirements: iron, food, and gold
  • Benefits: assistance in building and research upgrades

This building allows you to create or join an alliance, where you can team up with other players to fight against zombies (regular ones or Doom Elite, kind of like world bosses) and raid enemy bases. It also offers various perks and bonuses for being in an alliance. But the most important aspect of this building is the help received from your allies.

Upgrading this building will give you more help from your alliance members, which can be used for building or research upgrades. For example, at level 15, I can receive up to 12 times help per upgrade or research from my allies.

4. Builder’s Hut

  • Upgrade requirements: iron, food
  • Benefits: valuable free speed-up bonuses

Builder’s Hut is also a crucial building in Last War: Survival because it will significantly decrease your waiting time for upgrades. Each additional level increases the free speed-up time bonus.

To give you an example, my current Builder’s Hut level is 6. Upgrading this building to level 7 will offer me an instant bonus of 2 minutes. This means that any upgrade project that has less than 2 remaining minutes can be instantly finished.

TIP: Assign high-quality survivors to this build to increase the free speed-up time even further. We recommend purple rarity survivors as they offer a 20-minute decrease each.

5. Tech Center

Tech Center building level 16 in Last War: Survival Game
Tech Center
  • Upgrade requirements: iron, food
  • Benefits: enhanced base and troops performance through research bonuses

Tech Center is the building responsible for tech research. This building offers 9 types of research categories but only 6 are unlocked by default. As a starting player of this game, we recommend starting with the Economy and Development branches and once you reach stage 30 or so, to start researching the Hero tech tree.

Overall, this building will offer you a major boost in resource production, base development speed, better protection and so much more. Here are all the Tech Center branches and what they offer:

DevelopmentBetter healing, construction time, more units, research speed
EconomySignificant increase in resource production, more fields, iron and gold mines
HeroUpgrades for your heroes against other hero types
UnitsBoost to troop training speed and combat stats
Garage 1Also great for boosting hero HP, defense, and attack power
Alliance DuelBetter bonuses during the Alliance Duel event
Garage 2Expands the bonuses offered by Garage 1. Requires Garage 1 upgraded at least 25%
Garage 4Similar to Garage 2. Can be unlocked with Monthly Pass only
Intercity TruckBetter rewards from Intercity Truck missions. Requires Alliance Duel to be at least 80% researched

6. Training Base

  • Upgrade requirements: iron, food
  • Benefits: increased hero EXP output

This building generates Hero EXP, a valuable resource for upgrading your heroes. Each additional level increases the EXP output, and a good thing is that you can have multiple buildings (I have 5 of them at Headquarters level 17). I highly recommend upgrading your Training Bases as high as possible as you will need a large number of EXP for your characters once you pass level 15 (I’m talking millions).

TIP: Stack them together so you can collect the generated EXP faster and upgrade your heroes quickly. Additionally, investing in multiple Training Bases at earlier levels will pay off in the long run

7. Your favorite unit center (Tank, Missile, or Aircraft)

Tank Center level 16 building in Last War: Survival Game
  • Upgrade requirements: iron, food, gold
  • Benefits: attack, HP, and defense bonuses for specific hero types

Lastly, don’t forget about your favorite unit center – whether it’s for Tank, Missile, or Aircraft heroes. These buildings offer bonuses for each of the 3 hero types with the same name. I recommend focusing on the one that is related to the highest number of heroes in your team.

For instance, my team consists of tank-type heroes only. This gives me the 5-hero synergy bonus and helps them deal better damage. But if your team consists of 2 hero types (I don’t recommend more than 2 so you get the synergy bonuses of 2 and 3 heroes of the same types), you could split your resources equally between your two unit centers.

Bottom Line

Prioritizing the upgrade of these buildings will greatly benefit your progress in Last War: Survival Game. Whether it’s decreasing waiting time for upgrades, or improving hero growth with the Training Base and unit centers, each of these buildings offers valuable bonuses that can greatly improve your gameplay in this post-apocalyptic mobile game.

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Most important buildings in Last War: Survival Game
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