Last War Survival Game: 8 Efficient Ways to Get Hero EXP

Looking for better ways to get Hero EXP in Last War: Survival? Look no further! We have 8 efficient methods to help increase your squad’s strength

How to get Hero EXP in Last War: Survival game
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If there’s a resource that I never seem to have enough of in Last War: Survival Game, it’s definitely Hero EXP. From battling zombie waves to taking down powerful stage bosses, having a high level hero can make all the difference. That’s why this precious currency (also called hero book, or hero xp) is the most efficient way to keep your characters growing in power.

In the early stages of the game leveling up heroes may seem a quick process, but as you progress further (headquarters level 13 and above I would say), it becomes way more challenging.

The few thousand EXP required per level in the beginning, quickly become millions, which is why farming Hero EXP is crucial to your success. For example, to push Kimberly to level 72 will cost me 5.9 million EXP, and the number only increases with each level.

But fear not, my friend! I’ve got you covered with these top 8 tips for farming Hero EXP. Follow these suggestions and you’ll be well on your way to leveling up your strongest heroes quickly, giving you a better chance at defeating Doom Elite world bosses, your favorite type of zombies, and all kinds of monstrous enemies that await you on the world map.

8. Defeat world zombies daily

But don’t consume all your Stamina points

The smaller the bite, the sweeter the taste! Defeating world zombies (the smaller ones) is one of the easiest and most common ways to earn some hero XP in Last War Survival Game. However, it might not be the most effective method, despite giving you a nice bonus for your first kill on each level.

These pesky creatures can be found all over the world map with difficulty levels that range from 1 to 23 or more. It doesn’t matter which type of zombie you defeat – Ironhead, Glutton, or Miser – they all offer the same number of experience points.

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To quickly locate them, simply use the search tool and jump directly to your desired zombie level. If you can’t see higher levels, you first need to defeat the maximum level of zombies that you currently see on the slider. And here’s a little tip: the higher the level of the zombie, the more hero XP you can earn.

However, be careful with your stamina as each attack will cost you a precious 10 points (20 for the big ones in rallies)! So don’t get too carried away and save some stamina for other methods of earning hero XP or in case you want to take part in a PvP activity.

7. Complete Easter event daily tasks

The daily tasks tab offers a nice Hero EXP chest

My first recommendation for farming Hero EXP is taking advantage of the Easter event’s daily tasks, especially the ones that give out Hero EXP chests. Bear in mind that this is a special holiday event, so act fast as it offers amazing rewards such as the permanent base skin, Easter Egg Hunter, drone component choice chests, base permanent effects, resources, and many more.

There are 7 tabs and each of them contains different types of rewards and challenges. So yeah, lots of things to keep you busy. This event started 2 days ago (March 24, 2024) and it will end in 5 days.

6. Constantly upgrade buildings

The higher the level the better

The amazing Hero EXP boost for upgrading Headquarters to level 18

The building upgrades in Last War Survival Game aren’t just about boosting your power and strengthening your base. They also come with a bonus: Hero EXP! Every building that can be upgraded offers a certain amount of hero books based on its current level. And trust me when I say, the higher the level, the better the rewards.

The Headquarters takes the crown for the most Hero EXP offered. To give you an example, upgrading it to level 18 will give you a whopping 19 million experience points! That’s definitely a large number, considering the exaggerated number of xp points you’ll need per each hero level in the middle-game content.

5. Collect Hero EXP books in time

This will ensure a continuous Hero EXP generation

Hero EXP books ready to be collected from Training Bases

Training Bases are the only buildings in your city that can continuously generate Hero EXP. Cool, right? But here’s the thing – the higher the level of your Training Bases (you will unlock several ones as you level up your city), the more EXP they produce every hour. For example, my level 9 training base generates way more Hero EXP than my level 7 one!

Pro Tip: Placing your Training Bases close to each other will make it easier for you when collecting the EXP. Just remember to keep an eye on their icons – once they turn yellow, it means that the maximum amount of EXP has been reached and you have to collect those books!

4. Do purple and yellow Radar Missions

Doing so, you unlock better daily missions

Purple Radar mission completed and the impressive Hero EXP reward

You probably know that Radar Missions are a great way to farm items for the Tactical Drone, but did you know they’re also an excellent source of Hero EXP? These special missions pop up on the world map every few hours and are accessible through the Radar Vehicle building or by tapping the radar icon on your screen. Keep an eye out for the yellow (legendary) missions because they offer the best rewards, but be warned – they’re quite challenging!

The purple missions are also worth doing as they still offer valuable rewards. If you don’t see any purple or yellow missions yet, just complete more missions to increase the probability level of the map. This way, you’ll not only get more and better rewards daily but also have a higher chance of finding more Hero EXP missions (The skull icon missions are the only ones that drop Hero XP books).

3. Take part in every Secret Mobile Squad event

And prioritize the tasks at the top of the list

Next up we recommend the Secret Mobile Squad daily event! The total Hero Experience points you can get daily from completing these tasks is up to a few million, which can make a difference in the long run. To access this event, go to your Events tab and then tap on Secret Mobile Squad.

You will see these tasks where the best ones are displayed at the top of the list. However, they are also more difficult to qualify for. For example, to participate in the first one, called “Take Experimental Photos”, you need at least two 2-star heroes above level 65, and at least one UR (legendary) hero. Each mission offers different rewards, the rare missions having a higher chance of dropping these items and being the easiest to complete (but the XP amount is also lower).

Pro Tip: We highly recommend spreading your heroes as evenly as possible among the available missions to do five a day. And by the way, you can do 5 individual tasks and 5 ally tasks every day (the ally ones are instantly completed).

Other similar amazing events we highly recommend are the Capitol Conquest and the Alliance Duel, both offering lots of resources and speedups.

2. Win Honorable Campaign and Spec Ops battles

To get Hero EXP chests and medals

Frankly speaking, Spec Ops missions and Honorable Campaign battles are my favorite methods for farming Hero EXP. Probably because there’s plenty of action involved! You can access both by tapping on the yellow helicopter inside your base. It’s worth mentioning that Honorable Campaign battles are one-on-one and take longer to complete, but the rewards are surely worth it.

While you may not get as much Hero EXP per battle compared to Spec Ops missions, there’s a chance of receiving a golden EXP medal that instantly boosts a chosen hero’s level by 1 and a Hero EXP chest!

Trust me, this becomes extremely useful at higher levels when it takes forever to level up a hero! Plus, these battles also give out Campaign Medals that you can use in the Campaign Store to purchase valuable items like recruitment tickets, and different upgrade parts for your drone.

Spec Ops missions, on the other hand, are easier to complete as you only need to guide an army of one or several soldiers – take the blue perks that offer the highest army multiplier and avoid the red ones and any other obstacles that may decrease your army until they reach the end of the stage.

The downside is that you’ll have to upgrade your Headquarters every time you complete 5 stages past level 30 (I think). As tedious as it may sound, it’s still worth it to progress further in these missions to strengthen your heroes for tougher battles ahead.

1. Be prepared for the Zombie Invasion event

It’s by far the best method to get Hero EXP

Lastly, my number one suggestion for boosting your Hero EXP is to join in on the epic Zombie Invasion event whenever possible. I can’t say for sure how often this event take place (probably weekly) so be sure to keep an eye out for it.

A group of level 10 invading zombies and the hero EXP guaranteed drop

During this event, you’ll encounter two new types of zombies on the world map: the gold diggers as I like to call them (you can’t miss them, they are surrounded by gold coins), and the fearsome Zombie Bosses. These enemies do not appear in the search tool, so you’ll have to actively explore the map to find them.

Pro Tip: if you’re lucky enough to be the first player to find a Zombie Boss in your area, you’ll receive an additional bonus called Finder’s Reward! This special reward includes valuable items and even more Hero EXP books.

To claim all of your hard-earned loot, including those valuable XP books, simply tap the gift box icon located at the top left corner of your screen. This will show you how many loot boxes you have waiting for you and give you access to claim them all.

That’s it! These are the best tips for farming Hero EXP in Last War: Survival Game. Keep following these methods and you’ll soon see your strongest heroes level up quickly, making it easier for you to win more battles!

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