Last War Survival Game: 7 Beginner Mistakes To Avoid

New to Last War Survival Game? Our guide will help you avoid common mistakes made by beginners, so you can save a lot of time and resources

Beginner mistakes to avoid in Last War: Survival Game
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Last War Survival Game offers a nice blend of strategy/city building and RPG shooting, which may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But for those who enjoy the genre, it can be an addictive and engaging experience. There are solo missions called Spec Ops, where you need to pick the right speedups and avoid the red obstacles, but there are also the campaign stages where your team of five mightiest characters can challenge zombie waves and gigantic bosses.

On top of that, you need to constantly upgrade the right buildings, your troops and heroes to keep up with the increasingly difficult PvE and PvP battles. This means there is much to learn in this survival mobile title.

This game may seem simple at first, but there are some common mistakes that many beginners make. These can delay your progress and make the game less enjoyable. To help you on your journey, we have compiled a list of mistakes to avoid as a beginner in Last War: Survival Game.

7. Focusing on too many heroes at once

This is one of the most common mistakes that new players make in Last War: Survival Game. I know how tempting it can be to recruit a new epic or legendary hero and jump on the upgrade button to level up and unlock all those skills, but this should be done with caution.

Instead of spending all that Hero EXP to see if your new heroes are worth the investment, we recommend doing a bit of research and seeing how they perform in different game modes and how powerful they are before investing everything in them.

Testing Kimberly and Mason, two of the best tank-type characters

There are multiple ways to do that, including our hero ranking, or the lists of other content creators on YouTube or social media. Once you have gathered enough information, pick your favorite 5 heroes and maximize their potential – level, skills, star tier, and gear. Speaking of good damage dealers, we recommend Kimberly and Mason cause both are some of the best attackers of the Tank type.

6. Not joining an active alliance

Joining an active alliance can provide many benefits, including access to a special shop where you can exchange your contribution points for various resources and in-game resources, share resources across members, and take part in special events, events that are only available for those within an alliance.

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It also allows you to participate in Alliance Wars and earn rewards that can greatly boost your progress. Joining one will also give you access to a separate chat and new features, depending on your rank within the alliance. So, make sure to join an active alliance as soon as you can.

5. Not using your stamina efficiently

Stamina is a valuable resource in Last War Survival Game and you should use it wisely. Every time you send your troops to take part in a specific activity on the world map (outside your base), you consume a small number of Stamina points (10 for normal zombie groups, 5 for attacking another player’s base, and 20 for Elite giant bosses in rallies).

Zombie stamina cost highlighted by a red rectangle during the Zombie Invasion event in Last War Survival
A group of Invading Zombies and the cost of stamina

Now, there’s nothing wrong with randomly attacking regular zombies on the map, but we highly recommend doing it during certain events that will also offer extra rewards. Two good examples of such events are the Zombie Invasion and the Alliance Exercise.

The first one consumes 10 Stamina for each zombie attack, but this new type of zombie (differentiated by the gold coins around them) offers much better rewards than the regular ones.

On the other hand, Alliance Exercise is about joining rallies with your allies to defeat powerful Elite bosses – you’ll consume the same 20 Stamina points as in a normal rally, but you’ll get better rewards and you’re helping your alliance.

4. Spending gems randomly

Gems are the premium currency in Last War: Survival Game and they can be used to purchase many things, including resources, and recruitment tickets, or use them instead of speedups to finish upgrading buildings instantly. But it’s important not to spend them randomly without any strategy as they are not easy to accumulate, even though there are several methods to get them free of charge.

The number one method of spending diamonds that every new player should focus on is buying VIP points. This will give you a tremendous advantage in the game, including a better hourly production rate for every resource, more free tickets, combat and production permanent buffs and so much more.

The second use we recommend for diamonds is purchasing Survivor Recruitment tickets. They cost 400 diamonds each, but is worth it as recruiting survivors (epic or legendary )will greatly improve your city’s resource production and development speed.

3. Neglecting research and technology upgrades

The Super Bonus tech required to unlock the Special Units tech branch in Last War Survival Game
The Super Bonus tech required to unlock the Special Units tech tree

Don’t let your excitement for building up your base and army make you forget about research and technology upgrades. These are vital parts of the game and offer significant boosts in power and development. Plus, the more techs you upgrade, the more tech branches become available.

For instance, if you fully research the Alliance Duel, the Super Bonus tech to be more precise, which is the last one from the branch, you’ll unlock a new branch called Special Units. This new tech tree gives you amazing Attack, Defense, HP, and training speed boosts for your units. That being said, make sure your Tech Center is always busy researching a new tech whenever you log into the game.

2. Forgetting to promote already trained units

Promoting units in Last War Survival

This is a mistake that can cost you a lot in the long run. Once you have trained a certain tier of units at the Barracks but unlocked a higher tier later on, don’t forget to promote your already trained units. This will greatly increase their stats and make them stronger in battles and more importantly, will save you a lot of Food and Iron.

If you don’t see the lower tier units or the upgrade/promote button, swipe from left to right of the current unit tier and select the lower tier for which you want to do the upgrade. After that, press the green arrow button as seen in the above screenshot and promote them.

1. Not upgrading your Warehouses

Upgrading the Coin Vault Last War Survival Game and the gold protection amount highlighted by a red rectangle
Upgrading the Coin Vault

This gotta be the most common mistake a new player can make in Last War Survival (I know I did it). Upgrading your warehouses is extremely important because it will raise the capacity of resources you can have protected from raids. In other words, any resources equal to or below the protection cap cannot be plundered by other players in case you forget to shield your base.

There are 3 types of warehouses in this game, one for each resource: Food, Iron and Gold (for gold is called Coin Vault). Upgrade these buildings as often as possible, especially if you know you won’t be taking part in PvP events or activities with your allies.

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Beginner mistakes to avoid in Last War: Survival Game
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