Last War Survival Game: How to Master the Tactical Drone for Strategic Wins

Here’s all you need to know about the Tactical Drone in Last War Survival, a powerful yet often overlooked feature that can help you win battles.

Last War: Survival Game tactical drone guide

Tactical Drone is a fascinating feature that has been introduced in the Last War Survival Game since the early stages and it can be a great help in battles. But most players don’t know how to use it effectively, so they often overlook this powerful tool.

Someone even commented on our YouTube channel that the Drone is useless. Well, I’m here to tell you that’s not true, and in this guide, I will be covering everything you need to know to master the Tactical Drone and use it to win PvE and PvP battles more easily.

Clearing stages 36-39 and unlocking the Tactical Drone

What is the Tactical Drone in Last War Survival Game?

The Tactical Drone in Last War: Survival Game, is a powerful weapon that will attack enemies automatically while clearing campaign stages (the blocks conquered by zombies around your base) or any PvE and PvP activities on the world map. What’s even more interesting is that enemies cannot attack it.

In the early stages of the game, the drone is static (as seen in the above video), meaning it won’t fly but rather stay behind your team and shoot targets automatically. But as you progress and upgrade your drone, it will gain new abilities and become more dynamic.

How efficient is the Tactical Drone?

The drone can be very useful in PvE battles, especially when clearing campaign stages or farming Hero XP while attacking zombies on the world map. However, this depends on the current level of your drone and the gear equipped on it.

The damage percentage done by the Tactical Drone after winning the 72nd stage battle
Level 20 Tactical Drone’s DPS after winning the 72nd stage battle

It is also useful in PvP battles, as it can provide additional support to your strongest characters but the special effects and the true potential of the drone will only be seen in Stage battles.

In some battles, as seen in this screenshot above, it did a tremendous job, especially in battles where there are lots of zombies which would overwhelm your team if not for the drone. In boss battles, is less effective but can still help you take them down quicker.

How to Unlock the Tactical Drone?

To unlock the Tactical Drone feature, you need to win the 38th Stage as seen in our video above, which is the last part for saving Monica. After this, a new building becomes available inside your base, called the Drone Center, which cannot be upgraded like most buildings.

How to Upgrade the Tactical Drone?

There are two ways to upgrade your Tactical Drone (Via Data Training, and via the Component tab by upgrading the drone’s gear):

  1. Via Data Training: this is the first section inside the Drone Center building and you will need Battle Data to upgrade the drone. This will increase the drone’s level which increases its stats and the 3 buffs for your troops (Hero HP, Attack, and Defense). In other words, this will make your heroes stronger as well.
  2. Via the Components tab: here you will be able to level up its gear. There are 6 gear slots in total and can be equipped with various equipment items of different rarities (from gray-colored, the weakest ones, to golden-colored items, which are the best). Each item has a specific set of stats and can be leveled up using Drone Parts.

How to get Battle Data and Drone Parts?

Radar Missions is the best way to farm Battle Data for your tactical drone in Last War: Survival Game. The missions that offer the most Battle Data are the golden and purple ones.

Drone Parts, on the other hand, can be acquired by completing daily tasks or through the Alliance Store with contribution points, the VIP Shop with red diamonds, or the Campaign Store with medals.

  • Alliance Store: 1 Drone Part costs 1,000 Contribution Points
  • VIP Shop: Drone Part cost varies depending on your VIP level and the offered discount
  • Campaign Store: 300 Medals for 1 Drone Part

How to get Drone Gear or Component?

a gray Component chest and its gear items
Gray Component chest items

You can get Drone gear (also called components) from Component Chests earned from completing various missions and events such as the Secret Mobile Squad event. The chests have different colors, the same as the gear items themselves.

A gray-colored chest will offer you 1 random level 1 drone component, which is the weakest rarity in terms of stats. The best one is the golden chest, but those are pretty hard to get. You can also get 1 gray component chest for 1,000 contribution points in the Alliance Store.

Final Notes

The Tactical Drone is a valuable asset in Last War: Survival Game that can greatly enhance your gameplay experience. By mastering its upgrades and gear, you can use it to your advantage in battles and secure more victories.

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