Ultimate Guide to Winning PvP Battles in Last War Survival

Looking to score more PvP wins in Last War Survival? Our guide covers everything you need to build a strong army and squads.

How to win PvP battles in Last War Survival

I’m gonna be honest with you, winning PvP battles in Last War Survival is not easy, which I’m sure you already know if you’ve played the game for at least a few weeks. The biggest impediment to success is not lack of skill or knowledge, but rather the existence of P2W (pay-to-win) players who invest large sums of money into the game..at least this is what many new players complain about.

However, not everyone is willing to spend big bucks on a game – some might only buy the most inexpensive packs, which is not something you cannot compete with as a F2P, right? And that’s why we’ve created this ultimate guide – to give you an edge against P2W players and help you win more PvP battles in Last War Survival. So, let’s dive right in!

1. Know Your Opponent

I’m sure this is one of the most common mistakes newcomers make in Last War Survival Gamejumping blindly into PvP battles without knowing anything about their opponents. This is a recipe for disaster, as you’ll have no idea what kind of heroes, skills, or unit tiers your opponent has, which can result in losing the battle, a large portion of your troops, or worse, a conflict between alliances.

Scouting other players in Last War Survival
Scouting another player’s base

Yep, you heard that right – top 10 alliances as in most MMORTS games, have a NAP pact, which means they do not attack each other. Therefore, if you attack one of their members without knowing they are part of an alliance, be ready to face the consequences. That being said, you should always:

  1. Make sure the base you plan to attack is not a member of one of the top-ranking alliances, or even better, not in an alliance at all.
  2. Scout their base before attacking them to gather information about their heroes and how many resources they have (that can be plundered). To scout a player’s base, tap their base and hit the third blue icon. Your recon plane will soon gather info and you can check the report by visiting the mail > battle folder.

2. Pick the right heroes

Heroes play a vital role in winning PvP battles in this zombie/post-apocaliptic strategy mobile game. They are the leaders of your troops and have different roles, types and skills. But most of all, they are designed to perform better in one of the two available modes: PvP or PvE. You can deploy 5 heroes per squad at a time, which is why you need to choose the ones that are fit for PvP battles. But how can you tell?

Check their second and third skills – although there are no specific PvP criteria, you can easily spot the PvE skills. They describe buffs or bonuses against zombies and world map monsters.

PvP heroes have general attack bonuses and overall troop boosts. However, PvE heroes are not completely useless in PvP battles. Is just that their PvE-related skill won’t bring any bonus or advantage in PvP encounters.

You can also check our UR hero tier list, or the SSR hero ranking list, tap “More info” on each hero, and see the PvP rank we gave for each hero so you can easily focus on the right characters for your PvP lineup. But for now, here are a few good examples of heroes: Kimberly, Schuyler, Stetmann.

3. Have a proper hero positioning and composition

Proper PvP positioning formation in Last War Survival Game
Proper hero positioning example

Now that you have chosen your PvP heroes, it’s time to make sure they are positioned and composed correctly in your squad. Proper hero positioning can make all the difference between winning and losing a battle, as each hero has specific skills and bonuses that apply to different units or rows (front or back). Here are some tips for proper hero positioning:

  • Always have two tank-type heroes (heroes with high defense and HP) in the front slots. Yes, there are some exceptions like having Murphy in the back row despite being a tank hero due to his third skill. But Murphy is not a PvP hero anyway.
  • Place your DPS (damage dealers) and/or support heroes in the back row, as they have high attack and can deal more damage from a distance.
  • Build your lineup based on the scout report (if you have time or the right type of heroes). Tank-type heroes deal 20% more damage to missile vehicles heroes, missile vehicles to aircraft heroes, and aircraft heroes 20% more damage to tanks.

4. Make use of the newly released content

What I like a lot about this game is that does not deliver its entire content on a plate directly from the beginning. The developers add new features, content and improvements from time to time, keeping players engaged and offering new strategies for winning battles.

Let’s take heroes for example. In the beginning, despite having most heroes on the list, not all of them can be recruited yet. Here’s an overview of the current hero availability based on the server age:

Server AgeUR Heroes
Day 8Carlie, DVA, and Schuyler
Day 15Tesla, and Swift
Day 22Marshall
Day 29Williams
Day 43McGregor
Day 57Stetmann
Day 64Lucius
Day 71Morrison
Day 85Adam
Day 99Fiona

And here is an overview of the events and other useful features that become available in the game as the server you are on ages:

Server AgeEvent
Day 3Doomsday
Day 4Intercity Trade
Day 5City Clash
Day 7Exercise
Day 16Alliance Duel
Day 20Desert Storm
Day 28Capitol Conquest
Day 85Drone Skill Chip

5. Create a farm account..in advance

This feature would be perfect for those looking to gain more resources faster in Last War Survival. I say “would be” because as of now (game version 1.0.211) two important aspects are missing from this feature:

  • you cannot create a second character on the same server
  • You can create a new account and switch between them at any given time but you will be assigned to a random server and you can’t change it later as you can in other similar games such as Call of Dragons or Rise of Castles.

However, according to this user, it will be possible to teleport your base to a desired server soon, but when exactly, nobody knows. Meanwhile, you can create a farm account by creating a new character on the second account and selecting the same server as your main account.

6. Maximize these tech categories

There are plenty of techs to research in this game and some can be quite tempting to unlock and upgrade, but if you want to dominate in PvP battles, there are five tech branches that should be your top priority. These are:

Tech TreeTechs to research
HeroAll techs up to Endurance Upgrade
UnitsAll techs up to Load Training III
Garage 1All techs related to heroes and units that are not necessarily zombie-related
Special ForcesAll up to Unit X (requires Tech Center level 30
Alliance DuelAll but particularly the Incentive tech (more points for PvP wins)

7. Enhance hospitals and unit healing rate

Healing more units is vital to PvP battles in Last War Survival. The reason for that is that heavily wounded troops are permanently removed from your army if the hospitals are full.

Upgrading hospitals in Last War Survival

It can be so frustrating when stronger players attack your base several times in a row during the Enemy Buster event, despite not scoring any points or plundering any resources during the first attack. It’s probably because most players don’t have time to check the inbox report after every single attack.

When that happens, if there is not enough room in your hospitals to heal all the wounded units, they are gone forever. To avoid this, level up all hospitals and research techs like Unit HP Boost and Rapid Field Dressing (the Units branch), and any other healing-related techs for your units.

8. Increase your army size and stats

A large army not only increases your overall combat power (displayed under the profile page) but also gives you a great advantage in PvP battles.

You can increase your army in Last War Survival via 3 main methods: upgrading the barracks, the Drill Ground, and unlocking the second, and third squads.

Higher-level Barracks unlock stronger unit tiers while upgrading the Drill Grounds will raise the trained unit limit. Unlocking more squads allows you to send more squads on the same target, or attack multiple zombie groups at the same time on the world map.


Why I can't see all heroes in Last War Survival?

The reason you cannot see all heroes as in our tier list, is because heroes are released progressively in Last War Survival Game as the server ages.

Should you have a team full of DPS heroes for PvP battles?

Having a team full of DPS/Attackers is not a good idea because although they might offer high damage, most damage dealers have low armor or HP. That is why we recommend having at least one strong tank hero in your squad.

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