Last War Survival: How to Create a Farm Account (To Get Resources)

Learn how to create a farm account in Last War Survival, an excellent way to get more resources and grow your main base faster in this game

How to create a farm account in Last War Survival

Last War Survival is a thrilling game with countless rewards waiting to be claimed, especially in the early levels. But if you want to grow your base at a faster pace, you might consider creating a farm account.

It’s basically a second account on the same server, and in this guide, we’ll show you just how simple it is to make one. We’ll also share some helpful tips for maximizing your farming efforts and a few important things to keep in mind before creating one.

A few tips before creating a farm account

Before we dive into the steps of creating a farm account, there are a few important things to keep in mind:

Take advantage of the 48h shield

After reaching headquarters level 2, you will have a 48-hour shield to protect your base from other players’ attacks. This is the perfect opportunity to develop your farm account without any worries. It’s best to do this on a Friday evening before the weekly Enemy Buster PvP event or on a Sunday when the PvP activity between servers ends.

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Watch the durability level after each attack

Before attacking a base, make sure the wall durability does not fall to zero. Otherwise, your farm account will be teleported to a random location on the map. If this happens, you can use an Advanced Teleporter (you receive 2 by default after starting the game) or purchase one from the Alliance Store for 7,500 contribution points or 1,500 gems in the Diamond Store.

Join or create a farm alliance

alliance members well positioned on the world map in last war survival game

While in other similar strategy games such as Call of Dragons, you can transfer resources between alliance members, this is not the case in Last War Survival. So if you want to get resources from your farm account, you’ll have to rely on repeated attacks. That is why we suggest joining a separate alliance specifically for farm accounts or creating one yourself and inviting other members with their own farm accounts. This way, you can all benefit and grow together.

Rename it properly (such as name plus F1)

Changing the name is essential for your farm account and you should do it as soon as you reach Headquarters level 3. A useful tip is to use the same name as your main account and add “F1” at the end. This will help your allies recognize your farm account and avoid attacking it because it’s close to your main base.

The steps to create a farm account in Last War Survival

The following steps will guide you in creating a farm account on the same server using the same device for Last War Survival. However, if you have another device available, you can skip clearing the storage and simply start a new game after downloading the Last War Survival game on that device. Here are the steps:

  1. Note down the number of your server and the coordinates of your main base on the world map. You’ll need them for later.
  2. Tap on your avatar in the top-left corner and select “Account”
  3. Make sure your current account is linked to Google Play Games. If not, you can link it through email or Google Play Games.
  4. Return to the profile popup and tap on “Settings”
  5. Next, select “General Settings”
  6. Scroll down and tap on “Clear” under “Clear Storage”. This will delete local data on your device and prompt you to log in again. Do not worry, your progress will remain saved on the Google account. Again, make sure is linked (your account’s name will be displayed below the button).
  7. Instead of logging in with your current account, select “Start” to create a new account.
  8. Follow the tutorial and play until you reach Headquarters level 3.
  9. At this point, you can access the profile page. Press Account again, Manage Characters and hit Create New Character
  10. Swipe left until you find the server range where your main account is located. For example, my main account is on server 87, so it’s inside the 51-100 range tab.
  11. Select the server, and play the game again until Headquarters 3 or more. The reason why you need HQ level 3 is because that is the requirement for accessing the world map.
  12. Once you can access the world map, tap the search button, enter the two coordinates of your primary base and hit the blue search icon
  13. This will redirect you to the location of your main base. Press and hold a clear spot near your base and hit Teleport.
  14. That’s it! Now your farm account base is close to your primary base. Make sure the new account is linked to Google Play Games and feel free to switch between the two accounts whenever you like.

How to maximize your farming efforts

There are a few essential things to consider when managing your farm account(s) in Last War Survival:

1. Save Monica and level up her skills

Monica resource gathering hero

Monica is hands down the most useful hero for farm accounts because of her second skill. It gives a significant increase in resources obtained from defeating world map zombies like Ironhead, Glutton, Miser, and Doom Elites – something no other hero can currently offer in Last War Survival. Don’t forget to level up this skill to 5 stars for maximum farming potential and add her to your PvE squads. You can unlock Monica after completing the 38th Stage and clearing out the blocks near your base.

2. Focus on resource production

Since farming accounts are primarily used to produce resources for your main account, is best to focus on upgrading resource buildings and completing resource-generating tasks. This includes the 3 primary buildings: Gold Mines, which produce gold, Fields to give you more Food, and Iron Mines to increase Iron production, a resource that I always run out of. 

You should also level up your Training Base buildings to generate more Hero XP per hour, a resource required to level up your heroes. Although the object is not to build a great damage-dealing army for this account, you do need to level up your heroes to help you gather more resources and defeat world zombies to gain more rewards.

The other 2 resource buildings, Smelters and Material Workshops are optional, but if you plan to take part in more intense events and not use the farm account solely as a resource producer, it’s worth investing in those buildings to produce materials used for crafting and upgrading weapons and armor.

3. Level up the wall and disable the defense

how to disable defense squads in last war survival game

Upgrading the wall or the gate of your base will give you more durability to resist multiple attacks from other players or your main account’s repeated attacks. Similarly, make sure to uncheck any squads stationed at your wall to minimize the number of troops getting heavily wounded during an attack. You can improve that by researching hospital capacity and the healing-related techs under the development section of the Tech Center.

4. Avoid upgrading the resource storage structures

Despite being essential for your primary account in the early stages, upgrading the Iron Warehouse, Food Warehouse, and Coin Vault is not necessary for a farm account in Last War Survival Game. Leveling up these resource storage buildings will make it harder to gather resources for your main base as it increases the amount that cannot be transferred.

5. Participate in events

Events are another way to maximize your farming efforts in Last War Survival Game. Certain events such as the Arms Race, Wanted Code 39, and Zombie Invasion can provide resources and rewards that will greatly benefit your farm account. You might also want to participate in the Alliance Duel event even if your alliance is dedicated to farm accounts and not that active in general. If so, you should maximize the Alliance Duel tech tree to unlock all 9 chests and get more resource tokens.

6. Maximize economy-related techs

This will help you earn more resources from your farm account and consequently support your main account. Some crucial techs include:

  • Economy tech section: all the techs to increase the base resource production
  • Development section: Master Craftsman to reduce construction resource cost and Efficient Healing tech to reduce resource cost for healing since your troops will be constantly wounded due to your main account’s repeated attacks
  • Garage 1: Resource Reaper techs to gather resources faster, and as mentioned before, all techs from the Alliance Duel to get a ton of resources and other essential rewards during the Alliance Duel event

7. Consider using a different device

While it’s possible to have multiple accounts on the same server using one device, it might be more convenient and efficient to use separate devices for each account. This way, you won’t have to constantly switch between accounts and can easily manage them simultaneously.

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