Legend of Mushroom: All Skills Ranked (Best to Worst)

Looking for more ways to gain power in Legend of Mushroom? Use this tier list to learn about the best skills for your mushroom character!

Legend of Mushroom characters fighting on the left side and the list of unlocked and equipped skills on the right side
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Legend of Mushroom is a fun, new idle RPG mobile game that takes us on an epic adventure with adorable animated characters. Your main character, a cute little mushroom, will continuously face different enemies, which are not difficult to defeat. However, the biggest challenge is the stage bosses. For these, you will need a good attack strategy and one of the most critical elements – skills.

In this tier list, we will rank all the available skills in Legend of Mushroom from best to worst, so you can equip your mushroom character with the strongest abilities and conquer every battle that comes your way!

How to get better skills in Legend of Mushroom

To get better skills in Legend of Mushroom, you need skill tickets and use them in the in-game shop, the first little tab from left to right. The probability of getting a high-level skill in the early game is very low but the more skills you draw, the higher the draw level increases and offers you better drop rates.

The draw level can go up to 15, at which point, the drop chances for the 3 most wanted rarities are still quite low: 1% for Epic skills, 0.3% for Legendary, and 0.04% for Immortal skills. The only thing you can do to get better skill drop rates is to always draw in bulk. That is why we highly recommend using the third button to draw 35 at once, which costs 9 skill tickets and 420 diamonds.

S Tier Skills

Wordly Snare, the best S-TIer skill in Legend of Mushroom
Wordly Snare, one of the best skills for Legend of Mushroom

In the S Tier we have the best skills in Legend of Mushroom. These are the ones that have the most significant impact on your character’s power and can help you deal more damage. These skills are worth investing skill tickets and diamonds to obtain, as they will greatly enhance your gameplay experience.

  • Wordly Snare (Immortal)
  • Blitz Assault (Immortal)
  • Dragonic Resonance (Immortal)
  • Star Array (Immortal)
  • Crimson Moonfall (Immortal)
  • Hundred Slashes (Immortal)
  • Windborne Arrow (Immortal)
  • Clone Strike (Immortal)

Wordly Snare, in our opinion, is the best skill to have in Legend of Mushroom as it not only deals a high amount of damage but also increases your critical rate and damage. Having a high critical rate is crucial in defeating powerful enemies in the game.

Blitz Assault is also an excellent skill to have, as it not only deals massive damage but also provides a few seconds of damage immunity, giving your character time to heal or attack without worrying about taking damage.

Dragonic Resonance is our third recommendation for S Tier skills, as it is one of the few skills that can deal a percentage of the enemy’s max HP in damage. This makes it very useful against high-HP bosses and enemies. These three skills combined can make your character almost unstoppable in battle.

A Tier Skills

Blade Pierce, a solid A-Tier skill alternative
Blade Pierce, is a solid A-Tier skill choice for tough battles

In this tier, we have skills that are still very strong but not as impactful as S Tier skills. They offer good ATK and DEF bonuses and can be useful in battles, but they are not essential for a powerful character. It includes a mix of Legendary and Epic rarity skills.

  • Blade Pierce (Immortal)
  • Wild Gust (Legendary)
  • Grim Reaper (Legendary)
  • Smoke Bmb (Legendary)
  • Dazzled (Legendary)
  • Heroic Descent (Legendary)
  • Meteor Fall (Epic)
  • Disarm (Legendary)
  • Slime Bmb (Epic)
  • Take it Slow (Epic)

Blade Pierce is our top recommendation for A-Tier skills as it not only deals a high amount of damage but also causes the enemy to lose HP over time, making it great for prolonged battles.

Wild Gust is another strong skill that deals an impressive amount of AoE damage for a Legendary skill. It also increases your character’s ATK, making them even more powerful. This skill is especially useful in fighting enemy waves before reaching the boss.

Grim Reaper is also a good skill that can instantly defeat enemies with low HP, making it great for clearing out weaker enemies before focusing on tougher opponents. It also deals a decent amount of damage overall. These three skills combined can complement the S-Tier skills and provide a well-rounded set of abilities for your mushroom character to conquer any battle in Legend of Mushroom.

B Tier Skills

Easy Breezy, a good B-Tier skill for the mid-game stages of Legend of Mushroom
Easy Breezy, a good B-Tier skill for the mid-game stages

Skills in the B Tier are average and do not provide significant bonuses to your character’s power. They can be good choices for the mid-game content (stage +10) but should be replaced with better skills once obtained.

  • Easy Breezy (Epic)
  • Coin Bmb (Epic)
  • Shroom Shield (Mythic)
  • Durian Bmb (Epic)
  • Nature’s Renewal (Mythic)
  • Batty Trace (Mythic)
  • Pearl Release (Rare)
  • Sprawling Vine (Rare)
  • Pineapple Plunge (Rare)

Easy Breezy is a useful skill for the mid-game content, as it deals decent AoE damage and reduces the ATK of enemies, making them weaker and easier to defeat. Coin Bmb can increase your character’s Basic Attack DMG, which is essential for dealing consistent damage throughout battles.

Shroom Shield provides both offensive and defensive effects, making it a good choice for new players of Legend of Mushroom. It deals damage to the enemy while also protecting your character with a shield.

C Tier Skills

Spider Weaver, a C-Tier skill for Legend of Mushroom
Spider Weaver – a C-Tier skill for Legend of Mushroom

Lastly, we have the C Tier, which includes the weakest skills in Legend of Mushroom in terms of power, stats, and effects, particularly the Well and Normal rarities. Replace them as soon as you can cause they won’t be of much help in battles.

  • Spider Weaver (Well)
  • Speed Surge (Well)
  • Lead the Charge (Unique)
  • Entangling Vines (Well)
  • Thorn Thicket (Unique)
  • Boulder Impact (Unique)
  • Spore Barrage (Normal)
  • Spore Bmb (Normal)
  • Shroom Cap (Normal)

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