Legend of Mushroom Guide for Starting Players

Here’s a guide to explore all the basic features and buildings in Legend of Mushroom to help you get started on your journey as a new player.

The Legend of Mushroom character and its companions fighting against enemies on a fantasy battlefield
Image via Legend of Mushroom

A few days ago, I stumbled upon this cute and fun mobile game called Legend of Mushroom. It reminds me of another crafting mobile game I used to play, Smithing Master, where you can craft gear, improve skills, and even have pet companions.

In this game, you take on the role of a small mushroom who goes on adventures to become human. I love it so far (there are no aggressive ads) and I want to share the basics and a few tips and tricks with you so you can start your adventure the right way!

Getting started with Legend of Mushroom

The game puts you directly in the shoes of a small mushroom adventurer – no time for introductions or fancy tales here, lol!

The cute character automatically starts attacking enemies within each stage session, and each stage consists of small checkpoints visible at the bottom. When you reach the last checkpoint, you have to summon a boss by tapping the “Challenge” button and defeat it to move to the next stage.

In terms of power, you start with only a few pieces of equipment, one skill slot, and the most useful features locked. But as you advance, you gonna discover different gear items and plenty of new features. Here are a few of them that every beginner should rush for, and how to unlock them:

  • Pals (pets or companions if you like): Normal mode, stages 1-10
  • Dungeons (3rd tab): Normal 2-8
  • Family (Guild- 5th tab): Normal 4-10
  • Second skill slot: Normal 1-5
  • Lamp auto-use: Character level 16
  • Manor (the 4th tab at the bottom): this includes the Tech Park, the Mine, and a few more which I will cover in more detail below. You can unlock this tab after winning the stage 4-5.

Quick Tip: do not confuse the Lamp auto-use button on the right side of the lamp (the cogwheel icon) with the settings menu button – the settings can be accessed by tapping your profile picture and visiting the Settings tab.

Customizing Your Mushroom

customizing the mushroom character in Legend of Mushroom. A list of various decoration items including glasses and helmets
Customizing the mushroom character with Facewear items

One of the unique features of Legend of Mushroom is the ability to customize your mushroom with different costumes, weapons, artifacts, and all kinds of accessories (tomato headdress, carnival deer antlers, burger hats, sunglasses, etc.).

Most of them do not offer any special effects or stat bonuses but it is a nice way to personalize your character and stand out from other players, especially after joining a guild (in this game is called Family). To customize your mushroom character, tap your profile picture and hit the “Appearance” green button.

Understanding the different resources

The game has three main resources: Gold, Diamonds, and Magic Lamps. Gold is used for upgrading the lamp, while the Magic Lamps are consumed with each lamp tap, which drops gear of different rarities and helps you enhance your power.

Diamonds can be used to summon skills or Pals within the game’s shop. Here are a few other resources and items that also play an essential role in the game:

  • Family Contribution: these are the popular contribution points we get in most games of this genre from guild-related activities. You can use them to buy various items in the Family Shop.
  • Pal tickets: special tickets from defeating bosses and daily quests, used to summon pet companions.
  • Skill tickets: similar to the previous tickets but used to get skills.
  • Ore: a special resource that you can use to research new techs in the Teck Park building
  • Pickaxes: you need them to dig blocks after unlocking the Mine feature

Upgrading and using the Magic Lamp

This is the core of the game as it’s the only way to get new gear items for your character. Each time you tap the Magic Lamp, it consumes one to get a piece of equipment (Belt, Gloves, Armor, Helmets, Shoulders and many more).

The quality of the items is random and it depends on the current level of you lamp. There are 10 gear rarity tiers in Legend of Mushroom, ranging from Normal (the weakest rarity) to Aurorus, which offers the best equipment in the game.

As you can see in the above image, my lamp is level 5 and I only have access to the fifth tier, the Mythic one. Unfortunately, the 0.3% rates are extremely low.

This can be increased by leveling up the Magic Lamp with gold. Each level has 3 phases and when you fill the bar, you can start the upgrade, which takes quite a lot of time (3 hours in my case from level 5 to level 6). To decrease this duration, you can use speedup tickets or ask for help from your allies.

Legend of Mushroom Classes and How They Work

Classes unlock a new way to increase power in this Legend of Mushroom. As you progress in the game your character level increases by winning more stages. This will unlock new classes for your character which will give you different stat boosts, and better skills. The second skill is automatically chosen once you reach character level 15, the Adventurer.

The warrior class in Legend of Mushroom and its 2 subclasses: Swordsman and Axe Warrior
The warrior class in Legend of Mushroom and its subclasses

After that, 3 new classes will become available: Warrior, Archer, and Mage. This is a crucial moment because the one you pick will be your first major class, which opens up more subclasses. For example, if you choose a Warrior as your main class, you can later specialize in a Swordsman or an Axe Warrior.

Here’s what we recommend:

  • Pick Warrior if you like the melee playstyle, meaning close combat and inflicting high damage to enemies.
  • Choose Archer if you prefer ranged combat and want to deal consistent damage from a distance.
  • Go for Mage if you enjoy using magic spells and causing elemental damage.

Unlocking and exploring the Manor

The Manor tab and its content in Legend of Mushroom
The Manor tab unlocked

The Manor tab, available after wining the 5th fight of the 4th stage, includes some of the most useful buildings and features for starting players of Legend of Mushroom. It includes the Mine, the Tech Park, Prayer Statue, Shromie Farm, and two upcoming features: Parking Wars, and Dormitory.

The Tech Park

The Tech Park building can help you become stronger in various ways. It’s divided into different branches, each with its own techs that you can research and upgrade using Ore and speedup tickets to reduce the duration of these upgrades. Here are a few essential techs you should focus on:

  • Cannibal Fungus Study Tech: this will increase your base attack by up to 100% (5 levels)
  • Beast Shell Hardness Testing: these upgrades will enhance your character’s DEF, also by up to 100%
  • Magic Beast Tamming: It increases your Pals’ DMG by 15%

The Mine

Digging Mine blocks for hidden items in Legend of Mushroom - a red arrow showcasing a Pal ticket
Digging Mine blocks for hidden items in Legend of Mushroom

Once you unlock the Manor tab, you can access the Mine feature. This is where you can mine for Ore and get different essential items such as Magic Lamps, gold, and recruiting tickets (both, Pals and Skills) by breaking blocks using pickaxes. The deeper you dig, the more Ore you will receive.

Shromie Farm

This is where you can plant seeds, and wait (or use fertilizer speedups) to harvest Fruit Offerings, the special items required to level up the Prayer Statue’s level. Harvesting fruits increases the Mnor level, which unlocks more fields to plant seeds. Here are the level requirements for each additional field (6 fields in total):

  • 2nd field: Manor level 5
  • 3rd field: Manor level 10
  • 4h field: Manor level 18
  • 5th field: Manor level 25
  • 6th field: Manor level 35

Joining a Guild (Family)

The Family (guild) window in Legend of Mushroom. Multiple mushroom characters gathered in the middle, surrounded by guild buildings
The Family (guild) window in Legend of Mushroom

Playing solo this game is fun, particularly the lamp tapping part (at least for me), but joining a guild (yes I refuse to call it Family cause I think it’s weird) is highly recommended if you want to boost your strength and get access to more content.

The only thing I don’t like about it is that you have to move your character from one area to another if you want to get access to a specific building within your guild, which can be frustrating considering how slow the character moves in the game. But overall, being part of a guild can provide you with many benefits such as:

  • Family Shop: here you can exchange your contribution points for Magic Lamps, gold, draw tickets, and so on
  • Blazing Cave: kind of like a dungeon where you can challenge a boss and get rewards based on how much damage you dealt
  • Grumpy Bighead: a daily raid event where you can join forces with your allies to defeat a tough world boss

Final Notes

Legend of Mushroom is a super-fun mobile game that combines idle RPG gameplay with crafting mechanics. I hope this guide has helped you understand some of the essential features and buildings in the game. Download the game keep tapping those Magic Lamps and hurry up to unlock the auto-use feature, which makes tapping much easier! You can also follow the game on social media and join in on the community discussions for tips, tricks, and events.

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The Legend of Mushroom character and its companions fighting against enemies on a fantasy battlefield
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