Legend of Slime Tier List Ranking All Slimes in the Game

Ready to build your ultimate team in Legend of Slime? Our tier list ranks every slime in the game, so you can choose the best champions for success.

Legend of Slime tier list ranking the best slimes in this Idle RPG mobile game
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Legend of Slime: Idle RPG features an epic adventure that requires not only strategy and progression but also a strong team of characters. In this game, slimes are the key to success as they have unique abilities and skills that can help you win battles easier.

That’s why having the best slime characters is crucial for players who want to conquer the monster forest and defeat evil forces. To help you build your ultimate slime team, we have created this definitive tier list that ranks all slimes in Legend of Slime.

How we ranked the heroes in Legend of Slime

The slime characters, as in any idle RPG game, have different rarities, which affect their stats, skills, and combat power. Considering this, we ranked all the slimes in Legend of Slime across four tiers:

  • S-Tier: this tier includes the strongest slimes in the game, with exceptional abilities and growth potential. They have impressive stats and skills, making them essential for any successful team.
  • A-Tier: these slimes are also powerful but do not offer the same power as the ones from the previous tier. They can still be valuable in the late-game stages if used strategically.
  • B-Tier: slimes in this tier are average in terms of power and abilities. They may not be the best choice for competitive gameplay, but they can be a great help for the mid-game stages.
  • C-Tier: the weakest slimes in the game belong to this tier. They have lower stats and less useful skills, making them more suitable for beginner players or as filler characters until better ones are obtained.

S-Tier Characters

S-Tier, the best slimes in Legend of Slime tier list
S-Tier, the best characters in Legend of Slime tier list
  • Crobi
  • Kobalus
  • Deva
  • Melissa
  • Osteon
  • Harvest King
  • Mecha
  • Penguin
  • Ghost

Crobi is no doubt the best character for players who want a versatile damage dealer. With his unique skill, he can launch a devastating attack on enemies every 7 seconds, dealing massive damage to all opponents. His strength lies in his ability to increase movement speed, ATK, and HP of all assigned companions by at least 100%.

Next we have Kobalus, who is a great choice for PvP battles with his unique skill that deals high damage and increases the ATK of all slimes. He also has a team-wide buff that boosts gold earning, making him valuable for both PvE and PvP gameplay.

Our third recommendation is Deva, an excellent support character with a unique skill that deals damage to enemies while increasing HP and ATK for all your unlocked slimes. She is a great addition to any team, providing both offensive and defensive capabilities.


A-tier, powerful slime alternatives for Legend of Slime
A-tier, powerful slime alternatives for Legend of Slime
  • Ignis
  • Hero
  • Bunny
  • Gent
  • Miner
  • Poseidon
  • Swallow
  • Rudolph IV
  • Robin
  • Moon Rabit
  • Labov

Ignis is an excellent choice for those who want a strong damage dealer with high burst potential. Her unique skill transforms her into a powerful dragon that deals massive damage every 11 seconds, making her perfect for boss battles, particularly because of the damage multiplier against bosses.

Next in A-Tier is Hero, a solid slime character for large-scale battles. His unique skill allows him to attack frequently and with high damage, making him a valuable asset for both PvE and PvP gameplay, although is not as great in boss battles.

Bunny, is another strong attacker who can deal massive damage every 7 seconds while also sending enemies flying. His unique skill has even more impact when facing a single enemy, making him a valuable addition to any slime team.


B-tier, average slimes for Legend of Slime
B-tier, average slimes for Legend of Slime
  • Ali
  • Zombstein
  • Ooga
  • Tao
  • Astrie
  • Serpine
  • Ornis
  • Santa
  • Amber
  • Lovecat

Ali is the most impressive B-tier character, with a unique skill that can deal massive damage up to 18 times based on the number of cumulatively spent gems. He is also great for gold farming and HP bonuses, which apply to all team slimes.

Zombstein has an interesting skill that deals higher damage depending on the total ally ATK. In other words, the more powerful slime characters you have in your team, the more damage Zombstein deals. This is why is best to pair him with good attackers like the ones mentioned in the previous two tiers.

Ooga deals a decent amount of damage and is a good pick if you are new to the game, as her unique skill can also boost ATK for all companions. She is not as strong as other characters in higher tiers but is good for boosting Critical Hit damage just by having her unlocked.


C-tier, slimes to avoid in Legend of Slime, they are the weakest
C-tier, slimes to avoid in Legend of Slime, they are the weakest
  • Ketos
  • Farmer
  • Magpie
  • Belka
  • Drago
  • Aku
  • Happy

This wraps up our Legend of Slime tier list ranking all the characters in the game. Having any of the S-tier or A-tier characters in your team will greatly increase your chances of success in the game.

Remember to constantly enhance your character and its gear to unlock its unique skill and gain more combat power. And if you enjoy this game, you might wanna check our Souls hero tier list, another fantastic idle RPG game.

Legend of Slime Characters FAQ

How to change characters in Legend of Slime?

To change characters in Legend of Slime, you need to first reach 40m depth in the Mine mode.

How many slime characters you can have?

You can only have one active character in Legend of Slime, but you can have up to 5 companions for your chosen character.

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