Soul Strike Idle RPG Tier List: Best Characters Ranked

Souls Strike has a large collection of unique characters to choose from. Our tier list ranks the best ones so you can build an outstanding team

Soul Strike tier list with the best characters
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Soul Strike! Idle RPG is one of the newest idle RPG games developed by Com2uS and offers players the chance to embark on an exciting adventure filled with monster-squishing action. The game offers hundreds of stages with endless enemy waves and challenging bosses to defeat.

For this reason, it’s crucial to have a strong team of characters (also known as allies), which can be summoned after completing Guide Mission 120.

In this guide, we will provide a tier list of the best characters in Soul Strike! Idle RPG, so you can increase combat power and conquer all the challenges that await you in dungeons, boss raids, Tower of Trials, or any other game mode.

Here is our tier list, ranking all the ally characters across five tiers in Soul Strike:

Rank Soul Strike Idle RPG Characters
S Akari, Vesper, Yuna, Baine, Rebecca, Wraith, Charlotte, Vivet, Delia, Jayna, Zeros
A Nike, Bianca, Inabelle, Helena, Zion, Syaoran, Ellis, Duke, Seohyun, Vivian
B Betty, Noah, Mina, Felino, Mona, Sophia, Violet, Con, Ajax, Jerry, Emily
C Aries, Gabriel, Sylvia, Bathory, Claudia, Lingling, Grace, Merina, Echo, Bruno, Elena
D Ethan, Kevin, Aesfox, Fabien, Claude, Chloe, Roy, Lavina

So far, there are over 50 characters in Soul Strike, each with their own unique skills effects, rarity, and special abilities. Taking this into consideration, plus the various game modes available, we divided all Soul Strike allies into five tiers. Here is what each tier represents:

What our tiers mean:

  • S-Tier: The strongest and most valuable allies with powerful skill effects and high stats. These characters are essential for clearing difficult content.
  • A-Tier: Strong allies with good skill effects and decent stats. They may not be as powerful as S-Tier but can still be very useful in any team composition.
  • B-Tier: Average allies with average skills and stats. Nevertheless, these characters can still be useful in the mid-game, especially up to Guide Mission 200 or so.
  • C-Tier: Below-average allies with mediocre skills and stats. They may still have some use in specific game modes but are not recommended for end-game content.
  • D-Tier: The weakest allies with weak skill effects and low stats. These characters should be avoided unless you are just starting the game or need them for collection purposes.

Soul Strike! Idle RPG Best Characters Overview

Here is a quick overview of the top 5 characters in this game, according to our Soul Strike tier list, all of which are ranked in the S-Tier:


Akari, the best character ally in Soul Strike
  • Evolve 3: The fireball knocks enemies back
  • Evolve 8: Increases the size of the fireball by 50%

Akary is the best ally character in Soul Strike! Idle RPG because not only has the highest ATK base stat in the game but also possesses a powerful skill that unleashes a blue fireball every 13 seconds. This fireball gradually grows in size and deals damage to all enemies in the area every 0.25 seconds.

In addition, Akary’s skill also casts a Burn effect on enemies, causing continuous damage over time for 10 seconds. This makes Akary an essential character for defeating tough bosses and clearing difficult stages with her strong ATK and skill effects.


Vesper - Soul Strike character
  • Evolve 3: Increases the number of bounces by 70%
  • Evolve 8: Increases the number of bats by 100%

Vesper is another powerful ally in Soul Strike Idle RPG with a unique and useful skill. Her basic attack has a low chance of sending out a bat that deals high damage and causes the Fear effect for 4 seconds.

This can be especially helpful against bosses or in Challenge battles as it gives Vesper an advantage over slowed enemies by dealing additional damage to them. Make sure you equip one of the best classes in Soul Strike for maximum potential.


Yuna - Soul Strike character
  • Evolve 3: Increases the area of effect by 30%
  • Evolve 8: Uses the skill one more time

If you need a character with strong crowd-control skill effects, then Yuna is the perfect choice. Every 10 seconds, she unleashes a circular wave that damages all enemies in its path and has the unique ability to destroy enemy projectiles.

This makes Yuna a great ally for defending against ranged attacks from bosses or other enemies. Additionally, her skill deals extra damage to bleeding enemies, making her a valuable asset, especially if you have picked a skill that causes bleeding.


Baine ally character for Soul Strike
  • Evolve 3: Increases the area of effect by 20%
  • Evolve 8: Increases the chance to place debuffs by 100%

Baine is an essential ally for team survival in Soul Strike with his skill that spreads thorns around him every 13.5 seconds. This skill not only deals high damage to all enemies in the area but also has a chance of casting a random debuff on them for 5 seconds. This can greatly weaken enemy attacks and give your team an advantage in battle.


Rebecca, a strong Soul Strike ally character
  • Evolve 3: The gust knocks enemies back
  • Evolve 8: Increases the size of the gust by 70%

We ranked Rebecca in the S Tier due to her versatile skill that not only damages enemies with a spiral gust but also has a chance to inflict Poison, causing continuous damage to enemies over time. Additionally, her skill also restores the Max HP of all allies in the area by 20%, making her an excellent support character for keeping your team healthy during battles.

Final Notes

Choosing the right allies is crucial for success in Soul Strike, and the top 5 characters listed above are essential for clearing difficult content and dominating various game modes. And while you are here, don’t forget to check out our hero ranking for Heir of Light Eclipse, another popular RPG game by Com2uS.

Keep in mind that more characters may be added in the future, and their rankings may change accordingly. Remember to enhance your ally characters and evolve their skills to maximize their potential in battle. Happy gaming!

Soul Strike tier list with the best characters
  • Release Date: Jan 15, 2024
  • Platform(s): Android, iOS
  • Genre(s): Anime, Idle RPG,
  • Publisher(s): Com2uS
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